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Fractured Peacock

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My entry for the deviantWEAR Design Battle: Cubism

I can't seem to get these beautiful birds out of my head so I had to do some sort of cubistic design regarding them. The feathers was my favorite part. I wanted them to not only represent cubism, but the idea of being set free...

Please vote for it if you like it :)
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nice work check mine please and vote if u like it!^_^
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Very nice, great colors. What a beautiful peacock it is.

If you're interested, take a look at my messenger bag design
Maybe you could vote for me as well :)
OnlyOneWish123's avatar
Thxs so much, and sure thing!
yeehui's avatar
If this was real, first reaction: buy it!!
OnlyOneWish123's avatar
hahaha thank you !
iCeOnEgg's avatar
awesome! very attractive colors. u always have my vote.

if u have time please check mine too. thanks
[link below]
Skia's avatar
This is beautiful, my favourite design so far :)
OnlyOneWish123's avatar
Thxs so much! I'm glad you like it!
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I love this concept!
dynamicability's avatar
Wonderful!!! *voted* :D

here mine of these entry I hope you like it :)

[link] - SPRING
[link] - BLOB FOR (DE)SIGN
[link] - VECTORIZE
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Can someone tell me how to put a design on the bag?
OnlyOneWish123's avatar
Well it depends on what design program your working on. I'm using adobe illustrator. For that program I can just download the jpg., make my design, and then place the design over the bag by selecting and dragging...
If you don't have that program, or photoshop, you could just use Paint. You can put the jpg. in paint, then copy and paste your design onto the template in paint...
If even that isn't possible you could print out the template, then your design, attach it to the bag as best you can and photograph it...
Hope something in there helped, I'm not totally sure what your working with :)
roseie's avatar
Wow. That's so cool!! I really do want this. D:
OnlyOneWish123's avatar
Thxs I'm glad you like it :D
roseie's avatar
^^ You're so welcome! XD
reyjdesigns's avatar
Love the colors....and definitely a nice design. cheers and good luck.
complecontra's avatar
Very interesting and great idea to have the feathers take up the most of the perspective shifting. I have to agree with a few previous comments though that it could be worth while to go back and have the feathers differentiate a bit more, which is possible while still maintaining your flow. Also, you might want to incorporate a bit more cubism into the peacock itself. Feathers can move in many directions naturally so it's possible that they might not be interpreted as cubist and instead this might be seen as just an illustration of a peacock in motion. That said I like the choice of the black bag and what you've done with the da logo. Good luck to you ^^
OnlyOneWish123's avatar
thxs for the input, I think I'm going to go and try and take some of the advice to action :)
complecontra's avatar
Glad I could offer some help ^^
iCeOnEgg's avatar
u have my vote. this is brilliant! check out mine too.
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