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FF7: AeriSeph


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FF7: AeriSeph


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Terraqua: A well-deserved rest

Kingdom Hearts

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FF7: AeriSeph

Final Fantasy VII

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Towards Lindblum

Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy X [Kingdom Hearts]

Final Fantasy X

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Fran Got A Moogle

Final Fantasy XII

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Hope x Lightning : You survive

Final Fantasy XIII

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We'll do it together then. On three

Final Fantasy Others

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Women Made Fullmetal - Sunny Harmony (full piece)

Fullmetal Alchemist

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The Legend of Zelda

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Return To Dreamland Wallscroll


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Luna Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

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Bat Plush Pattern

P'tites Betes

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Falling Autumn Leaves

Other beautiful things

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chibi Lan Fan plush version

Artworks done for me

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Drawing Tears

Tutorials - Textures

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FMA - The Great Failed Escape

Funny Things

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Ed is short stamp

Icons ans Stamps

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