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CCS: the game

I kind of shouldn't upload this, but I also kind of couldn't help myself ^^; 

I suppose I could refer to this as "screening" though.

Idk, nevermind... :XD: 

Random scene, character intro ish thingy. Another visual brainstorming sequence ;)

art, story and characters etc (C) E.M.Syvertsen /oomizuao /ozoozou
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I can definitely see how Spike is confused
Trex4rt's avatar
its funny to think spike and sam i'm a mix of both of them idk
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É incrível como você pode passar por uma atmosfera tão divertida e realista, eu praticamente posso ver isso acontecendo facilmente comigo e com um amigo (no final, quem teria levado um soco na cara teria sido eu XD). Eu amo o seu trabalho com as diferentes personalidades dos personagens, e ainda mais com suas expressões faciais, que embora pareçam tão simples, são muito precisas. Continuem com seu grande trabalho, suas artes são uma das minhas principais motivações para querer ser um ilustrador.
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This made my day.
yifflvr's avatar
I'm glad you did upload it.  Despite not being finished or colored I like the content.
lesterpartaker's avatar
i love it its so adorable XD
TerranShadowwalker's avatar
I like it very much, thanks for uploading.

This reminds me a little bit of the past.
PrimeYggdrasil's avatar
I love the story behind your character. It is great to see something different from the usually everyday character. 
l0-L0NE-WOLF-0l's avatar
reminds me of me and my friends a bit... awesome art by the way!
Piitas's avatar
Those faces on the last panel. Excellent!!

Thank you, oomi :)
Agrophias's avatar
Seeing a normal healthy family when you're a damaged problem child
Pikahopp's avatar
I love both your art style and your characters. It's so great that you're able to show their very different personalities just from this small cartoon sketch. It would be awesome if you could post more things like this :D Keep up the awesome work! Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
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I love your arts!
PanMarlon's avatar
This was me and my nephew playing a Kingdom Heart. 60 hours trying to beat Maleficent.
CrazyLittleWolf's avatar
I really love it! The characters are just awesome!
Caffinated-Pinecone's avatar
that confusing moment when you're not sure if you've died or won
KimiFur's avatar
Aw, this is cute! I love it. =^.^=
IamRavenWhite's avatar
It's awesome) so sketchy, so cute)
Shaney-Bug's avatar
I relate to Spike so much in this oh my gos
Lead-With-Love's avatar
This is amazing oh my goodness. Just made my morning ❤❤❤❤
Kagisnad's avatar
aww they're cute
Sylvan012's avatar
This is really awesome!
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