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Xemnas Shimeji

By Onyx-Art
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For the ones who don't know what a Simeji is, a Shimeji is a Desktop Buddie for your computer. They roam around doing cute stuff for your own amusement! x]

This one was a commission from the lovely :iconssj4synfulvegeta: Your very welcome and I hope you like it! ...
Any glitch you find please assure me, I'll be sure to fix it when I can :la:

Masked Vanitas shimeji [link]
Terra shimeji [link]


1. Download File
2. Extract File
3. Open File and Click Shimeji(The one that says APPLICATION)
4.Be sure your Java is up to date


Now if somehow it doesnt open...Check the folder that says Conf.
Inside that folder are 4 files. Theres 2 files that are written differently. Be sure that the file that has 43kb is named 動作
the check that the 10kb file is named 行動

Then return back to Shimeji Application and click Run. It should Work.

Please Let me know if you loved it or not!! x]

Xemnas (c) Kingdom Hearts
© 2012 - 2021 Onyx-Art
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yes.. now i can have my own mini mansex on my laptop.
Toothless-Song-4ever's avatar
I have it now and this has inspired me to make a Deerling Shimeji
ItaRoxasHikarino's avatar
I really like him, he tries to pull pranks all the time X)
xXTwilight-WarriorXx's avatar
Xemnas is being sad on my screen. I cannot handle this! xD
HgCrazyAlchemyKid's avatar
Is there a link to the Xemnas one?
Onyx-Art's avatar
click on the Download button
SkyCubone8's avatar
I have the RAR file, but I can't find an "Extract" option. How do I extract it?
CombotheBeehen's avatar
Sinaugustine's avatar
I can't open Rar files, unfortunately.
Lasania's avatar
thats so cute! :D
but how can I turn them off? xD
Onyx-Art's avatar
just right click them and click the last option
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Rltuals's avatar
I wish it was ZIP ;-;
MintCream1234's avatar
These are amazing!!! :DDD I have 3 on my screen right now! XDD
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xemnas-reshiram-fan's avatar
You have saved my life. I looked FOREVER for Xemmy-kun and didn't find him until now.
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:D Glad it made u happy!
Eevee-in-a-box's avatar
Hey, could I edit this a little bit to make a Yami Mariku Shimeji?
XionStrike's avatar
I love it!!!
Onyx-Art's avatar
eyedocjr's avatar
How did you make this?
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The preview looks super cute but I need some help installing him cause I've never used a Shimeji before ^^" I downloaded it and clicked the one that's Shimeji.exe but my computer doesn't think it's a safe file and when I tell it to open anyway it comes up with some error in japanese. I checked the files in the conf. folder and they look correct so I don't know what I'm doing wrong ^^" Do you have any ideas cause he's super cute looking an I would love to try him out!!!!
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