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[link] -- butterfly brushes
[link] -- cloud texture
[link] -- female stock

enjoy and thank you xx
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Jan 5, 2009, 8:35:55 AM
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I once upon a time used the female stock in an image but found it quite difficult to work with. However I think what you've done with it is brilliant (better than what I came up with any how!)

I especially like how you've done the butterflies like they're coming out of her dress although I think they may have been better if they were more white but that's just my opinion but they work like this too and it's very effective.

The background is interesting too. While it's not taking the eye away from the subject it also fills the background and enhances it brillaintly. I like the mixture of colours as I see greens and blues in there and also the overal texture.

I like how it's unusual... More of an original piece which is brilliant and the whole concept is wonderful as I mentioned before. And you made good use of all aspects here. The cutting out is also very well done.

The only down fall is the hair, I think the hair needs a little improvement (this is where I always fail too!). But if you wanted there's some brilliant hair brushes here on dA and you could try using some of those just to enhance the movement of hair and hair strands. I'd also like to imagain wind with this image.

But over all very very nice. Well done you.
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Thank you! I know the hair always kills me. x_x
But I will look into using brushes, I have never really thought of that. I just usually blur it up a bit to blend the blunt edges.

Much appreciated, love! x
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It's alright. I try to get away with using smudge too but usually get told of for "cheating" lol... you're very welcome :hug: :D
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elated to see this. i would love to have her in my room...captivating
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This is absolutely amazing! i love the butterflies!
it looks like she was just tossed up into the clouds
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This is a very sweet manipulation that puts innocence and freedom into the limelight. The only thing I could offer critique on would be the darkness of the clouds in back of her. Depending on what kind of story you want to tell, the darkness of the sky in back of her sets a mood. I'm wondering if it was intentional...?
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To be honest they were just there for a texture in the back, I never thought of interpreting the meaning behind them, but I appreciate it. I guess it is just a contrast from the lightness that she is, the 'release' from the darkness.
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Just gorgeous! It give me the feeling of freedom and tranquility. I love it, the colors, the concept.
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Just gorgeous! It gives me a feeling of freedom and tranquility. I love it.
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Thank you! Thank you for the fav as well!
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I really like this.. Great work :D
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Wonderful! It's just awesome!
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You're welcome. :)
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I :heart: it, this is how I feel sometimes :(, it's amazing how others people art can touch a feeling which I can't describe with words :O
ooberxandxdavie6's avatar
I'm so happy it touched you, it means a lot to know that it affected you. If all of my art could touch at least one person I would be happy. I envy the people who write songs and poems that express how I feel when I can't describe it. I makes me feel wonderful that I am that person for you and my art lets you feel that too. thank you.
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It's always fun when you do something and it reaches out to people, but I think it's more important that the work we do, we do it 'cus we want to express ourself, not to please others needs^^

Anyway; great piece of art!
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Well, yeah but it's an added bonus when people appreciate it. (;
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this is wunderful TT.TT
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Thank you! Don't cryyy! D:

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