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You may have heard about this recently as the truth trickles out. The World Health Organization has been reporting for many years that most of the Polio epidemics were started by the Polio vaccines. The strains of Polio crippling people in 3rd world nations are nearly all vaccine-derived. They've known this for years - the official response is to keep doing it, claiming their ineffective vaccine "protects" people.

The Big Lie that has been used for decades is that vaccines work. I dare you to find a peer reviewed scientific studies with proper randomised double-blind tests and control groups of totally unvaccinated versus vaccinated that shows vaccines protect anyone. Not some pretend "unvaccinated" or dodgy fake study with "self-reporting" and no confirmation. Not some study where they claim to use "unvaccinated" but when it's checked into you find that they didn't use any actual unvaccinated people at all. I've looked. I've searched. I've debated and asked. NOBODY CAN FIND SUCH A STUDY.

There was never a placebo test study done to show it really worked. From what I've learnt, DDT caused most of the problem resulting in similar symptoms to Polio, and when DDT was banned that's what really reduced the statistical rate of Polio for awhile. Then when the Polio vaccines were used, the rate of Polio went up again. In 2000, the USA stopped using the Sabin Polio vaccine, which had live Polio virus - then the Polio disappeared in the USA. But the supplies of the Sabin Polio vaccine have been dumped on the 3rd world nations, resulting in Polio epidemics again. The situation gets made more crooked when incidents like what happened recently in Malaysia; 1 person who was given the Polio vaccine developed Polio symptoms, then the doctors scream "We have an epidemic! We must give EVERYONE the Polio vaccine!" even though it was 1) only 1 person, 2) the person got the Polio from the vaccine.

The whole vaccine industry is a fraud.

Don't believe me about the Polio vaccines?

Polio used to be rare until they introduced vaccines for it, the vaccines now spread Polio to places that rarely had Polio before…

Polio vaccine is causing it to become more virulent.…

The CDC admitted that vaccines were spreading polio and making it more virulent. Their response was lets declare victory and move on.……

More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus


The Polio vaccines don't work. They never really did.…………………………………………………………

and I got suspended for 2 weeks for mentioning the truth about vaccines because reality pissed-off some pro-vaccine trolls who didn't want people to even see the peer reviewed scientific studies that I cited.

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There are numerous doctors and medical professionals who are coming to the conclusion that the entire vaccine industry is fraudulent. The number is growing. Just like what happened when the truth about asbestos started to come out in the 1980s. In 1980s, the Western governments continued to pretend that asbestos was perfectly safe. It was in all the schools. It was in the office buildings. Thousands of victims were dying from it, but the government and mainstream media continued to lie about the danger, insulting the victims and their families.

A friend of one of my uncles was born with tiny deformed arms and hands because of Thalidomide. The doctors claimed it was safe too. They were prescribing it to pregnant women though there was no real scientific evidence of safety.

Right now, Flu vaccinations are being given to pregnant women too. Sometimes without them knowing ("Oh it's just a vitamin shot!" the nurse may say).

There is no actual scientific evidence of vaccines even working. Not one peer reviewed scientific study with randomised double-blind testing like should be done, with control groups of unvaccinated versus vaccinated, that shows that vaccines protect anyone. I'm not joking. I'm not pulling your leg on this. It's a fact.

The argument for vaccines that's most often made is that they reduced the deaths from Measles and Smallpox and Polio, but it's a false argument by correlation. Then when someone says "Look at how autism, allergies, brain damage cases, auto-immune diseases like diabetes have all increased most in those countries that increased the number of vaccination shots per child" - the pro-vax folks will dismiss THAT because it's an argument by correlation. They want to win both ways so much that they can't stick to the same rule; one rule for them when they claim vaccines are "good", another rule when someone points out the "harm".

The trillion-dollar vaccine industry has become too powerful. It's corrupted governments and media and the education systems. Doctors are taught in medical school that vaccines work, but they aren't shown the actual peer reviewed studies results and aren't encouraged to question.

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Guaranteed they always play it down....

...Unless they can make money from it.
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thespook can't cope with facts and evidence
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Wow, and yet they keep pushing vaccines and give you dirty looks if you don't get them!
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Likely a propaganda bot or something.
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I suspect the account of someone who - after blocking with their main account - chose to continue harassment anyway. They probably have lots of these alternative accounts.
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That would be because they actually work, and you're a child endangering idiot for refusing them. We've literally eliminated smallpox with vaccines, and the only reason we haven't eliminated polio is the lies you morons spread.

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WRONG - according to the peer reviewed scientific science, vaccines actually DO NOT WORK! 
No Peer-reviewed studies really show vaccines work by OnlyTheGhosts

You are the child-endangering idiot by ignoring the science, and pretending that a provably DANGEROUS PRODUCT is somehow "safe"

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Vaccinate Your Fucking Kids - WE DID! by OnlyTheGhosts


Smallpox was NOT eliminated by vaccines. The Smallpox vaccine FAILED, you ignorant fuckwit.

According to the narrative, the exact virus is required as the immune system can’t learn to defend against something it’s never been exposed to. The wrong virus can not, and never could, provide a ‘sample’ for the immune system to be prepared for combating a different virus.

A genetic study discovered in 2012 that the so-called “Smallpox vaccine” contained horse pox – the wrong virus;…

I quote: “A genomic analysis of a sample of the smallpox vaccine from 1902 provides evidence that the vaccine used to eradicate smallpox disease—which is caused by the variola virus—was made of  horsepox, a genetically similar but different virus entirely.”

The vaccine was responsible for nearly all of the epidemics (just like what’s happening now with the Polio vaccine-derived epidemics in 3rd world nations.

Every time there was a mass vaccination with the so-called  “smallpox vaccine”, it was followed by a mass epidemic and lots of people dying.

England decided to legislate compulsory vaccination in 1854, which in 1859 led to a major smallpox epidemic in which 14,000 people died. In subsequent years, more than 100,000 lives were claimed by smallpox, despite widespread vaccination as mandated by the English government.

1831: There was a smallpox outbreak in Wurtemberg, Germany, wherein 995 vaccinated people developed the disease.

1831: 2,000 people in Marseilles, France, who had received the smallpox vaccination, developed smallpox.

1854: England legislates for compulsory vaccination; widely opposed by eminent doctors of the day. The doctors already knew!

1857-59: Vaccination in England is now enforced, with fines for non-compliance, much to the disgust of rational medical men around the country who vigorously oppose it. Thus begins the smallpox epidemic of England, which lasts until 1859, killing over 14,000 people.

1854-63: Smallpox claimed over 33,000 lives by this point, following the introduction of a compulsory vaccination program.

1863-65: England’s second major epidemic strikes, claiming a further 20,059 lives.

1870-72: England’s third major epidemic claims 44,840 lives, the worst of the three, which occurred following compulsory vaccination.

1907: Compulsory vaccination laws were repealed. Their failure was too obvious to disguise or “spin” with the PR methods available at the time.

1910-33: During this period, in England and Wales combined, only 109 kids under the age of 5 years died of smallpox; 270 died from the vaccination. It is estimated there were around 40 million people in the UK in 1910.……

“We were fortunate enough to address their own medical (and) health officials where we reminded them of the incidence of smallpox in formerly “immunized” Filipinos. We invited them to consult their own medical records and asked them to correct us if our own facts and figures disagreed. No such correction has been forthcoming, and we can only conclude that between 1918-1919 there were 112,549 cases of smallpox notified, with 60,855 deaths. Systematic (mass) vaccination started in 1905, and since its introduction case mortality increased alarmingly. Their own records comment that “The mortality is hardly explainable.”—Dr Kalokerinos (Second Thoughts on Disease by Archie Kalokerinos M.D. & Dr Dettman)
“During 10 outbreaks of smallpox between 1947 and 1974 nearly 100 people became ill with smallpox—even though they had been vaccinated.”Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite “Protective” Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p134)

United Kingdom

“In the Second Report of the Commission, pp. 219—20, a witness declared that out of six persons who died of small-pox and were reported by the medical officer of the Union to have been unvaccinated, five were found to have been vaccinated, one being a child who bad been vaccinated by the very person who made the report, and another a man who had been twice revaccinated in the militia”—–ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898]

In the epidemic of 1871-72, there died 14,808 persons of Smallpox in London, of whom 11,174 were Vaccinated. [1884] SIR LYON PLAYFAIR taken to Pieces and Disposed of: LIKEWISE SIR CHARLES W. DILKE, BART by William White

The figures of the Registrar-General, showing that in the twenty-seven years ending with 1911, 2,505 admittedly vaccinated persons died of small­pox, prove that vaccination does not protect. [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

“That vaccination is capable of extirpating the disease or of controlling epidemic waves is,” says Crookshank, ” absolutely negatived by the epidemic in 1825, and the epidemics which followed in quick succession in 1838, in 1840, 1841, 1844-5, 1848, 1851-2. Vaccination was made compulsory in 1853, but epidemics followed in 1854, 1855, and 1856, culminating in the terrible epidemic in 1871-72 with more than 42,000 deaths. Epidemics followed in 1877 and 1881.” (Inaugural Address to Medical Society of King’s College, October 26th, 1894.) [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

“Dr. Munk stated before the Hospital Commission, that the percentage of vaccinated patients in the London small-pox hospital had increased from 40 per cent. in 1838 to 94.6 per cent. in 1879 (3rd Report of Royal Comm., Q. 9090). This evidence was given in 1882; but Mr, Wheeler stated that according to the Reports of the Highgate hospital, the vaccinated patients had long been over 90 per cent of the whole, and are now often even 94 or 95per cent.”—–ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE [Book 1898]

” When England was most vaccinated, it not only had the greatest amount of smallpox, but most of its smallpox cases in those days occurred amongst the vaccinated.
The statistics of the Highgate Smallpox Hospital show that in 1871, 91.5 per cent. of their cases had been vaccinated, and in 1881, out of a total of 491 cases, 470, or nearly 96 per cent., had been vaccinated. The Lancet for 23 February 1884, gives the facts about an outbreak in Sunderland, where there were just 100 cases, and 96 of them had been vaccinated. On 27 August 1881, that journal published an account of an outbreak at Bromley, where 43 cases occurred, every one of them vaccinated.
Mr. Alexander Wheeler submitted figures to the Royal Commission on Vaccination (p. 204 of the Commission’s Third Report) which show that from 1870-86 the Metropolitan Asylums Board treated 53,579 smallpox cases, of which 41,061 were admittedly vaccinated, and 2,858 were put in the class they called doubtfully vaccinated.
Sheffield, an insanitary town, had a bad smallpox epidemic in 1887-88. Of 7,066 cases classed as vaccinated or unvaccinated, 5,891 or 83.4 per cent were put in the vaccinated class. Of 647 cases at Warrington, in 1892-93, 601, or 89.2 per cent, had been vaccinated; of 2,945 cases at Birmingham in 1892-93, 2,616, or 88.8 per cent, had been vaccinated; and of 828 cases at Willenhall in 1894, 739, or 89.3 per cent, had been vaccinated.
The last big outbreak of genuine smallpox was in London in 1901-2, when, out of almost 10,000 cases, some 7,000 had been vaccinated.”—- Lilly Loat

Even the case fatality-rate of the vaccinated patients in the London epidemic, as given in the special report, was 14.21 per cent. Compare this with the case fatality-rate of the unvaccinated patients at Leicester, in 1902-04 (given by Dr. Millard at page 21 of his report for 1904), of only 4.87 per cent, for the whole epidemic ; also with the unvaccinated case fatality-rate for the 1904 portion of the epidemic, of only 1.6 per cent. London has not much to boast of, when its vaccinated case fatality-rate was, therefore, nearly three times as great as (or about 300 per cent, above) Leicester’s unvaccinated case fatality-rate for the whole epidemic, and about nine times higher than (or nearly 900 per cent, above) Leicester’s unvaccinated case fatality-rate for 1904. CH 52 LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

That Leicester (which was formerly classed by the Registrar-General amongst the most unhealthy towns of the country) had an average annual death-rate in 1868-72 of 26.82 per 1,000 total population, when the percentage of vaccinations was 91.7 to the total births; and that subsequently, when vaccinations had fallen to 2.1 per cent, to the total births, the average annual death-rate from all causes for 1893-97 had fallen to only 17.31 per 1,000 living, and has since gone down to 12.30.
The lesson of this table (49) is that when we pinned our faith to the prophylactic and saving virtues of vaccination—from 1868 to 1872—no fewer than an annual average of 239 out of every 1,000 infants born died within twelve months of their birth. Now, having seen the error of our ways, and discarded the nostrum, instead of 239 deaths, there is only an annual average of 128 deaths per 1,000 births, or a decrease of 111 per thousand, being a saving of 46 per cent. These figures represent an annual saving of over 600 infant lives each year in Leicester.
..The saving of children’s lives under five years of age is on the same lines of progress. Whereas in the high vaccination period of 1866-72 there were 107 deaths per thousand living at that age, now there are only 34 per thousand, being a decrease of 73 per thousand, or a saving of 68 per cent. This represents a saving of over 2,200 lives each year of children living under five. LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

It must be borne in mind that the epidemic of 1871-73 found a fully vaccinated population in Leicester, both infantile and adult, whilst those of 1892-94 and 1902-04 occurred in populations essentially unvaccinated. A yet more striking feature is that in 1892-94 there were, approximately, 50,000 unvaccinated children in the town ; and in 1902-04 there would not be fewer than 70,000 unvaccinated children in Leicester, nearly all of whom passed through these epidemics entirely unscathed. Only very few children, indeed, were attacked.
Who, then, can blame Leicester people for giving up the nostrum of vaccination? With such an object-lesson before their very eyes, it would indeed have been strange had they done otherwise! Yet the medical journals have continued to denounce Leicester for taking up an attitude against vaccination, which not only entirely accords with reason and common sense, but is justified to the full by its own unimpeachable experience. LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

Now, comparing the small-pox epidemic of 1868-72 in Leicester, when the “protection” was 18 per cent, on the professional five years basis, with the epidemics of 1892-94 and 1902-04, when the “protection” was less than one per cent., what do we find? That, reckoning the difference in population, in the first of those epidemics, with eighteen times the amount of vaccinal “protection,” Leicester had nearly thirty times as much fatal small-pox as in the second and third epidemics. So much for the highly vaunted “protection” theory, worked out on a scientific period basis! LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

“Now, in the epidemic of 1871, 91.5 per cent. of the cases admitted to the Highgate Hospital were vaccinated, and at the same place in 1881, of 491 cases only twenty-one were not vaccinated, and this at a time when certainly not more than 90 per cent. of Londoners were “protected;” and, indeed, in an outbreak at Bromley, comprising forty-three cases, every one of the victims had been vaccinated and three re-vaccinated, (Lancet, April 27,1881.) so that it would seem, as regards the relative incidence of small-pox, vaccination has very little effect. If I wished to improve the occasion, after Sir Lyon Playfair’s example, I might quote Dr. Browning, who gives particulars of 469 cases of post-vaccinal small-pox, of whom ninety-nine died, or 21.108 per cent. of whom he says, “many of these sufferers showed good vaccine marks of the kind that would be deemed worthy of an extra grant from the Government Inspector, and yet they took small-pox.”William J. Collins, M.D., B.S., B.Sc. 1883

Regarding the World Health Organization’s claims of victory over smallpox;

Regarding the World Health Organization’s claims of victory over smallpox;

Smallpox was on the way out, indeed epidemics disappeared decades before the WHO decided to conduct the final “eradication” campaign. It is also well-documented that the largest epidemics occurred in the most highly vaccinated populations, while whose who were unvaccinated, did not have the same epidemics.” – Dr. Viera Scheibner (micropaleontologist)

The forced quarantines finally eradicated the Smallpox virus from all human populations, the so-called “Smallpox vaccine” did fuck-all except start new epidemics.

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They'll lie all the time, just as the mainstream media lied about asbestos being safe for decades even after thousands of people were dying from it.……

Same with cigarettes, radium on watches, Thalidomide, the more recent lies about "statins" heart drugs that actually result in MORE HEART ATTACKS.

Doctors lie on death certificates to hide the true scale of the toll from hospital infections…

Doctors sign their names to drug company marketing lies in ghostwriting scandal…

the medical industry is corrupt.

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They actually lose money on vaccines, but why let facts get in the way.

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No they don't. It's a trillion-dollar industry, and the same pharmaceutical corporations produce most of the medicines that you buy when sick.

By why let FACTS and LOGIC get in the way of your stupidity?

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Very corrupt!
Years ago, when my mom was pregnant with my brother. The doctors insisted that there was something terribly wrong with him, and that he was going have all these horrible deformities and birth defects! They strongly recommended abortion and acted like my mother was some idiot for refusing.
Then she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby, LOL!
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Those doctors were full-on liars.

There was a famous scandal in Sydney, Australia about a hospital in a poor district that had a 40% rate of caesarian sections being done. The impatient doctors couldn't be bothered to wait for a natural childbirth, so they were cutting the women open 2 weeks early claiming some medical emergency which wasn't real, just so the doctors could get their money quicker.

Here's more links about criminal, corrupt, lying doctors...

Doctors also prescribe drugs that people don't need so they can increase their earnings, and many love those pharmaceutical corporation sponsored conventions, with plenty of stuff paid for, little kickbacks here and there.………………

It's really bad.

You know where most of the organs sold on the market and given to people in the USA come from? Go to prison in China, if you're healthy, you could get chopped up for parts and sold as organs to an American hospital. Many children who go missing these days, same may have happened to them; black market organs from a child are valuable. Just a kidney is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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Thats just sick!
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When I was young, science fiction books that I read would mention the idea of "organ-leggers" and black market organ trades with people being murdered for parts. Now we live in that future. That's our world now....
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I have read that transplanted limbs and organs get all kinds of problems and have to be replaced again in a few years!
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Usually the person receiving the transplant just ends up dying a couple of years later unless the organ comes from a close relative (like bone marrow or kidney transplants from a child to one of the parents, etc). The drugs used to suppress the immune system response end up weakening them anyway. To me, it's usually a scam. Doctors make big promises, get lots of money, and don't care when the patient drops dead after they've been paid and got all the glory.
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