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April 2, 2016
My Life with Asperger's by OnTheMountainTop

This lively, engaging cartoon depicting life with Asberger's is moving without being sentimental, and entertaining without being insensitive--a great achievement, and very educational too!
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My Life with ASD


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I made a webcomic strippy thingy! About autistic spectrum disorder! And here it is!

I started this as my final project for 2D design last quarter and I just finished it yesterday while I had free time to work during my printshop internship. This comic is the culmination of dozens of hours of work, lots of frustration, a couple of tears, and an earnest desire to explain myself to other people.

Update: I have now made a poster version. If you'd like to purchase one you can go to my RedBubble store: www.redbubble.com/people/ondam…

Update June 2022: I think about this comic a lot ever since learning unfortunate and horrifying facts related to the origin of the name "Asperger's Syndrome" so I'm putting out a disclaimer on it. Hans Asperger is credibly believed to have been a Nazi collaborator who referred autistic children to facilities where they were slaughtered in the name of master race eugenics. This became widely known in 2018, and I learned about it much more recently than that. I made this comic back in 2016 before this info became widely known, I no longer use the term "Aspie" or "Aspergers" now because I refuse to let my neurodivergence be defined by a man who took part in a genocide against people like me. I want to redo the comic with updated terms and tweak the art, but my health has been, well... pretty awful. I'd take it down, but the DD I was given is still meaningful to me, as is all the work I put in, so I'll update it when I can. Took the merch down in the meanwhile, too. Right now, all I can manage is to change the title and add this disclaimer.
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