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Blue Footed Booby

Adobe Illustrator
~6 hours

"The name booby comes from the Spanish term bobo (which means 'stupid' or 'fool' or 'clown') because the Blue-footed Booby is (like other seabirds) clumsy on land. They are easily captured, killed, and eaten by humans."
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It is a funny bird. I'm so happy you picked this one, it looks great!
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thxs so much !

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Hello, your work has been featured in #projecteducate's Typography: An inside look article.
Have a nice day,

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Oh wow thanks for featuring me! Very informative article as well :)
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Beautiful design.
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The thing that actually makes me laugh about this is that I found one of these birds in my science book today in school :XD: Very cool though!
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Actually when I started this project I was taking a biology class and we had just covered Darwin and the Galapagos Islands. So that's actually where I found the inspiration lol
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Oh thaT'S exactly what I was reading about :)
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Very pretty!
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Cool. I love when typography is used to form an image. Adding you to my watch list. Maybe u could add me. Thanks
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sure! I look forward to seeing more of your work/
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