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Hello people <3 
I want to share my badges with you so I decided on opening a few commission slots (: 

I offer:
Fullbody and Headshot/Bustshot Badges. I can draw canines and felines and also humans (for humans I only offer head or bustshots, no fullbodies!)
The Badges are colored with copics on thick paper and will have some pencil highlights. Badges are always laminated - you don't have to pay for lamination! I might offer badges with watercolor as well - just ask!

Terms of service:
-If you want to buy an artwork from me, just leave a comment or a note and we will discuss the details
-with buying a drawing you gain the rights to use it for private purpose only - no reselling! I have the rights on my artworks, thats why they always have a watermark on it, don'tclaim the art as yours! If you use it as avatars on forums or other purposes, please give credit!
-I try to finish the drawings as fast as possible but I work partly so it can take some days - please don't rush me!
-I will message you with some progress, so you can always have a look at it and might give some advice how you want your badge look perfect for you
-you can always message me if you have any questions!
-payment must be sent via Paypal only (within Germany I might take transactions too, but paypal is preferred) - please have payment ready when you order something from me
-I can also take holds for some days! Just ask and we can discuss it!

Prices and examples:
Ferral Badges:
Headshot Gifts by oOFrosteehOo
2-3 € (depends on complexity)

Fullbody Alyssa by oOFrosteehOo  Fullbody Icarus by oOFrosteehOo  Fullbody Ragdoll Cat by oOFrosteehOo
4-5€ (depends on complexity and difficulty of pose)

Human/Humanoid badges
Bustshot Shappira by oOFrosteehOo  Headshot Robin by oOFrosteehOo
2-3€ (depends on complexity)

A name can be added for free! Lamination is included. If you want the badge to get shipped you have to pay for shipping!
Headshots have a smaller size so shipping is lower as for fullbodies.

Shipping costs:
In Germany: Small badges - 1€ bigger badges - 2€
International: Small badges - 2€ bigger badges - 4€

Please consider that the price also includes material costs!

I hope someone is interested <3 I want to save some money to buy new art material and to help other artists out! 
I'll attend Art Fight this year! Come and fight me!

I'm in team coffee :3
Heyoo :3
Wintermond does another raffle!
June Raffle by xWintermondx

go join it <3

Commission Pricelist 2018

Hello dear people out there! I decided to make a new pricelist for 2018 :3 I want to work more with characters from other people so I think this is a good opportunity!


I can draw:
human portraits (mostly girls, but I can try boys too) as sketch or colored with copics and polychromos, badges of humans and animals (headshot, bustshot or fullbody), sketches of animals. I do character designs too! :3 The material I use depends on the character itself.


How does this work:

If you are interested, send me a note with a detailed description and a reference sheet (refs are always better but I can take a description too). Than we can discuss the price and I will start drawing. I send you the first sketch and after that you send me the money via paypal or the points via deviantArt (contact details I send per note). You can always ask for progress! I will finish the pictures as soon as I can. Commissions have priority! Which means, art trade parts and request-stuff can take longer.


Can you ship the pictures?

Yes! Just pay shipping (price depens on how tall the package is - for normal postcard size 0,75€, for a4 size: 1,45 in germany, other countries: 3-4€ (depends on size)) and I can send it to you with a little message! (: It’s always better to have the picture in hands (especially for badges)

Commission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyyCommission: Lace and Ribbon Banner (Peach) by socksyy

Aand here you go: pricesheet and offers! Has money and point equivalent – I take both! (:

Examples and prices:

Human portraits:

Head/Bustshot – sketch:
Nymi sketch by oOFrosteehOo  WIP Senua by oOFrosteehOo  Small Senua by oOFrosteehOo
1-2€ (depends on character) /100 :points:


Head/Bustshot – colored:
Girl Portrait by oOFrosteehOo  Gift Tiramisu by oOFrosteehOo  Fanart Rey by oOFrosteehOo  Commission Sommerfrost by oOFrosteehOo
4-5€ /300-350 :points: (depends on character)

Each aditional character: +2€ /100 :points:


Laminated Badges

Animals – Headshot:
Badge Commission (2) by oOFrosteehOo  Badge Kayla by oOFrosteehOo 
3€ /150 :points:


Animals – Fullbody:
Badge Commission (1) by oOFrosteehOo Badge Spots by oOFrosteehOo
4€ / 250 :points: 


Humans – Headshot/Bustshot:
Rena Rouge badge by oOFrosteehOo 
4€ /250 :points:


 Character designs:

I draw canine and feline, I might try other species too – just ask!

You give me a description of what you want with basic ideas and I draw a character for you (with information too if you like) 

Character designs:
Corgi Moccha by oOFrosteehOo  Character Design Theodosia by oOFrosteehOo  Katharsis fixed ref by oOFrosteehOo  Peanut Reference sheet by oOFrosteehOo
5-7€ /300-400 :points: (depens on character)


Prices are valuable! I know it can be a bit high but drawing costs a lot of time and material, so I guess this is fair :3


Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask!

That’s all! I hope someone is interested. I would love to get new inspiration <3

Hello people!
I thought it would be nice to update my To do List and whyx not start with a new one? Here you can find my status on Art Trades, Commissions and stuff (: feel free to look here, if you get a drawing from me!

Edited on: 25.04.2018
none <3 I you'd like to commission me, just ask!

Art Trades:
Ratpaw (WaCa) - Fullbody Badge ferrett - nearly done, needs approval
:iconbluefiremoon: - Fullbody human drawing -lines done, needs approval :3
:iconhangoever: - human portrait - sketch started
Wachtelralle on instagram - drawing of their dog - not started
cati-chan on instagram - drawing of their human oc - not started

you can always ask me for progress pictures! :heart:

Raffle price: my_name_sint_vern (insta) (fullbody badge) - lines done

Requeststuff and personal things:
Mayalie (nearly done)
Frosty (she needs a new one)
maybe Nightmare?

Fanart of The Handmaids tale
two Senua badges
small Senua watercolor
small shiba Inu watercolor
Viszla watercolor
Detroit: Kara Fanart
Detroit: Connor and Sumo
some fanart for peeps on insta

If you get art from me but are not in this list, please send me a note! 

Pictures I am waiting for:
AT part from Ratpaw
AT part from Wachtelralle
AT part from :iconhangoever:

Commission from Sydney_castiel (insta)
Commission from galaxaze - headshot badge (insta)
Commission from pachoopi - two badges (insta)
Commission from fallacynix - paper child (insta)

(take your time! this is just a reminder for myself and should not stress you in your work :3)

Thats all for now (: list will be updated!

I wanted to ask if anyone out there is interested in badge art trades? I love making badges but its kind of boring to only focus on the same characters. So I want to get more inspiration and thought that Art Trades were a good idea to work on my style :3 I would be happy if we can ship these to each other! ('cause badges are really nice to hold in hands and I want to have moore of my characters <3)
If you are interested, just leave a comment and give an example of your art style :3 every comment would be paw-some! (too much miraculous tho)

My style so far:
Badge cute girl by oOFrosteehOo  Rena Rouge badge by oOFrosteehOo  Badge gifts by oOFrosteehOo

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! <3
Go check it out! :3

January Raffle by xWintermondx

Also happy new year to all of you!! (PC problems are solved, I got a new one for christmas :p)
I wanted to upload some pictures I did in the last weeks but my computer is a little shitty and doesn't let me take my files from my phone to the computer...can't open the files (I don't know why but I need a new computer anyways)
I want to apologize to all of you! I am really inactive and 'cause of my computer this will take a little longer. But if you want to be updated you can look at my insta!…
it's mostly for some sketches but I will upload some new drawings there too (and christmas gifts when it's time for it :D)

Sorry guys!
I have my own instagram account for pictures now (: I will be more active there, so if you like, you can follow me. I am happy about every follower or fave :heart:…
The Requests are closed now, I have to draw some AT Parts and want to focus on more fanart (: but thank you for your comments!

Hihi :3
I want to focus more on drawing sketches and improve my anatomy (especially for animals). That's why I decided to make some Requests available! 
This will be a sketch RQ. If you want to get a picture from me, just leave a comment with your character (: I would be happy about some interesting characters! I am better in foxes and cats than in other animals, but I want to train more, so just try and I decide if that's possible or not :3 

Sketch Requests can look like:
Alyssa Sketchy Gift by oOFrosteehOo  Cute Fox by oOFrosteehOo  Leopard Sketch by oOFrosteehOo

Und jetzt nochmal auf deutsch:
Ich hab Lust, bisschen mehr zu üben und biete daher ein paar Sketch Requests an (: ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn es ein paar Interessenten gibt. Lasst einfach nen Kommi da und ich picke mir dann was raus! :3 Das hier werden nur simple Sketche, wer gern ein "richtiges" Bild mit Lines und in Farbe hätte, kann gern mal in meine PointCommission Preise schauen ^^ 

Have a good day (or night)! :3

Bunch of Sketch RQs:
Sketch RQ Spotted Hyena for :iconveganempress:
Sketch RQ Flo for :iconflokendraws:
Sketch RQ Foxface for :iconfoxface-x3:

Want more? Give me your character!
I am on tumblr now!

I decided to spread my art around. ItÄs hard to get over all features on tumblr but now I have an idea how I can upload well :D On tumblr I would upload more sketches and stuff! (:
Yeah I decided to make a to do list! This is for myself so that I have a better view on what I have to draw for ATs and stuff :D And I add which people need to make a picture for me - I am glad that every person made a picture for me for AT parts without any problems but in case of that anyone misses it, I have a better plan for that :3 And that I do't forget that.

To Do:

Art Trades:
-AT with :iconmai-denarya: (Mayalie and Nox)
(Sketch done, I am a bit afraid of making the bg)

-AT with :iconxreidx: (Estella) 
(idea is there, sketch done)

-AT with :iconfoxface-x3:
(first Sketch is done)

-AT with :iconthorinfrostclaw:
(not started atm)

Point Commissions:
I am always open for PCs, just ask! (:

Personal things:
-Refsheet Nymeria
-Refsheet Nightmare (Cat OC)
-Refsheet Yani (fennek OC)
-updatet picture of Sorren
-Mooore Fanart-Stuff!
-more Nymica Artworks <3

Pictures I get:

-none at the moment :3

Prices and stuff:
-price by :iconshadow4kuma:
I like memes uwu

1. If you'd like to be featured, please do the same and use one of my ocs.
So this meme can spread and everyone gets a chance to be featured!
2. First come, first serve! 
3. It has to be an oc made by you, no adoptables!

Tagged bzw featured by: :iconshadow4kuma:

1. Yin by :iconshadow4kuma:

[OC] Yin by Shadow4kuma
I really like the design of this little girl! I's so awesome how much details you put in. The clothing is gorgeos! (I have to draw her some days...but this could be haaard!) 
Please draw more Yin!

Aaah I'm so sorry :iconshadow4kuma: I didn't had the time to do this! 
But now, I try to!

Tagged by :iconshadow4kuma:

Rule: You must spell out your user and name a song beginning w/ the letter then, tag as many people as there are letters !!
(I'll let out these stupid O's ...too much of them in my name - need a new one gaawd!

F First Time - Ellie Goulding, Kygo
r Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
o Over and over again - Nathan Sykes
s Song on Fire - Nickelback
t There's nothing holdin me back - Shawn Mendes
e Eyes Closed - Halsey
e Elastic Heart - Sia
h Heavy - Linkin Park

So, that's it!

I tag:
:iconmai-denarya: (yes, you have to do it)

I hope this was okay uwu
Hi everyone! Hi! 
Take a look at the Art Raffles by :iconshadow4kuma: and :iconshadowzamai:
You can win free art!
164+ Watcher Art Raffle!! [CLOSED]EDIT: Join ShadowZamai 's raffle here ! She needs just one or two participants more >.< (+1 Ticket in my raffle)
EDIT: Reached the 20 Participants!!! Thanks a lot to all who joined this >.< Next goal: 75 Participants - than the secound Prize is unlocked ^.^
EDIT: There is a new chance to get an extra ticket ^.^ (Just edit your post than c: ) - because my friend decide to hold a raffle at the same time x3
Ehhh yeah. This number is really random. I just feel like holding a raffle. xD
So let's do it x3
(this will be canceled when there are less than 20 Participants Now next goal are 75 Participants to unlock the secound prize xD - 34/75 -)
How to practice?
be a watcher (new watchers are welcome but don't dewatch me after the raffle!)
make sure, that you own a human OC - I can do fanarts but... I prefer when it is an personal artwork^^ (Can also be the OC of your friend c: )
leave a c
  62+ Watchers Raffle [ENDED]
Edit: The raffle is taking place! Thanks to everyone who joined :D
Well, as a friend also decided to hold a raffle, I decided to do the same :) 
1. Chibi without BG

[Locked until 40 Participants/100 Watchers]
2. 1 Chibi Couple OR Halfbody Couple with simple BG

 [Locked until 60 Participants/120 Watchers]
3. 1 Fullbody with BG

So if something incredible happens and I get 60 participants or 120 watchers, 3 people will win.
~How to enter
-Watch me (New watchers are welcome but you will be blacklisted from future events if you unwatch me afterwards so only watch if you like my art or characters)
-Spread the word about this raffle with a poll or journal
-comment with what you d
Hi everybody!
I am a little bit mainstream because it seams that nearly everybody resells OCs or other characters, but I think it's necessary for me.

I have two characters I don't draw or need anymore (this seems to be really hard I'm sorry ;w;)
But it's ways better to give them a new home!

Character 1: Saya - female - Cat
New OC Saya by oOFrosteehOo
It was an adopt from a user, who isn't on dA anymore. You can add accessoires and change the design, if you like! I only have a really old picture of her from mine, but it isn't really good so...:D

Price: you can have it for 5 :points: maybe cheaper if someone wants to have it but doesn't have points!

Edit: Saya is taken now!

Character 2: Cupcake - male - Cat
Cupcake! by oOFrosteehOo
That's his design.
It comes with two pictures:
Cupcake HS by Othercrys
by :iconothercrys:
Got ya~ by xTategami
by :iconxtategami:

Price: he would cost 10 :points: also not really high but it's just important that they both get new homes!

Thank you really much for reading and maybe there are some interests in here. You can comment or send a note, if you want one of them!