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Madeline's Hidden Object Game

Madeline's Misplaced Miscellany - Version 2.0
A Hidden Object Game

Madeline has misplaced something extremely important.
Unfortunately, she can’t remember exactly what it was that she lost. Can you help her find it?

Story & Graphics by me.
Created with Renpy Visual Novel Engine
Hidden Object code provided by SusanTheCat ~ Thank you!

NOT a flash game!

Downloads available from MediaFire
This is a fairly large file: 150MB

Windows Zip ~ Mac ~ Linux
-- To play, extract file and click MadelinesMiscellany.exe (the kitty icon) inside the folder.

Available in GERMAN too!
-- Download from RapidShare.
Translated by the clever :iconmassimow:

Made Free. Distributed Free.
Fly be free...!

Point and Click to Play.

Gameplay: 1 Hour
9 rooms on 3 floors ~ 3 Hints per room
-- Warning!If you make too many Wrong Choices you'll have to do that room all over again.
-- Note: Hidden items change with each new game.

Best played at screen size: 1024x768

This game contains NO adult content.
Rated PG-13, just in case...

Warning! Some virus protections tend to think this is a virus. It's NOT! (I did all the coding myself, so I would know.)

Music Selections by: Stephano Mocini
From his album: A Cat Playing
Provided by

Graphics created by me with Photoshop & Google SketchUp.

Source images for the graphics provided by:
Wikimedia ~ morgueFile ~ StockXchng ~ GraphixShare
DeviantArt: (Please forgive me for not linking to each particular item.)
:iconlockstock: LockStock:
:iconbluesse: Bluesse:
:iconzememz: Zememz:
:iconjinxmim: JinxMim:
:iconquaddles: Quaddles:
:iconbrixstock: BrixStock:
:iconaeltari: Aeltari:
:iconinspyretash-stock: Inspyretash-Stock:
:iconchantiigg: ChantiiGG:
:iconfairiegoodmother: FairieGoodMother:
:iconnavistock: NaviStock:
:iconfarfalladisogno: FarFallaDisogno:
:icondinosaursattack: Dinosaursattack:
:iconaddictedsp8: addictedsp8:
:iconchimonk: ChiMonk:
:icontigers-stock: Tigers-Stock:
:iconpinkshadoww: PinkShadoww: [link]

Full Credits inside game.

If I forgot someone, please let me know and I will add you at once!

If you play the game, I would be very interested in your opinions!
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© 2011 - 2022 OokamiKasumi
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jinifur's avatar
OMG! You are brilliant! Wish it was an app for my iphone- i just LOVE LOVE LOVE these games! you're the best!~
OokamiKasumi's avatar
LOL! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Bnspyrd's avatar
This is fantastic!! So honoured to have my resources included in it too. :worship: :love:
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Thank you so much
-- You have Awesome resources! I couldn't resist adding a few.
bluesse's avatar
super super adorable :love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Squee~! I'm so glad you like it!
-- Your objects pngs really came in handy, but your textures really gave the whole game a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you so much!
Chimonk's avatar
wow..this amazing... so creative :)
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I'm so glad you like it!
-- Thank you so much for the use of your excellent stock.
jacquelynvansant's avatar
I love it! :aww: This is another fantastic game with beautiful art and wonderful music. :love:
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Thank you so much!
PandaBarBear's avatar
i love looking out for your stuff. in a way quite relaxing to play
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Thank you so much! I wanted to make something small and fun.
Yksittainen's avatar
I can't even imagine, how hard work it could be to find and code it all, and though the game was really quick (maybe 'cause I play hidden object games a lot?), I was so impressed ^___^ Most of all I like its atmosphere and music.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I'm so glad you liked it!
-- My apologies for it being so quick. I seriously considered adding more rooms, but I kind of ran out of ideas on what rooms to add.

The music was a very lucky find! I'm really pleased it added to the game's atmosphere.

It took two to three days to make each room and populate them with find-able objects. The coding was more tedious than anything else. (You have to provide 4 coordinates for each click-able thing. With 25 to 35 items in 1 room, that's a lot of coordinates to set.)
JinxMim's avatar
This is very impressive. Really great work!
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I'm thrilled you like it!
-- I'm even more thrilled that you had so much precut png stock that was Clean and ready to use. I made most of my own stock, but when it came to the small objects... You really rescued my game.
zememz's avatar
:excited: oh boy! I love hidden object games and I love your work too. I still play your fairytale game. Brilliant stuff :D

I shall download and play it later when I get home from work :love: thanks for using my stock :heart:
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I love using your stock. It's very clean and easy to work with.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I'm absolutely thrilled you like my work!
-- I really hope you like this game too. It's quite a bit shorter than the Faery Tale game, but the coding for it was much trickier. I look forward to hearing your opinion!
geremy-raven's avatar
O BOY--Another game from you! :excited:
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Yep! Another game.
-- This one's a lot simpler (and faster) to play, but was actually far more difficult to code. For my next game, I'll very likely combine everything I've learned so far. :)

I hope you like this one too.
geremy-raven's avatar
Played it! With my sister~ :la:
Though I think I should have played it alone--two sets of eyes made searching easier, finishing the game faster than expected :XD: But it was more fun~

Simple, fun, visuals are magnificent, as always :D And knowing that there will be another game from you in the future excites me already :woohoo:
OokamiKasumi's avatar
In case you haven't guessed, the objects hidden change with each new game. :) There are 30 to 35 objects per room, but it only selects 15 at a time. I wanted to be sure that you could play it multiple times.

I'm thrilled you and your sister enjoyed it!

Of course I'll make another game, as soon as I figure out what to make. XD
geremy-raven's avatar
Oh. OH! I thought they were the same places/items when I replayed it.
MUST. RE-INSTALL. :shakefist:
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