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Siara Hughes
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United States
"If you don't try, you fail by default"

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My name is Siara, but online most people call me Dizzy. I was born 1994, I’m female, and I live in Washington State. I like cats.

I was studying at Cornish College of the Arts, now I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, right now I'm biding my time to get back on my feet after an over a year long hassle against UC, chronic anemia, and autoimmune arthritis.

I self diagnosed with Aspergers (which if you want to get technical is a subset of Autistic Spectrum Disorder). The way my mind is affects the way I see the world around me, and has a big affect on my creative thought process.

I love to tell stories, so most of my art is story driven. The best stories, I think, are the ones that capture your heart and speak to your emotions. Story-telling is a powerful medium of communication, and I’m of the persuasion that it’s the story-tellers who shape and change the world.

And speaking of story-tellers, I love Jesus, the master story-teller. My faith in Jesus makes me who I am, and I hope that can come out in what I create. Most of my stories are based on themes like trust, hope, forgiveness, and redemption, things I’ve experienced personally and know intimately.

I wish I was perfect, but I'm a long way from it. Every day I try to take a step in the right direction, a leap of faith and hope that I can improve as an artist and as a person.

I also like cats, did I mention I like cats?

In memory of Casey, who deserved everything good and all the love I could give.

*        *        *        *

My dog Casey was a very good girl. She was my second dog. I got her when I was nine years old.

I remember where I was when my parents discussed getting a puppy. We were in the car, our '96 Burgundy Camry LE. I was in the backseat, right hand side. I remember staring at the grey upholstery while stopped at a familiar intersection and perking up at the discussion of a litter of American Eskimo dog puppies.

Not long after that, I remember a parking lot in a city far away, the name of which is long since lost to me. I remember a tiny little puppy crawling with fleas. I remember the drive back to our city, the stop at the vet to get her anti-flea medication, and the tiny little puppy hurling up kibble in the car.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 5.47.09 PM by DizzyMountaineer

As she grew, we trained her to do the basics. Sit, down, come. She was never any good at stay. As I got older, we tried out 4-H. We weren't very good at it, but I have fond memories of it anyway. Maybe we weren't good at 4-H, but I trained her to jump through a hoop. I taught her to shake, to high five, to jump up and put both paws on my outstretched hand. She'd do anything for a treat.

She used to love the snow. She'd race through the snow at high speed and come in with little balls of ice clodded to her belly fur. I had to dress her in tank tops to make that stop. She loved to run, too. We used to play "pass the Casey". We'd stand on either end of the park, one of us holding Casey, the other shouting like an idiot and she'd go flying over the grass.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 5.47.14 PM by DizzyMountaineer

I begged my parents to let me have dogs in my room. They relented and Casey started sleeping upstairs with me. She'd sleep on the floor. She felt to naughty being up on the bed. I think that time one night when I caught her on the kitchen table licking soup or cereal—I can't recall, it was so long ago—from a bowl, making the spoon go "clink, clink" I yelled so loud she never wanted to climb anything ever again.

She was a cheeky girl nevertheless. I don't think she was full eskie. Eskies aren't supposed to howl, but Casey would "rooooooo" whenever she wanted attention, or treats, or to be let in from outside. I loved her all the same, more for it actually. Her sassy little "roos" were the best sound ever.

As she got older, she started slowing down. I stopped having her jump through the hoop. It was too much effort on her. I didn't make her sit to come inside. It hurt her poor little hips. She still loved going on walks, though. We'd take our time and enjoy ourselves. It was a healthy pace. After I started slowing down from my arthritis the walks we took were slow and casual. Everyone adored her and we were stopped like we always had been by people begging to put her.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 12.28.52 AM by DizzyMountaineer

This year, she turned fifteen years old. Her pancreas started acting up. She couldn't stomach her food any more. The vet prescribed her a special diet. She hated the food and started losing weight. Slowly, her stiff hips became stiffer. As the summer came to a close she went from bounding out the front door to go potty to doddering slowly at the sight of the leash. We built her a ramp because she stopped being able to do the front steps. She soiled the kitchen floor because she didn't have the energy to go out. She tripped over her own feet and fell into the ravine. The she devoloped a bad cough.

Mid-September she laid down and she never got back up again.

For the past three weeks, we have prayed and fretted and agonized over her. We fed her cheese and boiled chicken after she refused all other food. We changed her potty pads and doggy diapers when she soiled herself. We bathed her so that she stayed clean. The vet took x-rays and found a tumor in her chest. It was probably cancer, she said.

20181003 212353 by DizzyMountaineer

Today, Casey died. Last night she was in a terrible state. She refused food and I bundled her up on the bed beside me and we just stayed there together until I had to lay her on the floor so I could sleep. This morning she ate as much cheese as I would give her but between the bites she'd cringe in pain. I knew it was time and we went to the vet.

At 4pm, October 4, 2018, Casey died. I held her head in my hands the whole time. When the vet said she was gone, I screamed. My good girl was gone.

It hurts. I don't know if I made the right choice. All I know is that she was a good girl. She was my friend, and I love her.


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