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Commission Pricelist 2018

Hello dear people out there! I decided to make a new pricelist for 2018 :3 I want to work more with characters from other people so I think this is a good opportunity!


I can draw:
human portraits (mostly girls, but I can try boys too) as sketch or colored with copics and polychromos, badges of humans and animals (headshot, bustshot or fullbody), sketches of animals. I do character designs too! :3 The material I use depends on the character itself.


How does this work:

If you are interested, send me a note with a detailed description and a reference sheet (refs are always better but I can take a description too). Than we can discuss the price and I will start drawing. I send you the first sketch and after that you send me the money via paypal or the points via deviantArt (contact details I send per note). You can always ask for progress! I will finish the pictures as soon as I can. Commissions have priority! Which means, art trade parts and request-stuff can take longer.


Can you ship the pictures?

Yes! Just pay shipping (price depens on how tall the package is - for normal postcard size 0,75€, for a4 size: 1,45 in germany, other countries: 3-4€ (depends on size)) and I can send it to you with a little message! (: It’s always better to have the picture in hands (especially for badges)

Commission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyy

Aand here you go: pricesheet and offers! Has money and point equivalent – I take both! (:

Examples and prices:

Human portraits:

Head/Bustshot – sketch:
Nymi sketch by oOFrosteehOo  WIP Senua by oOFrosteehOo  Small Senua by oOFrosteehOo
1-2€ (depends on character) /100 :points:


Head/Bustshot – colored:
Girl Portrait by oOFrosteehOo  Gift Tiramisu by oOFrosteehOo  Fanart Rey by oOFrosteehOo  Commission Sommerfrost by oOFrosteehOo
4-5€ /300-350 :points: (depends on character)

Each aditional character: +2€ /100 :points:


Laminated Badges

Animals – Headshot:
Badge Commission (2) by oOFrosteehOo  Badge Kayla by oOFrosteehOo 
3€ /150 :points:


Animals – Fullbody:
Badge Commission (1) by oOFrosteehOo Badge Spots by oOFrosteehOo
4€ / 250 :points: 


Humans – Headshot/Bustshot:
Rena Rouge badge by oOFrosteehOo 
4€ /250 :points:


 Character designs:

I draw canine and feline, I might try other species too – just ask!

You give me a description of what you want with basic ideas and I draw a character for you (with information too if you like) 

Character designs:
Corgi Moccha by oOFrosteehOo  Character Design Theodosia by oOFrosteehOo  Katharsis fixed ref by oOFrosteehOo  Peanut Reference sheet by oOFrosteehOo
5-7€ /300-400 :points: (depens on character)


Prices are valuable! I know it can be a bit high but drawing costs a lot of time and material, so I guess this is fair :3


Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask!

That’s all! I hope someone is interested. I would love to get new inspiration <3

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Foxface-x3 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nimmst du lieber Points oder Echtgeld? :)
oOFrosteehOo Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lieber Echtgeld :D davon kann ich mir immerhin Copics kaufen  :p muss sagen, ich bin bei Commissions selber irgendwie voll pingelig und geizig, außer ich bin auf irgendwelchen Conventions xD 
Foxface-x3 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha. :D Macht ja nix, darf man ruhig sein. xd

Also ich hätte gerne so einen Human-Bustshot Portrait - colored von ihr:  Jordan Salls By Bakaadopts-d6tw3zc by Foxface-x3
Und so einen Ref-Sheet hätte ich irgendwann auch nochmal gerne. *-*

Alles weitere per Note oder auf WaCa per PN? Schreib mir einfach, wenn du das hier gelesen hast. <3
oOFrosteehOo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aah der Char sieht cool aus!! (ich fürchte nur, dass das mit den Farben extrem schwer wird) würde ich so annehmen :3 juup, dann nerv ich dich nachher per PN!
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