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Mothcat ID #904 | Hugh



name | Hugh Hartmann
    nicknames | Just Hugh
gender | male
age | adult (roughly early 30s in human years)

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| Mothcat ID #904
updates log | Link

companions | none

personality | tough, friendly, capricious, charming, not too intelligent but he knows enough to survive
bio | Born into a long lineage of Valentine's Day patterned mothcats, this purebred was one of many kittens on display to be pets for humans. He was one of the luckier ones; his family kept him happy with food and exercise, and they seemed to be good people in his eyes. However, he eventually grew to hate the way he was pampered and dressed up -- all those seasonal outfits were a nightmare. Hugh always was a fighter, and despite the scolding he'd get he always kept that part of him in his heart. One day, he bolted out an open window, in search of freedom. Instead, he found dangerous roads cluttered with cars, and alleyways with suspicious eyes leering his way. He wasn't one of them. Hugh was too handsome for his own good -- a clean cat like him would be ripped to shreds. As much as he was scared, it turned out that he was actually much stronger than he realized.

Months passed by as Hugh became accustomed to the streets, making a name for himself as the rogue runaway. His flawless charm was now his greatest asset; those who underestimated him quickly learned that his lack of scars was a warning. It was then that a certain cat approached him, asking for his help. She wanted him to tend to weaker cats from across the city, but also keep the meaner strays from causing trouble. Hugh swelled up with pride at the offer -- what would be better way to use his strength than like this? The trio he joined slowly grew into a close-knit crew of pink mothcats, one that became a neutral party to keep the peace.

It seemed like forever until one of their members accidentally found a family, a human one at that. She was...happy, much to their surprise. Her human father tried to take care of her friends, but there were too many strays for him to keep in his apartment. Soon other crew members began to think differently: should they follow their dreams instead of spending time in their alleys and hideaways? It was settled abruptly when their founder left for Aldora, and the entire band of pink cats disassembled for good.

Hugh arrived in Aldora alone, with no one to remember him. No longer the famous threat he was in the city, he noticed something better than fighting: love. Now, a charming guy like Hugh wasn't the type to really understand true love, but he certainly enjoyed the feeling. Perhaps his blindness to relationships resulted in his sudden desire to find friends, and even a soulmate if Fate would have it. And so, Hugh went off to be with new cats, never forgetting his old companions, but excited for the future.

inventory | nothin

extra |
    -His last name was from his human family, and he still keeps it to remember his past.
      He'd rather learn from his mistakes than forget it.
    -Chivalry isn't dead at all for Hugh. He'd do anything for the honor of those he cares about...
     ...and, well, he shows off to women that suit his interests.
    -Hugh isn't too tall, but he's incredibly bulky.
     His build is as solid as a boulder, except for that obviously well-fed stomach of his.
    -He has heart markings on the back of his ears.

theme playlist |
    Instant Crush – Daft Punk
    Smile – Cheap Trick
    Angel – Aerosmith

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