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Posting my inventory in a journal so won't eat it or break it lol

|| Unused Accessories/Items ||
Glow Band – White (x1), Glow Band – Purple (x1), Gold Band (x1)
Bow – Black (x1), Bow – Red (x1), Ivory’s Cute Scarf (x1), Ivory’s Cute Bow (x1)
Flower Crown – Baby’s Breath (x1), Rose Capelet (x1)
Anklet (x1), Hooded Scarf (x1)
Harvest Ribbon (x1)
Scarf – Teal (x1)
Clothing Slot (x6)
Night Hoodie (x1)
Bridgekeeper's Cloak (x1), Rogue's Earring (x1), Mage's Purse (x1), Ancient Helm (x1)
Phial of Courage's Light (x1)
Heart Pillow (x10)
UWU Team Mittens (x1)

|| Crafting ||
Wood – Stick (x3), Chestnut Leaf (x1)
Fabric – Brown (x1), Silver Thread (x1), Green Thread (x1)
Mysterious Coin – Bronze (x1), Wire – Copper (x1), Chain Links (x1), Bell – Gold
Rock – Diamond Gemstone (x2), Rock – Emerald (x1), Rock - Hunk of Granite (x1), Blue Oval Cats Eye Bead (x1)
White Pearl (x15), Pink Pearl (x15), Black Pearl (x15)
String Light (x1)
Stack of Index Cards (x2)

|| Dyes ||
Empty Bottle (old x2)
Red (x1), Teal (x1), White (x2)
[Egg] Red (x1), [Egg] Yellow (x1), [Egg] Blue (x1)
[Egg] Green (x1), [Egg] White (x1)
Dubious Potion (x1)
Marking Primer (x2)
Invisibility Spray (x1)
Essence Of Rainbow (x1)

|| Housing Items ||
Blueprints (x1), Stone Abra Statue (x1)

|| Gardening and Flowers ||
Rose (x7), Baby's Breath (x3)

|| Amity Park ||
Bait (x5, 41 pellets), Honey Stick – Empty (x1), Honey Drop (x1), Silver Acornia (x1)

|| Event / Other ||
Mothscouts Sash (x1) – [Link to Badges]
Quill and Ink (x1)
Plush – Giant White Tiger (x1), Plush – Turtle: Blue (x1), Plush – Fish: Mint (x1)
Pinwheel (x1)
Duct Tape (x1), Keypiece C (x1)
Silver Companion Slot (x1)
Mysterious Sea Amulet (x1)
Birthday Cupcake - Open (x1), Tissues (x1)
BEP4PREZ Button (x1), BEP4PREZ Flag (x1), BEP4PREZ T-Shirt (x1), BEP4PREZ Visor (x1), BEP4PREZ Yard Sign (x1)
Easter Egg – Pink (x1), Goos Egg 7 (x1), Ice Egg (x1)
Common Trait Change Ticket (x3)
Rare Trait Change Ticket (x1)
Flowerbun Seed (x1)
Medal - Silver (x1)

|| Unattached Companions ||
Spoopy Ghost 2, Spoopy Ghost 4
Bat – Vampire, Bat
Death Bee (x2)
Spidner, AWR Spidner (x2)
Spider – Candy Cup (x2), Spider – Candy Cup w/ Bite
Healer Spider (x2)
Spider – Black and Yellow, Spider – Harvestman, Spider – Ant Mimicking
Ant (x3), Bird – Fairy Wren
Mouse - Light Chocolate Marked
Mouse - Black Marked
Dumbo Blue Capped Rat, Hooded Rat
Grass Hedgehog (x3)
Pumpk-imp (x3)
Lollipop Ghost

Blue Butterfly Plushie (x1)
Butterfly Pin (x1), Blue-Gray Striped Beanie (x1)
Ribboned Straw Hat (x1), Aro Pride Bow (x1)
Paradise Lei (x1)
Pumpk-imp (x1)
Glowbug, Larva Ladybug
Trans Pride Moth


|| Personal Items/Accessories ||

Shuttershades – Sunset (x1), Silk Scarf – Yellow (x1), Scarf – Bright Red (x1)
Sheepy Plush (x1), Reiner's Leaf (x1)

| Reiner |
Shuttershades – Sunrise (x1), Hat – Fake Antlers (x1)
Ava's Leaf (x1), Silver Companion Slot (x1) [Rat - Black]

| Sunny |
Winter Knit Cap (x1), Snowfall Scarf (x1), Plush – Giraffe: Pink (x1)

Hyacinth Necklace (x1)

Sunglasses – Black (x1), Scarf - Teal (x1), Isabell's Leaf (x1)

| Magnus |
Infinity Scarf (x1), Nose Glasses (x1)
Clothing Slots (x4)
[Regal Crown
Gold Chain Necklace
Golden Cuffs
Comfy Sweater]

| Amore |
Pink Bones Party Hat (x1), Clothing Slot (x1) [Pink Skull Earrings]
Fake Eyelashes (x1), Purple Orb Stand (x1), Twilight Silk Bow (x1), Amore's Witch Hat (x1)

| Jack |
Reading Glasses – Black (x1), Googly-Eyed Bat Party Hat (x1)

Flo |
Flo’s Face Mask (x1)

| Dani |
Clothing Slot (x2) [A pair of leg warmers (x2)]

| Myeong |
Myeong’s Bottled Sand Necklace (x1)

| Kuno |
Clothing Slot (x2) [Bowties - Day and Night]

|| Attached Companions ||
| Avaline |
Rat – White, Jerboa, Rat - Vampire

| Donovan |
Bird – Cockatiel, Bird – Fairy Wren

| Reiner |
Beetle – Hercules, Beetle – Giant Stag, Rat – Black

Mouse – Recessive Yellow, Green Crab Apple, Beebo

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