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Jason - vector-ish

By oomizuao
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I wanted to try and make a vector-looking background, and Jason, so I ended up making this.

I've used some brushes for parts of the background. They are as follows:

check 'em out! :) they're really cool brushes.

other than that, I made some shapes and stuff myself. And of course, I drew Jason and colored him and stuff. He's not a brush, obviously :XD:

anyways.. kinda happy with this :3

Hope you guys like it! ^u^

(also, sorry about the watermark... I just figured I needed to add one, since my signature is way easy to remove.. :p )

character and art (C) Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2012
brushes used: [link] - [link] - [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 oomizuao
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Hello my name is Eric Johnson and I am inviting you to join my group I just created for all artists who love to create Amazing Vectors. amazing-vectors.deviantart.com…
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see my drawings there cool tooGrey Kitten-Lmfao friendly lolitrollu Hazuki Nagisa (Dance) [V1] :shaken64controller: Gitz Stand So.Ba. Denisse dress - icon 
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His shirt reminds me of the symbol for the game "OFF"..

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I think I like this character a little too much... purely because, if he had lime green eyes rather than blue, he could pass as my mate's fursona. ಠ_ಠ
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It would be really irritating if somebody would remove an artist's signature. Specially on ammaaazing works like yours. The watermark looks good anyway.
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i want a dog boyfriend! LOL
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really digging the background. the foreground too obviously :P
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Awwww he looks like an awesome character, love that expression and flopped fringe.
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OMG I want him! I want to pet him! Then make-out with him!
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It looks cool and so does Jason :)
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He doesn't happen to be related to Lilith does he? -is not very familiar with all your characters-
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Awesome look to that BG. :D
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This should be on a poster or grafitied on a wall!
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awesome (>^-^)> <3
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I really like his design, completely awesome!
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What is a vector and a vector scale?
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I'd high-5 you if I could :D
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