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Click HERE to view Full Sized image of the 13 Hours: [link]

DISCLAIMER: As with all advice, take what you can use and throw out the rest. As a multi-published author, I have been taught some fairly rigid rules on what is publishable and what is not. If my rather straight-laced (and occasionally snotty,) advice does not suit your creative style, by all means, IGNORE IT.

Ookami Kasumi
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J-Ticker's avatar
just wonderful interpretaition! <3
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I'm glad you like it!
JamieMDavies's avatar
FINALLY found this again. Looked for it everywhere and couldn't remember what it was called. :omfg:

Just tried marking the 13 plot points in my own fairy-tale story. 7-10 happen right after the other, but otherwise everything matches up nicely with where the breaks are. :aww: (Course, the fact I'm reinterpreting an original fairy-tale probably helps... :D)
OokamiKasumi's avatar
LOL! Sounds like you have the makings of a modern Classic fairy tale. Good work!
StephanieChristina's avatar
Traditionally, Heroine's were a different kind of hero. The kind who perhaps talked down the dragon or outsmarted him, rather than hacking his head off. Grimm's versions aren't the oldest and he changed the themes. Everyone looks back now and says, "They aren't like what Disney said. They used to be horror stories about morals and weren't for little kids." Before Grimm got to them they weren't horror stories, but were used by women, mothers generally, for teaching purposes and passed down by word of mouth.

Not that I have anything against Grimm's Fairy Tales. (I'm kind of obsessed.) They're just not the root. I didn't even know any of that before the beginning of this year when I got asked to join a project for women's health. Its all about finding the inner Hero Princess in every woman.

That little....whatever that was aside (I don't -think- I was ranting, lol) this was really interesting to read. I love all of these tutorials you do. They get me so excited about writing! Sometimes when I have writer's block I come back and read these and I'm all exited and idea filled again, lol. :3

Thanks so much for sharing with us. Happy Writing!
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Traditionally, Heroine's were a different kind of hero. The kind who perhaps talked down the dragon or outsmarted him, rather than hacking his head off.

Absolutely true. They didn't use a Sword to conquer monsters because they weren't allowed to.

The root of all fairy tales are Myths, and I don't mean just the Greek or Roman ones. Every land had their own set of myths and legends that later became fairy tales.

I'm glad you like my tutorials!

RaychelLeFay's avatar
ah, " The Heros Journey" Great way for writing a story. Good job.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Thank you. You wouldn't believe the amount of research that went into this.
RaychelLeFay's avatar
Well it is very good, I try to follow that path when I write.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Just keep in mind that there are some stories that Don't fit these patterns.
SupaChibi's avatar
I love your writing tips. They're so professional, so perfectly-written and very interesting to read. You put so much of wonderful information here, I had a lot of fun reading your articles~! Please continue writing more of them. It'd be a huge loss for the world if you stopped.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I'm glad you like my writing tip essays so much!
lajvio's avatar
Wow... those stories are so different from the Disney versions XD
OokamiKasumi's avatar
The fairy tales I referenced were the oldest versions I could find. They can be found here --> "Sur La Lune Fairy Tales" [link]
lajvio's avatar
Thank you for the link.
I know I have faved a lot of tutorials from you, and I find them very helpful for me now when I'm trying to organize my writing. I have never done that before, so plotting out and making lists are both fun and hard :)
OokamiKasumi's avatar
You're very welcome. Hours of interesting reading there.

I adore plotting and organizing.
-- Just don't lose your notes!
lajvio's avatar
I'm having quite fun plotting, like I said, I have never done it before. I even got the end of the story now, and it' kinda new for me to. I once wrote a novel, long novel without even have a ending... this structure is completely new to me. But so rewarding. I have plotted 5 chapters already, and I have the end scene in my head, so I will just continuing plotting my way through the mess and then start to write.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
I love plotting!
-- I find it relaxing to know exactly where I am in my story, and that there IS an end to reach.
lajvio's avatar
I can only agree there. It's actually very fun plotting and organizing, I have never done that, it's a bit hard, but still good to have done. Before, I just start writing without really knowing what would happen on the next page, and even less how it should end. Right now I have plotted 5 chapters, and starting to write on the first chapter. And another thing I found out, I can actually go back and re-write! I usually never do that, since I'm very impatience and can't stand to re-do stuff or doing same stuff over and over. I see this as great progress :D
EmbrynStormcat's avatar
WHAT the HELL! i started comparing my story to THIS outline... and it fits like the glass slipper was supposed to XD (though that mistranslation thingie makes me wonder how a fur slipper could be that 'defined' that it would identify a woman by the size of her feet... it is hardly possible that there was no one in the ENTIRE kingdom that didn't have Cinderella's shoe size. in that respect, i like the idea of the glass better, as it doesn't yield - in order to fit, it must be shaped perfectly like the foot.)

And that while I always try to fit on the 'newer' tutorials and they never ever fit... must be the clearer explanation XD Thank you, anyway, now at least I understand how I actually came up with all of it... and just realized i have everything - litterally everything, though sometimes very slightly twisted - but the very ending XD i have no idea what to do after everything's ended well. who goes where and all that... does he stay with her, she with him - different continents - does she just travel, can she even go home anymore... can he even stay home anymore... XD guess i'll figure that out when i get there, which is still gonna take hell of a lot of time
OokamiKasumi's avatar
The reason the original slipper was Fur is because the 'slipper' is in fact a metaphor for a woman's privates. <- Actual Fact!
-- That the slipper changed to Glass in European fairy tales reflects the European view that there can be only One True Love in one's life. :) Of course, this is Not True, (as anyone over 30 can tell you,) but fairy tales are not known for their...scientific accuracy.

I'm glad the LOL!
EmbrynStormcat's avatar
... Right... talk about unexpected. for a very brief moment i wondered how she could have lost her 'privates' while running =p that gives a very different meaning to 'every woman in the country having to try on the slipper' though...
... i like stories and their scientific inaccuracy =p one more reason for me to believe Einstein: 'knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand', 'Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere', 'if the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts' and so on. I doubt the world ever had a greater genius than Einstein, not for his scientific finds, but for this kind of wisdom.
OokamiKasumi's avatar
Einstein also said, "If you can't explain something simply enough for anyone to understand, you dont know it well enough."

As far as I'm concerned, the imagination IS the most powerful tool humans possess.
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