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The Big Question  by onyxLocket The Big Question :icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 3 0
When A Soldier And Dancer Meet
*12 o'clock at the dirty deck a strip club at the bad part of town*
*The neon lights of the sign blinks with each letter as a picture of a boating dock is on the sign with a sailor girl walking it like a runway model*
*A man with bleach white hair walks in, wearing a pilots coat with a bit of fur on the collar. He scanned the room of women dancing and grinding on men*
*It didn't phase him, he looks around with his multicolored eyes till his eyes lit up a bit at a large fat man with big lips and hairy forearms, the fat man had sunglasses on and a cigarette in hand between his fingers, he seems to have two young female women around his arms*
*The white-haired young man grit his teeth a little, as he started walking towards the large man feasting on a roasted chicken like a disgusting pig as he comped a feel of one of the ladies breast*
*The young lady looked in disgust but she looked away as if she didn't have a choice but endure it*
*One of them had a pale pink rose hair color, and beau
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Onyx  by onyxLocket Onyx :icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 14 2
The Dragon Lost On Earth CH.1
Chapter one: strong disbelief
In the islands of Hawaii lived a legend of a wingless dragon roaming the sky's at day and staying in a mountain at night, many hunters fought to get its bounty, but none came back
A young boy of a near by the islands that the dragons rest, he lives in a long line of great hunters, but not wanting to be one himself  around as he sat and sharpened his spear as his father called his name
"Keoni!" He shouted to the boy
"Yeah dad?!" *He looks down at the muscular and scared man looking up with a spear in his hand*
"We are going out on a hunt for that damn dragon..this time we will get it!" *He clenches his fist with his teeth grit*
*He looks down at him with a concerned look on his face* "dad... We been doing this for two summers... Don't you think it's time we had some family time to ourselves..?"
*He twitches his eye and takes a deep breath* "that monster is the reason we can't have family time, it
Has messed with our family for generations! I have given
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The Punishment
*a thousand years ago, as the war is still continuing*
*Onyx is a wild killing Gem born from the kindergarten he slashes left and right taking down gems and crushing them, thinking they are the real threat*
Onyx runs fast as he can, slashing at gems on the way, he goes for one more swing, giving a vicious grin, as soon as the gem turns around he stops
The mysterious Gem is a Jade, she wears a dark green Flower dress with a lighter green ribbon, her gem was ironically on her Right arm, the opposite side of Onyx, her hair is long and flowing is a darker green with a light amazon green skin color, her eyes aa beautiful shade of violet.
Onyx looks in Awe at this beautiful gem, having confused feelings inside. he wants to swing but his body just pauses staring at her...could this be love at first sight?
The Jade lifts her fingers up summoning roost from the ground to restrain him, she obviously didn't want to hear him but had no choice, hoping the pressure she is applying will make him poof
:icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 2 1
The Extermination part 2
As both Onyx and Blue wonder the hallways of the temple, they come to a dead end "I guess this is the end of our tour" onyx said, Turing his head to Blue
Blue gives a disappointed look "awww but we were having fun"
Onyx put his hand on her shoulder chuckling "if you call going through old junk fun"
Blue shrugged "as long as you were with me I consider it fun" giving onyx a cheerful smile and a giggle
As Onyx was about to say something they both hear something strange, and the ground begins to shake
Blue looking back at the hallway they came from "is...that?"
Onyx gets in front of her and summons his sword quickly "crystal shrimp!" He shouts
Millions of hatchlings running towards them sensing they're Gem energy and wanting it desperately
Onyx thrust his sword downwards and black shards begin to grow from the ground impaling the one's that run into them
Blue eagerly wanting to help, decided to summon her shards with all the focus she can muster, shooting at the shrimp rapidly
This helps
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The Extermination
One day on the island of gems, Onyx has been laying around doing nothing, but train and hang out with blue, but lately he had seem a bit distant, and strange
*Onyx Lays on the couch up side down, having his legs hang off the back, he sighed*
*Blue walked in after her daily Training lesson with obi, looking at Onyx, she just hit twenty-one not to long ago* "hey Nyx!" *She gives a cheery smile to the distressed looking gem*
Onyx had his arm over his face, he lifts it up with a lax but depressed look. "Hey.." He replied putting his arm back over his eye's
Blue knows by now what he is like when he is sad, walking over and sitting next to him. "What's wrong Nyx? Your acting sad again...witch we all know is rare"
Onyx groans, not wanting to speak obviously
Blue looks at him with a determined look on her face, not giving up on cheering him up. "Hey, Nyx wanna go some of the places you told me about? Like a old gem temple? Dad never lets me go!"
Onyx looks up at her at her with one eye opened
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A orc by onyxLocket A orc :icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 3 0
Lost Path
It's dark, and cold, no feeling of warmth, In Onyx prospective is is floating in a empty space, beaten and wore out, there is no sound to be heard for miles, all he can hear is yells and screams, he grits his teeth coming to thought on how much he lost. "Is it really over..?" He said within his subconscious, it only echoed in his mind like an empty cave
at this point he would think all was lost, he has become a broken shell of what he used to be, what he wanted to be, he opens his eyes faintly seeing his damaged clothes filled him with sorrow, like a cloud is over his sunshine that he once called happiness, a word he doesn't know is at this point he had lost all hope in his mind and body, he though it was useless,and that nothing will be the same again in a way, he may have been right, only fate can truly tell of this ordeal
His whole life was flashing before his eyes like a film in a movie theater as his eyes shed tears, but having the face of a dead man, he didn't deserve
:icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 1 1
side view of cinnabars helmet by onyxLocket side view of cinnabars helmet :icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 1 14 Trapiche Emerald  by onyxLocket Trapiche Emerald :icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 3 1
Quest 1: The Trophy of Respect
*Trap is roaming the hallways of H.Q, heading towards his leaders chambers with both hands in his pockets*
*The doors slowly slide open as he enters inside, only to see the back of his leader. He looks up at her, giving her a salute as a sign of respect*
*Grandidierite turns her head to look over her shoulder, at the gem standing before her* "hello.. my fellow hunter...I see you have gotten my summons?"
*The smaller gem nodded, unknowing to her if he is making eye contact or not due to the visors*
*Grandiderite glares her eyes turning to face him* "take off those visor... let me see the eyes I saw in the past.." *she said in a cold tone*
*Trap sighs, not wanting to take them off but did as told, as he opens his dusty yellow eyes* "...."
*She kneels down and lifts his chin up gently* "I remember that same gaze you gave me when, we first met.."
*He gives a light chuckle and closes his eyes* "normally I wouldn't have done this for free... if you weren't my first target to actually win..."
:icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 1 11
Scale Of Rayeel
Danger Class: A
Ablities: healing enhancement and strength enhancement, giving you the manipulation over ice
Curse: voices when angered or in danger encouraging you to fight, the feeling if being Cold for the rest of your life, no self control
Origin: long ago in the 18th century, a Knight of a noble cause loved to protect the people of his kingdom, he would die if it ment his homes protection, a dragon by the name of Rayeel was the most feared in the North, his amazing ice could not be smashed or melted by mortal fire or weapons. One day the brave and Noble Knight stood up to the mighty dragon  but sadly failed and retreated going back home a coward, he knew he couldn't do it alone till he heard of a rumor of three witches that granted wishes of any kind...with a catch, they said to the young warrior "we shall give you the fires of Heven but in return... You must give us your strong brave heart once the dragon is defeated, he was torn in this decision but he gladly took the offer
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Legend Of Elementopia
Long ago, there lived a land that shined above the heavens only to be thought as a myth for some below it, the land I speak of is called Elementiopa.
There in the paradise lived Eight holders of the Elements Fire,Water,Earth,Air,Lighting, Ice,Darkness and Light these eight powerful beings were thought as gods divine brings that protected the airborn land from any Danger that crossed their way, each held a part of the land they call their own protecting the creators and all living beings that lived together in harmony.
But through time, love blossoms through the protectors of Elementiopa Fire got with light, air got with earth darkness got with ice lighting fell for water everything became a lot more positive and joyful later in the years they decided to have children of their very own, Artemis The daughter of Light and Fire, terk the son of air and Earth, Drake the son of Darkness and Ice and Yuma the daughter of lighting and water, the children played each day with each and every bein
:icononyxlocket:onyxLocket 4 1


Watercolor Cyanistes caeruleus by SulaimanDoodle Watercolor Cyanistes caeruleus :iconsulaimandoodle:SulaimanDoodle 101 11 Cheers love! [Art Trade: LilyBlizz] by Eru-L Cheers love! [Art Trade: LilyBlizz] :iconeru-l:Eru-L 103 20 Ranger Eclipex ATC by ShadowEclipex Ranger Eclipex ATC :iconshadoweclipex:ShadowEclipex 19 8 Team Liberty Alternate Types by jadethestone Team Liberty Alternate Types :iconjadethestone:jadethestone 85 56 Liberty Q+A Comic part 3 by jadethestone Liberty Q+A Comic part 3 :iconjadethestone:jadethestone 48 33 Kiss Me Before Sunrise by kianamai Kiss Me Before Sunrise :iconkianamai:kianamai 1,188 26 Random Doom - In Game by TamarinFrog Random Doom - In Game :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,024 939 RD - The Map of the Ranch by TamarinFrog RD - The Map of the Ranch :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,686 376 RD Cast - Height and Age Check by TamarinFrog RD Cast - Height and Age Check :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,482 262 Together We Make a Family by TamarinFrog Together We Make a Family :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 5,595 2,249 When Dreams are Broken by TamarinFrog When Dreams are Broken :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 6,185 2,335 I Still Believe in Miracles by TamarinFrog I Still Believe in Miracles :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 4,969 1,298 Pikachu by TamberElla Pikachu :icontamberella:TamberElla 2,280 31 Running Under the Lightning by mark331 Running Under the Lightning :iconmark331:mark331 572 10 [BNHA OC] Hinata Inoue by Ringoleen [BNHA OC] Hinata Inoue :iconringoleen:Ringoleen 1,216 288 [BNHA OC] Clumsy by Ringoleen [BNHA OC] Clumsy :iconringoleen:Ringoleen 387 146


The Big Question
*Late at night, at the most famous steak house in town, Night Terror walked through the many bodies on the ground, some screaming in fear, others not as lucky*

Night terror had a line of blood across his cheek, and his glasses cracked, he made his way to a table and pulled up a chair “Ana, you comin?”

The pale pink haired girl skipped her way through the people, looking very excited for the dinner “oh Night you shouldn’t have~” she stroked his chin with the palm of her hand gently as she walked past him to get in the chair, Night had a light blush on his face, and pushed her closer to the table.

Night made his way towards his chair rubbing the edge of his chin, he sat down trying to keep his cool as he placed his feet on the table “Don’t thank me... if we hadn’t received a job to infiltrate this place, we probably wouldn’t be here...” he said bluntly

Anastasia looked at him with an unimpressed look on her face “you could at least pretend to be romantic you buzzkill..” she grabs an already cut piece of stake

Night flinched a little looking at her, he watched her frown slowly curl to a grin, and a giggle escape her lips “oh haha...” he rolled his eyes with his glasses still on. He grabbed a napkin on the dinner table and wiped up of beef juice on his face

Anastasia leaned back on her chair and moved the hair away from her face “so why are we still here? The mission is over right?” She said, as she looked over at him, she had no idea what was up with him.. especially since he is mostly a man of business, what was going through his mind, she thought

“I just thought maybe... it would be nice to have a little reward once in a while...” he said hesitantly, rubbing the back of his neck

Anastasia blinked gently dumbfounded “pffft...” she laughs “you?! Do you think we deserve a reward?? What is this? Elementary school?? Are we waiting for a good start?” She laughed more

“Look I just..” Night terror looked away a bit. As he was about to say something he was interrupted

“Ahhh oh that’s rich... please Terry, we never do anything like this on our regular missions, what makes this one any less different... you said it yourself, we aren’t meant for normal lives..” she slowly became less comedic and thought about it looking down, giving a sigh

“...that’s exactly why I wanted to do this for, we don’t exactly live like royalty back home or in the league but... I at the very least wanna make you feel like a queen for once in your life..” his blush grew across his face, he had felt bad for standing up the idea for going on a real dinner date and sees the stress that work is doing to her.

She looked at him with a faint blush, and a slight surprise “...” she slowly grew a smile, she didn’t have the most glamorous life.. but the way he spoke about her made her heart flutter “oh, Night...”

Night terror looked down gripping his hand into a fist “I ain’t the most romantic, but I really am trying here, and this was the closest thing to a dinner date I could get at such short notice”

Anastasia held his gripped hand gently and smiled at him “is that why you’ve been so nervous..?”

Night looked down, not answering her question. He had his hand in his pocket

Anastasia took off his glasses and kissed his lips gently, her sarcasm faded. She appreciated his attempt at making her feel special in his own way

Night kisses back gently and broke the kiss blushed harder with a completely red color

“So the fearsome night terror does have a soft spot~”

His eyes narrowed to the side, looking embarrassed “hush it..”

Anastasia smirks leaning her head onto her hand, looking directly at him. “I love you too Terry..” she closed her eyes smiling

Night looked down at his lap, and sighed giving a slight smile, he reached into his pocket till red and blue lights shadow through the window

Anastasia looked out the window seeing police cars “ah poo.. we were just having fun too..” she pouts and gets up

“W-Wait Ana! There’s-“ Anastasia presses her finger on his lips

“Shhhh.. we can always try it again” she smiles at him kissing his cheek and helps him up “besides... it’s not like you were going to propose, right?” She smiles and runs out the back door “now come on! Let’s go!”

Night watched as she swiftly existed, he pulled out a box from his pants pocket and opened up to show a ring.. he frowned gently as he looked at it “Yeah... right...” he gripped on the box tightly and began to walk towards the exits.

As soon as the villains left, the police burst in seeing all the people on the ground, and the remains of their mess

The End
Happy birthday to one of my best friends!! Avra I hope you had the best birthday from me and Ness(the amazing person who made this art!) happy birthday again from me and her. Goodnight!!
art by: _nessegram_
Night Terror belongs to Me
Anastasia belongs to Reluctant-Sleeper

Sorry for not doing this much sooner but I'd like to say hello to all the watchers and the people browsing this page a nice greeting, I hope to make lots of new friends and maybe learn a few things of art to while I'm at it, as you can see I'm not the best ^^"\ I'm mostly a writer by heart, at least a average one, I just wanna make my journal on a positive note, I'm a huge nerd on anime and cartoons such as Steven universe, and live action stuff like Doctor who and much more

I hope this page has a bright future in the likes of no drama and such, if you made it this far great! Um... I dunno what to say now.. hmm well I guess I'll stop talkin, thanks for stoping by and I hope you enjoy my content ^~^


United States


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