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Non Cadenza

Got invited by the Sweet Content guys to create a proposal for Non Cadenza album cover, among with other artists and designers, more info at Sweet Content: [link]

My poster: [link]
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Fantastic use of geometry. The subtle colours also work very well.
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Gosto! Surpreendeu-me, começava a achar que estavas a seguir um padrão de trabalhos demasiado previsível... Muito amor para este.
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really cool, nice shapes mate!
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oooohhh, i really like this. awesome
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kandinskji style? I love it! It should be more colorfull, but I actually like it. =D
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Kandinskij style indeed, thanks! :)
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I love it. It reminds me of the "modern art" of the 80'ies that i saw back then in some magazines here in Hungary.

Great job.
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À primeira vista, fez me lembrar os transformers. Bom trabalho.
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I like this style :)
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Color choices are perfect..
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Bom trabalho, como já é habitual =D
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really dig this one man
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