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Darth Vader - parent coaching

We've been watching Star Wars episodes on Saturday nights, as I've never seen Star Wars before. We finished episode 6 tonight, and I've gotta say I love it. Darth Vader is my top favorite character :)
Therefore, I just had to draw fanart of him. ^u^
And I love drawing these little Peanuts inspired drawings with characters sitting in front of these little stands.. :aww:

Darth Vader (C) George Lucas
fanart by: Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2012
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Never thought I would call Darry Vader adorable, but here we are!!
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"Alright, for starters, now when to show discipline. If they back talk you, CHOKE THEM! If they disagree with what you say CUT THEIR HAND OFF!"
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dude. if he can tell me that my son is going to grow up to be the greatest jedi in the entire universe...heck yeah i'm going to him for parental advice :vaderfanboy: 
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Father of the century
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funny, man, nice drawing BTW 
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Hi is very cute ^•^
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Both me and my family laughed our a**es off at this. Best humor ever!
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Our lack of faith in his skills could be lethal for us... XD
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This is awesome!
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This is the best...
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:] His hands, so unlike him.
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So adorable! Make one of Darth Maul sitting in a booth with a sign saying "Free Hugs!" It would make my day!

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