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Victorian Reading Room

Victorian Reading Room
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-- This is actually a background for a Hidden Object game I'm making, so the 'finished' image is much, much busier. :)

Stock background image
Created with Photoshop & Google SketchUp

You have my permission to use, abuse, fold, spindle or mutilate this background image any way you like. You don't need to credit me for it either, but it'd be nice.
-- Wallpaper and bookcases by :iconbluesse:
-- ginger jar and books on mantle by :iconjinxmim:

-- Windows and carpet from SketchUp.
-- Floor, furniture, flowers, tea set, and lighting from doctored morgueFile and GraphixShare stock images.
-- Gainsboro's Blue Boy and Lawerence's Pink Girl from WikiMedia.
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When I first saw this I thought it had the appearance of a HOG. Guess I was right, haha.
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You were right indeed!
-- It's one of the backgrounds to an actual Hidden Object game I made. >[link]<
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The details in your pictures are absolutely dreamlike :love: I love your picture-book and look it over and over again with pleasure :heart:
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I made a lot of them, didn't I? LOL!
-- I'm very glad you like them so much.
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If I were still playing on FooPets, I would totally upload this background.
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I've never even heard of FooPets.
-- But I'm glad you like it!
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You're not missing anything. On the other hand, games are missing out on your great work. =D Good luck with your work!
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For my Pokey black lab, specifically. :heart:
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WooHoo this is fantastic, I love it!!!
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