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NOTE: I am in the process of slowly moving over relationship notes to my toyhouse account, fangu. Please check there as well, there might be some changes made that are more up to date. When everything is finished I will be updating with a new journal.

For bumblebuns and other subspecies, look here: Mothcat Subspecies Relationship Tracker
If you want to get a better idea of their appearance, you can look through here: Mothcat design notes


New relationships are always open! Here's the basic stuff you need to know about starting a relationship:
love/mate | this is usually difficult to make right away; please consider the characters before pursuing a close relationship
friends | varies based on the personality! this is an easy relationship to go for.
family | reserved for my own usage unless there's a cool familial relationship to build...
enemies | again, varies on personality -- but with a good enough reason, your cat can become an enemy! Yay?

If you have ideas about how any of my characters would interact, we can develop their relationship to each other if we discuss it more!

last update: 2/5/2018
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look at all these gorgeous cats, when did you get them all?!