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The Turaco Rider

By OnyxSerpent
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Woo! So pretty much finished this I think!

Turacos are pretty cool, yo -- red crested one in this case.
Anyway. If anyone has any quick crits, lemme know.

WAIT WHAT. A DD?! Wow! XD Thanks! I totally hadn't been expecting that. I'm kind of glad nobody was around to hear the awkward squawksqueal noise I made, haha.

For those of you just dropping by for the first time, you should totally go check out my gallery too. :D
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Awesome work. Love the colors!
ShakarLay's avatar
verry nice drawing with photoshop?? probably and also did you use a tablet?
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We ride..... AT DAWN
FaustTheWoof's avatar
This reminds me of Redwall! :3
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Seriously Tight! I'm loving the style and loving the concept!
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This is so cute :D Really beautiful!!
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I have no idea of what this is based on, but it reminds me of RedWall.
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This looks great! I love the Turaco! I think the castle may need a bit more detail, but other than that, it's adorable!
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AWESOME! :happybouce: Yet it reminds me of the concept of a chocobo :P
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Dem Chocobos finally has a competitions!
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Great!!! We want moooooore!! ^^
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ha this reminds me of stuart little haha!!
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Reminds me of Redwall <3
CapitanaRecondita's avatar
wonderful. Very sweet :)
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Love it, do you have a story or more pictures like this? Love rats the most!
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Very nice! I love the look of the Turaco. It's feathers are very well done, and I love the colours you chose. I feel that the orange shades on the top of the Turaco really compliment the tunic and flag of the knight.

Oh, and congratulations on the DD! :)
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That's pretty cool. Nice job :)
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lol reminds me of redwall DX this ish awesome X3
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Wonderful work! Amazing!
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Does the Turaco make an awkward squawksqueal noise?
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