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A fan group I created for "Only Love and Music."
I felt this would be a good way to keep track of my readers. Also I thought it would be helpful in terms of getting some contests running in the near future.

If you just happened to stumble upon this group -Welcome! I hope you enjoy this webcomic and continue to read it.

What is "Only Love and Music" -a Phancomic I created that is based on the "Phantom of the Opera" story, but in a modern setting, and with a number of "twists." There are numerous references to a variety of "POTO" incarnations to please every Phan. And with every chapter, as a 12-year Phan myself, I try to make "OLAM" something that the majority of Phans out there can enjoy and appreciate.
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Apr 13, 2011


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73 Members
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This collection does not have any deviations yet!
When I sat down to start drawing OLAM nearly two years ago I really only expected to draw a few chapters. Even though I knew I wanted to tell my own version of the POTO tale I never thought two years later I would still be posting its pages late at night, and anxiously checking DA for the entire day as often as possible JUST to see if someone else commented on a page or added it to their favorites.
At the time I just wanted to create a modern Phantom of the Opera story, and since then I have been describing "Only Love and Music" as such. But as I have worked with its characters, scanned its pages, and scripted its dialogue I am realizing that it's becoming more than that. I have become more and more attached to my portrayals of Erik, Christine, Meg and the whole cast (some that have yet to make an appearance too). I am seeing philosophical statements in the plot line. Everyday I am seeing new lessons for Erik and Christine to learn, and new things for them to say to each other. I am even coming up with more puppet routines for Meg (lol).
I guess I am just trying to let my audience know that while OLAM is definitely a modern POTO story, it will have a certain twist, and ultimately deviate from the original story. I am hoping, however, that this will still appeal to phan taste. I am also realizing how progressively dark the story will get. OLAM, admittedly, will cover some controversial, but insightful, ideas about morality and religion. The language will get foul at times. There will be some gore. It will also be rather sensual at times, but not overly explicit.
I do fear that I will lose some readership as the story progresses.
I would like to thank everyone that has stayed with me and with this story so far. I know I can be a little sporadic with updates, and the whole computer fiasco really made things difficult, so I really appreciate that you continue to read this.
I can promise that there are some really exciting things to come in OLAM (there is still so much to tell). For those who continue to read it I can promise an interesting, and beautiful story. There are some abstract, but insightful, points I convey with OLAM that I feel others will appreciate. I can also promise that I will continue to improve artistically, and always take your (my reader's) suggestions into account.

On a somewhat related note...
As this story continues to gain readership, and as the story gets more intricate I feel that my artistic abilities should do the same. Up until recently this comic was just something I did as an exercise. But now OLAM has become a piece of which I am very proud, and which seems to be evolving well beyond my original intent. I feel that as OLAM progresses my art should become more sophisticated, and more polished. I guess what I am saying is that I am ready to take it a little more seriously now.  
I have always taken a certain pride in sticking to the "old fashioned" means of drawing. My methods are profoundly crude: paper, mechanical pencil, ink pens, and markers. But it is a fast changing world and one must *sigh*... change with it. (Note: PrinceRose is very stubborn and HATES having to change.)
Having said that I feel it necessary for me to at least TRY to learn how to use a tablet. Not that I feel like I can't progress as an artist unless I have a digital means to do so. Not at all. However in order to keep up with the online art world it seems a useful skill to have. I think it would also aid me in producing pages quicker. *Shrugs*
So uh... anyone got any suggestions on tablets? Something that would be good for a beginner to use, and would be appropriately priced for a somewhat limited budget?... lol

And if you read this all the way through I owe you yet another note of gratitude...
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