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August 6, 2008
Butterfly girl is just one of the superb Dolls by ~oOAngeliceOo in her delight filled gallery, such a hard choice to choose a feature. This piece has lovely wing decoration and unusual hairdo through to the tiny fountains on the detail rich, surrounding arch. Please press download button on the left for the full view.
Featured by ShoneGold
Suggested by petiteUlis
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Butterfly girl

One I spent a lot of time on. She was for Jade's base edit contest.
base :[link]

Download for full view !



Eternal love to PetiteUlis for suggesting it and Shonegold for the feature !
And thank you all for the comments and favs, it's really appreciated! :heart:
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Angie-Pictures's avatar
Urdandy's avatar
C'est superbe :O
hrfarrington's avatar
Wow, fantastic work! So much detail! :omfg:
nightmaresky's avatar
THAT'S INSANE!! Your insane!! @A@

Amazing work!
oOAngeliceOo's avatar
Oh you ! Thanks... i think

diejjj's avatar
I'm like...soo not suprised that this is a DD. :P Haha, I so love it, the wings are amazing :O! Love your color choice!!
Queenofhrts87's avatar
DemoraFairy's avatar
Wow, so beautiful, the wings are stunning!
oOAngeliceOo's avatar
Thank you ! The wings took the most time ;_;
Amimone's avatar
I can see your time was very worthwhile! :) The doll's amazing and I can hardly surpass the words already written for the DD. Congratulations and keep enchanting us with your pixeling! :w00t:
ainagami's avatar
wow you did an amazing job!!
Shadow-Mage-Luna's avatar
She reminds me of Utau Hoshina from Shugo Chara!... xD
oOAngeliceOo's avatar
I have to google this I don't know Shugo Chara XD (wait a minute)
.... That's right, they have some kind of look in common !
Shadow-Mage-Luna's avatar
xD The resemblance is striking, especially since Utau's "symbol" is a butterfly. Lolz.
oOAngeliceOo's avatar
No way !! That's awesome, who'd have thought I would draw something so close to that shugo chara girl ! I can't believe it, makes me want to know more about that anime XD
Shadow-Mage-Luna's avatar
xD; It's an awesome anime, really it is. It'll take a while to watch it, though, because they're on episode 44 right now. :O_o:
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8D i luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YingFong's avatar
Wow, that's intense! I love the detail in the wings.
oOAngeliceOo's avatar
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