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Mothcat ID #557 | Moose



release the moose

name |
    nicknames | Mooses

gender | female
age | young adult

archive link |
Mothcat ID #557
updates log | Link

personality | a good goos
bio | It's the friendly neighborhood smoothie maker. She will literally offer everyone a smoothie as a token of her friendship; it's important. Don't like smoothies? No problem. She'll get you apple or orange juice instead. It's good for you. Lotsa vitamins. What's that? Biography? Can you drink it?

inventory | an infinite supply of smoothie ingredients

extra |
-She has special eyes.
Be afraid of her stare.
-She's so scary, wild bears and hungry lions are running away from her very existence. Right now.
    -Smoothies include strawberry, banana, chocolate, and anything that is sweet tasting.
    -Grass? Vegetables? Who do you think you're talking to?
    -Milkshakes are her favorite, surprisingly. She doesn't give those away, they're too valuable.

theme |
    Take On Me – a-ha

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