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Computer Arts - Stereo

Computer Arts asked me to create an A3 poster to be shipped with this month's issue of the magazine (June, 175), also wrote an article about Photoshop CS5 and a small tutorial explaining the Repoussé tool so there's lots of "me" on the magazine, go grab some pieces! ;P

No more images using this style so soon I guess, unless I get asked to, got bored of it and will give it some rest. I think.
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Love the lighting and retro futuristic style!
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This awesome artwork was featured in our blog :D
60 Inspiring Typography Designs: [link]
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We changed the link [link]
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Hi, I loved your work!
You've been featured in this blog [link]

Hope you like it!!
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Just compusterArts in my mailbox. I opend it up and there it was, this beauty, in my hands! Love it!
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Excelente !!
Man pergunto-te aqueles triangulos no background.. os pequenos qual o processo que usaste ai?! Copy Paste e colocar um a um?!

E já agora as formas dentro das letras são random stuff?!

Está mt bom... parabens
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Obrigado ;)
Os triângulos são feitos com as 3D tools do photoshop cs5, foi um processo muito random, sinceramente já não sei ao certo como os fiz.
As formas dentro das letras são o resultado do tal tutorial que fiz para a revista, são uma imagem, daqui a uns dias faço upload do tutorial :)
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Awesome. Definitely gonna get my copy! :heart:
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EPIC!!.very well done.
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I got it in my room! love the piece! finally something by you i physical form of some sort XD
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Já não era sem tempo de mudares para outro apontamento gráfico, não é! :P

Amo todos os teus trabalhos, mas acho que não preciso de o dizer, pois tu já deves saber muito bem a minha opinião :D

Quando a CA chegar, vou-te roubar o poster e por no meu quarto, se me deixares ;)

Amo-te muito muito muito <3***

Lá se vão as tuas fãs embora, isto é, caso elas entendam português :P
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Kewl, There's also a big tutorial by me :D haha.
Still waiting on my issue, going to check out your tutorial for sure!:peace:
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Nice, will read it in our school library as soon as it gets out.
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I really like it, yeah, nice bro.
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This is kickass... as usual ... man, you rule :D
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its great, its hanging in my bedroom.
unfortunately my CA didnt really survive the airmail very good, so your poster isnt in a very good condition :(
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"Gratz man. You should make some new style next.
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yes!btw shining piece.
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