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Hand of Truth by onyxrose2424 Hand of Truth :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 4 0
Mature content
His Little Princess (FINALE) :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 2 0
His Little Princess (Chapter 25)
(Y/n)'s P.O.V:
       Week after week of traveling. That seemed to be all my life was right now-- maybe, that was all my life would be from this point on. I had no way of knowing if Jill or Jack had actually made it a priority to find me, or if this was just some cruel way to get me away from them. Either way, it didn't matter. I've been gone, and so have they. . . and though my feet ache, I've had much more rest than I've had in a long time. If I eventually have to fight-- I will accept that and go forth ready to give it my all.
       Months have passed, and I've finally run out of money-- I've had to resort to stealing in order to pay for the things I need. Perhaps, if I went back to before any of this started, I would think twice before climbing through someones window. But, I've learned to take what it is that I need to survive.
       They found me. Well-- Jill did anyways. I almost didn't rec
:icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
His Little Princess (Chapter 24) :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 1 0
If There's Just One of Us Left Pt4
~ 3 Years Later ~
       I was finally going to camp to become a training corp. I was extremely nervous, but I was anticipating it more than anything. I wanted to learn how to handle everything that I needed to so I could get on with my career.
       The ride over was quiet. Well, I was quiet-- everyone else was talking with one another. All of them, seemingly excited. Why would you be excited? This very moment, should be one of silence, and to think. You were signing up to learn how to do something that may or may not kill you. After all, we will be going against hulking giants that can kill us in one smack. I was ready. I've gone up against them, I know what it will be like; I am prepared to die-- if I do. By the looks of most people here-- they haven't a single idea of the horrors titan's bring. I can tell that a select few of people know of the pain-- if you looked, you could see it in their eyes. All the anger, and craving vengeance, with t
:icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 1 0
If There's Just One of Us Left Pt3
  All I had was my scarf, my mothers engagement ring, some pendant my father gave me, my mothers 3DM system and a hand knitted scarf my mother gave me for my 10th birthday along with the 25 gold that doctor had given me. Other than that, I had one outfit that was a pair of black pants, a white blouse and my favourite pair of boots.  Nothing more nothing less. I was alone-- and whether or not I'd like to admit it, I knew that I was broken. I didn't have anything left to live for. Yes, I was good at drawing, writing, and singing; but I had always been a family oriented girl. Now they were all gone, nothing was left for me but a broken home and a jar of ashes. Who would want anything like that? Someone who isn't determined to move forward. I know my mother wouldn't want me to dwell, nor my father. I need to move on for the sake of them. That's how my mother dealt with the loss of her father who was a part of the scout regiment. Now, I suppose it's my turn. I walk silently down t
:icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
If There's Just One of Us Left Pt2
 What did I expect to wake up to? My entire family was dead-- well, accept my dad . . . I think. When I finally woke up I met eyes with a very concerned looking man-- one whom  I did not know. He left everything with me that I had the moment I passed out. I moan in pain and place a shaky hand up to my face and curl into a ball whimpering.
"What happened?" I ask.
"You fainted. You're lucky, you know." a doctor states.
"Am I? Because I don't feel like it. My mom and little brother are dead."
"What about dad?"
"I don't know. He left to fight like everyone else did."
"So he was a hunter?"
"Yeah. Why are you asking?"  
"I just need to know, dear. You were in pretty rough shape when we found you. I was lucky to find you when I did, or your concussion would have given you permanent damage. But, what I need to ask of you is your name."
"Sophielle Shepard. I am from wall Maria, which as I'm sure you know by now fell. My mother died protecting me and my brother and my brother died
:icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
If There's Just One of Us Left :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Dead Letter and The Infinite Pt2
She would stare at the small butterfly in the jar as it flew about giving the small thing no clue or sign that she was there-- observing it. She didn't know the type, but it was black and white, that fluttered around that jar seeming to flaunt the rare colour adorning its intricate wings. It was enclosed in a mason jar, just as Xanthe had been in an orphanage. This little butterfly was the only one who could who could truly understand her; despite the power part. Xanthe had the power of resurgence-- she was able to bring dead things back to life. This butterfly, was one of them. And many a time over had she saved the insect, and all because it is and had been her only companion in this world. All of the other children in the orphanage were deathly afraid of young Xanthe. They had even gone so far as to call her a witch, and a monster. Even the adults seemed apprehensive around her. Why would they be? She was a simple child after all. Was she not?
       The place Xa
:icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.9 :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.8 :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.7 :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.6
       Once upon a time....
There was a happy little girl.
She would laugh and play in the back yard without a care in the world.
Her tree house was her castle.
Her plastic tiara was her crown.
And her home was her kingdom.
Her friends and family were her subjects.
She grew up happy,
her subjects were as loyal as could be.
They showered her with gifts,
and love.
But, one day...
The princess' adviser warned of a foul beast.
One that would arrive on the night of a grand ball.
The monster was a dragon that would swallow innocent people whole.
And burn anything in its path.
Just so it could get to the princess.
But, the princess was too kind hearted.
She was convinced that the dragon wouldn't cause trouble.
the night of the ball the dragon has shown.
And destroyed everything,
and killed everyone.
Just to get to the princess,
who was cold and crying for her subjects.
The dragon had won,
and now she bows her head as a loyal slave,
never to get the innocence she o
:icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.5 :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.4 :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0
Mature content
Don't Call me Baby Anymore Pt.3 :icononyxrose2424:onyxrose2424 0 0


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  For those of you out there; I am sure have been wondering as to where I have been and what I've been up to-- your main concerns of which I am sure are about why I have not posted anything on my DA for the longest time. Honestly, I don't know why, I just suppose I could lie and say that I've been busy? But in all honesty, I have not been so busy as to where I am not able to write or sketch-- I've just been neglecting my Deviantart profile for a non-existent reason. It's just not there. I've been dabbling on other sites like Tumblr, Quotev, and more recently AO3. So, I guess this is me apologizing for not giving this profile as much love as I have others. . .

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Cydney Eaton
United States
I'm just another teenage girl who likes to, write, draw, etc, and I look forward to seeing the work of others as well as my own be viewed, and critiqued.
Still here? You seriously want more? Foopin' pedo. bear... But, ok if you say so...
What do I like???? Oh god... you asked...:
*Video games

* anime







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