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Mothcat ID #922 | Dani



name | Dani
    nicknames | Her real name is some variant of Danielle, but she never says which one it is

gender | female
age | adult

archive link
| Mothcat ID #922
updates log | Link

companions | none

personality | cold, calculating, indifferent, harsh, somewhat oblivious
bio | Between two sisters that are quite peppy, by comparison Dani is almost boring. She isn't well known among most despite her numerous wins against similarly strong cats, even opponents larger than herself. Her rigid dedication to her training schedule has made her quite solid mentally, as well as strengthening her body. However, socially, she is flat and unimpressive. She only has an interest in food and competitive television shows, and not much else. Dani analyzes her surroundings and the people in it far too much. She feels as if she knows what people are going to say before she even speaks to them -- so why even bother making friends? It's possible that her only source of communication is among her sisters, who both know her better than anyone. Her tendency to overthink prevents her from even trying...unless it's in a fight. The only place she seems to open up is in the ring, where she can use her instincts freely.

inventory |
Danilegwarmers by oOIceFangOo(x2)

extra |
    -She notices small details that others might overlook.
    -Despite being the middle child of Flo's family, she's actually the strongest when combining her physical and mental strength.
    -She is the shortest sibling.
    -Dani is a mixed martial artist and loves being seen as intimidating,
     but her shorter than average height tends to make her appear to be...cute.
    -She almost always wears her leg warmers, but without them she looks like this.

theme playlist |
    _n C_rcl_s – Transistor OST
    Neos City (Night) – Pokken Tournament OST
    Palace of Twilight (Outside) – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess OST

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