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Most of what I've seen with the attitude of the MGTOW types is their delusional viewpoint that "women only want money".

Chicks who only want money are shallow and a bit stupid. Life isn't good for those sort of people because if money is all they want, then that's the only kind they see. They end up with nothing worth having. I prefer my kids to have good genes, be good survivors, smart, attractive, able to have good lives and find good partners. Money is only ONE THING. It's not enough for generations. Big picture stuff is what most people don't seem to get, and they can end up rich and unhappy, or poor and unhappy, but they can't get rich and happy because all they wanted was 'money'. My wife's brother figured that status and money was the ideal to aim for, he got a wife who thought the same way, and their marriage sucks. They would have divorced long ago if not for pressure from their parents (I'm in Japan, btw). One of my younger brothers was all about money too, got a wife who was the same, and the poor bastard is stuck with a fat chick for a wife who cares so much about public image, status, and money that he doesn't dare play around. I see it repeatedly; shallow one-track goal people who get only that one goal, and end up with people who only want that one-track goal, and they're all fucked-up, desperate, and stuck in the shit whether they're rich or poor. They weren't smart. They all thought they were, looking down on everyone else who didn't care for their particular monomania about only money, only status, only security. Their lives suck. They have nervous breakdowns at the slightest downturn with their one-track lives, and they fall apart easily because they're all standing on one leg for their life's goals.

My local neighbourhood is filled with the credit-cards swapping and loans-dependent pseudo-rich. When the interest rates go up, which one day they will, even by a mere 0.25%, those loan-crazy folks are done for. Their marriages will collapse because money was all they wanted as a measure of their status.

Materialism is a very short sighted way to live your life. The MGTOW losers can't see past their own noses, and are just as deluded by materialism as the women they despise.


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Co-founder of Tobu-Buta Studio.

I live in Japan in the Kansai region but in the countryside, and I'm in my 50s. Currently I am primarily a business consultant, and many other things, a person of many hats. I try not to limit myself to whatever others may categorise as my creative and intellectual niche.

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You remember how you once told me you wanted to build a retro-style PC to run Windows 98SE on?
Well if you want to run it on a laptop, I've got a good laptop for you to choose: The HP Pavilion n5450. It's an old Windows ME laptop from around 2000-2001 and it should be able to run anything pre-2001 no problem. I think its GPU has less than 12MB of VRAM though, because my older brother tested Tribes 2 on ours and it was glitchy and didn't look like it was supposed to. Anything that doesn't require too much VRAM should run juuust fine on it.
And since it was intended for Windows ME, you might be able to use the ME drivers on it with Windows 98SE if you're lucky, and also Win98SE would run faster than ME would.
Heck, if you use third party tools, you can trim down Windows 98's unneeded components and reduce the entire OS down to just 8 MEGABYTES! :o
nLite and NTLite should be able to help you with that.
Back to the laptop now...
This laptop has expandable memory and hard drive, and it also has media buttons and an LCD panel on the front edge of the case. There's a small power switch there that if you flick it when the computer is off, it'll turn on just the CD drive and the panel, and you can use it as a CD player. And also, the LCD panel can display the time, calendar date, battery remaining, and (I think) the currently playing song. It does all of those things no matter whether it's in laptop mode or CD player mode, with the exception of the current song title, I think if it does show that, it only does it in CD player mode.
It also has at least 2 USB 1.1 or 2.0 (Not sure) ports, a rather large LCD screen for the time, and a removable battery. It's also got a touchpad lock, I believe, as well as PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports. It's been forever since I had mine, I gave it away to my IT teacher in high school as a present before I graduated, along with another laptop. The thing worked from 2000 all the way until around 2013, and it even suffered some accidental physical abuse, and took it like a champ. The corners of the case on mine were missing, like the very tips of them. But the case was made of strong plastic, because it never cracked or chipped other than the corners. You could also install Windows XP on it too, or even possibly Vista Starter if you really want to. I'm not sure if it has Wifi or not though, but I think it does with Windows XP at least,  and possibly with ME, but I don't remember if Windows ME supported Wifi or not. :shrug:
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