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Forest monster

I wanted to do to the face like the wolf more. It is difficult...

I took the talent scout of the exhibition of the picture.


There is it in Artwork.
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Very dramatic and feral! I like this except for the long hair.
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Mate, you have inspired me
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Wow..Your art is just.....spectacular.
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You really did an amazing job. :)
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nicely done bro I also like the way you did the detail on his fur :D
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I LOVE it. Immediately :+fav:ed. The way you drew the fur and that it looks so 3D because of it, and the varied coloring style makes it unique and fressshh. :XD: I love muscles anyway, hoho. You represent them in their full power, it looks very energetic and strong. Okay okay i shut up. >_>
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The claws are great, the perspective is great, the hatching is awesome, the colors are subtle, the movement is totally there. Luv.
Pernilles's avatar
i really like the color chooses and style:)
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Just gorgeous, i love the concept and perspective
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The wolf's head is great.

Since I was a wildlife biologist, I've been around canid skulls - the teeth are correct (you even got the closing gap between the canine and upper incisors, many folks fill the gap because it looks 'awesomer';), the width of the brow is good! What else do you want?

Great immediacy to the eyes, nice pose.
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Aw wow, really love this pic. Love the red tinge to the background, plus the creature's claws and mane. Very well done. :horns:!
Tearup's avatar
I really like the pose and the whole mood of the pic. Beautiful! And if that face isn't wolf like then I dunno what is. :D
DragoniaKMP's avatar
Awesome wolf-creature! I like the fur texture very much!
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Woow.... You are truly skilled! Amazing drawing here. I love the paw at the front. If I am allowed to say so, I dislike the horns. They don't blend too well with the rest of the picture.

Overall, good job!
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Wow :O i like the way you coloured it, and you did a Great job on the face o.O
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