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Okay, explain this one to me.
I was given some Maxim's by my uncle  because he said he was done with them.  So i said cool, they had some funny stuff in there but there was also the sexual stoof.  Figures for a guy magazine right?  I dont really need pictures to look at or sex tips because i have an attractive girlfriend and we're not going to travel down that road for some time.  Anyway, she sees them and kinda does a flip i guess.  She tore out the pictures (i watched) and i thought the whole ordeal was over with.  Wrong-o!  She sees another one just this weekend and reads through it amazed by the detail in some of the articles.  I thought it was good that we looked at the magazine together so that if any probems did arise we could talk through them...errr now she's confiding about how she feels with some guy that flirts with her often (a friend of mine no less).  I know the girls in the mag are "perfect" and will make any female feel inferior but i didnt go out and buy the magazines and they collect dust in my bookshelf...i dont ogle the pics, just read them once and set them aside....argh.  So yeah, i r angree.
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Submitted on
February 4, 2002