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Flying without Wings

I really really really like this one. I am so proud of it. :heart:
I was sitting in english today, and our teacher decided to teach some of the class outside. So we all took our notebooks and jackets and we went out and sat under the tree outside. So while she continued her lesson on the Holocaust, I got more and more sad. Just for everything that happened during the Holocaust, and how people now are saying that people made up the whole thing. D:
I leaned my head against the tree trunk and I looked up and I saw a nest, and through the bottom of the nest I saw a robin's egg. Of course it was just the shell, but I thought it was so pretty, and it just picked me up again.
It was symbolic for reasons that I can not even begin to put into words.

So this is sort of dedicated to the people lost in the Holocaust, the survivors and their families.

Girl - [link]
Nest - [link]
Grass - [link]
[link] [link] [link]
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:) Beautiful concept and fine work :rose: Thank You for using my stock in your art!
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this is really lovely, great piece
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Thank you sooo much! :blowkiss:
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Good work.
Although you don't reveal very well in the description the conection between the egg in the nest and the holocaust, i think i understand you here.
To see the right thing at the right moment, is always a nice feeling.

About the photomanip. i think you did a great job with the egg, and the colour you used.
Well done =)
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Yeah, it was really hard to think about how to put it in words without sounding preachy.

You know what is funny? That egg was actually that colour, I just saturated it some more. :3
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Always nice to see one of my pics being used :)
ooberxandxdavie6's avatar

Thanks for letting me use it. :D
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Beautiful! I can tell that there is a connection with this one!!! :hug:
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Yeah. I enjoyed every second while making this one.
It really speaks to me. :D :D :D
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I can really tell. :glomp: It's an absolutely wonderful picture!!!!
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Thanks a lot.
Your words are always lovely to hear.
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