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There are all kinds of people in the world,
People to be loved, and people to be hated.
Some people cause fear and distrust among others around them.
Some people make people flock around them like sheep, leading them.
People can even get close to you, and develop bonds.
Sometimes these bonds can grow, and flourish, leading to great friendships.
These powerful, sometimes everlasting bonds, these friends, can be the hardest thing to shake, and even harder to cease.
On the rare occasions these bonds, these binding chains, are shaken, even shattered, It can scar a person.
A scarring that will leave them weak, sad and afraid. Afraid to break the bounds and push for new people, for new bonds.
These bonds, however, can slowly be repaired, giving someone hope that maybe, they can look at others, without seeing only the worst in people.
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The Forge - 2 - Gawain's Gift
The Forge.
Gawain’s Gift.
Gawain slept silently, nestled in amongst the nest of blankets inside his crib.
The early morning rays of the sun had started to make their way into the buildings of the hidden away town, waking the residents of every home slowly.
The market square was already busy with early-risers and people manning stalls to sell their wares and services to others; a few main shops were also open earlier than usual. It seemed to be a good day for business in the town today.
Miss Airea awoke, then moved towards the crib immediately.
“Gawain? Gawain, Wake up.”
Gawain stretched out slowly, yawning silently.
“Wake up, it's time to get your gift and have breakfast...”
Gawain crawled out from the nest of blankets and slowly stood up, looking up at Miss Airea.
Miss Airea smiled down at the little half-Draconic child that now started rubbing his sleepy eyes.
"Good morning Miss Airea. What's going to happen today...?"
"Well it’s time for breakfast
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The Forge - Start of a life
The Forge.
The Start of a Life.
A bridge, the starting point of our story, was bathed in the fading rays of sunset, whilst the sky was a deep crimson in the fading hours of the day.
A lone soul was sitting on the rails of the bridge, staring out into the coming darkness of night.
A sound alerted him, so he spun around on the rails. But nothing was there on either side of the bridge.
As he did another spin to watch the remaining sunset, the scales on his arm shimmered slightly in the remaining light.
"Another silent night..." His voice echoed slightly, only small and feeble.
Once the sun had completed its transition from day to night, the young being hopped off the rails; he stood just below the railing on the bridge.
"I should head back to the orphanage..."
He turned and started heading down the old, cracked, and damaged stone pathway.
Down the path, through the cold of the settling darkness, the Metalsmith was visible. It was an old wood and stone structure with smoggy windows that ha
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Risen Dawn, By Neytirix. by oo0ace0oo Risen Dawn, By Neytirix. :iconoo0ace0oo:oo0ace0oo 12 15
TGU Chapter 13-2
The Ghost Unit.
Chapter Thirteen Two.
Fortune was falling through the atmosphere, in a slowly breaking drop-pod. Something sent it off course, and Fortune was considering his limited options.
"Opea... I want you to break open the drop-pod, like you would when it`s embedded in the ground."
"Burst open? That isn't safe at this height, Fortune. The Debris could land on someone below."
"Who would be below us? We're literally over the middle of nowhere." Fortune hastily, and bluntly, snapped.
".... Right, then. Bursting pod."
It took a few moments before three pops could be heard. They were detonation pins. A few moments later, and a loud bang was heard, sending four cracks down the sides of the pod, each follow the weaker metal and causing more fractures in the metal as they went further down the pod.
After that, the pod fell apart, leaving Fortune free-falling without the confines of the pod.
"So much better. Remind me to never get into a Drop-pod again."
"Right. Now, About not fa
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TGU Chapter Thirteen
The Ghost Unit
Chapter Thirteen
Wrong Landing.
Fortune had entered a special pod made for launching "Drop Pods" in-atmosphere, and he was awaiting the launch.
The sound of machinery beneath the Drop Pod whirred to life, an incredible ring of light before he could feel heat through the thermal walls in the pod.
"Jeez, It's getting hot in here!" Fortune growled through the radio.
"Well, Sorry. It`s not being launched from Atmosphere, so it doesn't have the Vacuum that cools it instantly!"
"I`m not complaining, just saying!"
The whirl of a turbine in the Drop Pod signalled it`s coming to life.
"Entering Coordinates for drop." Opea spoke through the helmets in-built speakers.
"One moment!" The technician spoke as he entered the Coords himself.
The sound of something being detonated underneath the pod was heard, then pressure started building around and beneath the pod.
"Readying pressure launch..."
Fortune gave a quiet, but audible, growl. H
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Little Scales Part V!
Little Scales
Part V
The Moonlit Glade.
Scales was still unconscious, as the night settled over the glade. Operia had faded, but as she did, a small "band" of crystal had formed around the ankle of Scales' right fore-paw.
The Glade was bathed in a subtle moonlight, the sounds of the late-night forest filled the air, whilst Scales lay curled up in the dirt.
"Wake up little one..."
A silent whimper left Scales as he slowly rose, a chill was in the air, a light fog limited Scales currently short vision.
"Good boy, Scales. Now go deeper into the forest. You'll be much, much safer there..."
The forest floor was cold and damp, and as Scales got to his feet, he moved his paws slightly. He didn't like the cold.
"You`ll be safer there, in the deeper Glades."
Scales started taking little, clumsy steps, heading in the direction he thought was the "Deeper Glades".
"Turn around. It's the other direction."
He slowly turned, trying not to slip and fall. Scales
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By Ace...
Emotions are like an unending current which we all struggle against.
But sometimes, we dam them up, and hide them behind a fake smile.
A small defence, that never seems to fail.
But, On occasion.
Everything floods through, the rising torrent bashing against our control.
We lose to this, for it is inevitable.
No matter how long it may take.
Even if we throw up walls, and steel ourselves.
We all succumb to the OverFlow.
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Bright. by oo0ace0oo Bright. :iconoo0ace0oo:oo0ace0oo 11 13
Little Scales PT4 Of ???
Little Scales
Part Four.
Scales had passed out, whilst in the presence of Lyle, his old, forgotten, human friend. Lyle panicked, and tried to awake the unconscious hatchling.
"Little Dragon! Wake up! Wake up!! What happened?! It wasn't me, was it?!"
A small glow appeared around Scales, in the shape of another dragon's paws. Operia was showing herself; as a full adult in form.
"Scales... It's okay. This human won`t harm you..."
"What the...?! Who are you.... WHAT are you?! I can..."
"I am Operia. A dragon's spirit. And the one who turned this little one into a Hatchling with no recollection of his past, as did I take away his ability to talk until he ages enough."
"Operia? That's a stupid name...."
"Do you disrespect the very ancient in-front of you? You deserve a punishment, you insolent piece of pale-skinned refuse."
"What are you? A thousand?"
A low growl could be heard coming from Operia, as she stood and raised her front fore-paw. It suddenly became a solid entity as she s
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Little Scales Pt3 Of ??
Little Scales
Part Three.
Lyle had headed into the woods in search of Traes, unaware of the change he had taken. He found Traes without actually knowing that the crimson-violet Dragon was actually his close friend. Scales was asleep at this moment, and didn't know his old friend was standing a mere foot away.
Scales lay on the dirt and common debris scattered about, unaware of his old human friend reaching towards him.
He woke up as he suddenly felt his sensitive wings get touched by something--or someone--unknown; he shot up and immediately glared upwards at the human.
Scales made no attempt to remember whether he knew this human, or to communicate. Instead, he stepped back, letting shyness go over himself as a way of being cautious.
"Well, you woke up quickly, little lizard... Come on, I'm taking you to my friend Traes!..." Lyle spoke as quickly as he could think, while he attempted to grab Scales.
But Scales, instead, bit him so hard that blood began to drip as Lyle recoile
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Little Scale PT2 of ???
Little Scales.
Part Two.
Scales stepped forward and willingly took on this change. He felt his memories clear; he felt his pain lift as it was replaced by the sensation of his body changing.
Scales stood, as the spirit-egg Operia watched over his slow change, from his transformation from Human to Dragon Hatchling.
"Little One. You seem at ease, even accepting of your new form even though I am forcing it upon you."
"That's because I've been feeling so much pain as a human... But it`s lifted."
"I see, Little one. So that pain is gone... Your transformation won`t cause you pain, I hope..."
"Even if it does..."
"You understand."
Scales began to feel an itch, something felt like it was crawling up his arms and legs. A Feeling of weakness spread over him, which caused him to fall to his hands and knee's.
"It has begun."
Scales clenched his fists as he noticed his skin turn a pink-like hue and harden into small plates.
"S-Scales.... Actual..." He trie
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Little Scales PT1 of ???
Little Scales.
Two people were out in a forest.
Traes and Lyle.They were camping there on a trip, and the younger of the two, Traes, who referred to himself as "Scales", was in his tent, asleep.
This is where the story begins.
They were camping there on a road trip, and the son, Traes, who referred to himself as "Scales", was in his tent, asleep.
This is where the story begins.
Scales was asleep soundly in his tent, over the past few days he had been feeling pain throughout his entire body.
He didn't alert anybody, not even his friend, Lyle.
A sound like a beautiful, yet drawn out wind chime could be heard throughout the camp through the night. It made everyone but Scales drift into a deep sleep, where as it woke Scales up.
Scales didn't make a sound or say anything as he sat up and grabbed a torch, stood up and exited his tent. But when he looked in the direction of the sound, he saw a bright, entrancing light. He wanted to go towards it as if attracted to the light.
He strode through
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A Mew Journey - Part II
Authors' Notes YuseiDarkUmbreon Nothing to say here, read the chapter!
Why would I leave my new friend?
"Right... Sorry for doubting you, Mew. I just don`t want you to get caught..." Jason said, occasionally shifting his glance to the door.
So what if I am? They can't be mad at you for wanting to play with something so cute, can they?
"They will be... I`m not allowed a Pokemon..." Jason says, lowering his head.
Mew looked hurt. Whyyyyyyy? it whined.
"Apparently you're all dangerous and evil... I don`t believe that, though.."
We only attack if we feel threatened! Some species just feel threatened more easily than others... Except Mankey and Primeape... Those two, I swear, do it just for fun.
"Really? They sound evil..."
Just don't make eye contact with them and you should be fine.
"Really? That's all it takes?" Jason asked quizzically.
Mhm. That's it.
But I don't think there are any native to this region.
"Well... W
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Memories of friendship flow in my mind, like a long stream of peaceful dreams.
The stream uninterrupted, never ending like the works of the mind.
Move to present day, where they lay shattered.
Pieces of light, long gone but not forgotten.
Forever and truly; I will never forget.
:iconoo0ace0oo:oo0ace0oo 6 15
Mature content
Survive. :iconoo0ace0oo:oo0ace0oo 4 11


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Hello, everyone.
I didn’t come onto dA on my birthday. I’ve been around, though! Just silent, I guess, enjoying arts and stories that I like.

How has everyone been? Give me an update! I’d love to hear from you all.

  • Listening to: My fan buzzing!
  • Reading: Various stories on dA.
  • Watching: Doctor Who, Pokémon.
  • Playing: Pokémon, PUBG, Okami HD, RS6, Xbox.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Water!


Ace / Resic Adorna
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello to all that read this!
My name is Resic. I like to read and write, Draw, play game using my Xbox360 and my Laptop.
I`m working on various projects and I like to do photography, aswell.
And if your ever up for something like a game on the xbox live network, or maybe on Steam, just message me on Deviantart and I`ll give you my steam name.

My Chatroom On Deviantart:…
Picture by Radiancy!

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Current Residence: In my own world, Playing with Dragons..
Favourite style of art: Chibi, Cute, Anime, anything with dragons ^>^
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: Photos, Pictures, paintings, Dragons.
Skin of choice: Scales. Ice Blue.
Favourite cartoon character: Spyro. Lucario.
Personal Quote: Life is a Dream.

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