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Masked Vanitas Shimeji



For the ones who don't know what a Simeji is, a Shimeji is a Desktop Buddie for your computer. They roam around doing cute stuff for your own amusement! x]


I couldnt find a Original Vanitas shimeji around, so I made my own! :heart: This might be the last shimeji I do...Maybe I'll do another one... If anyone wants a Comission you can send me a Note and I'll reply as fast as I can ^^ .. But I'll do them for DA Points so I can get my Premium Membership ; w ;

Shimeji Terra [link]



1. Download File
2. Extract File
3. Open File and Click Shimeji(The one that says APPLICATION)
4.Be sure your Java is up to date


Now if somehow it doesnt open...Check the folder that says Conf.
Inside that folder are 4 files. Theres 2 files that are written differently. Be sure that the file that has 43kb is named 動作
the check that the 10kb file is named 行動

Then return back to Shimeji Application and click Run. It should Work.

Please Let me know if you loved it or not!! x]

Vanitas (c) Kingdom Hearts
© 2012 - 2023 Onyx-Art
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the actions (left click on the shimeji)are in chinese... how to italian??