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Bad news guys it's Kidsonicko he is back as thepingulover2005 block him!!! He made a hate video. Doesn't like My Little Pony he posted a photo of them crying, which is unacceptable. So here's what Kidsonicko did wrote a hate message about My Little Pony

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kitsonico is back YET AGAIN! 😡 When will he ever learn?!?!?!?!

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I need a bisexual role player with no limit! I only role play on Discord DM! 

Do not ask me for skype or kik! I only RP on Discord! 

You must accept all fetish I want! due to DA's weird strict policies, I cannot explain them all here.
I can only explain my fetish list on private messages!

You must follow or try to go along with all my role plays. I do not want people to take control over my RP especially the plot I already planned. 

You must be at least very active and always up to RP! Not showing up for a week or month could remove you from my friend list!
Please try to get back on Discord as often as you can, otherwise, don't message me for RP. 

You must accept any character I will ask you to be! Most characters I want my partner to use are girls from anime and video games. 
Sorry I am not into originals much but I might ask my partner if they can be some of my own OC but only if I feel like it. 

Send me a friend request if you are interested to RP with me on Discord privately! 

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Hi guys, just figured I share this if anyone is interested. Working on a new project. 

Need advice... from a Troon?Hi guys! So I had a new idea for something that might be fun so let me know if anyone is on board. I was thinking of doing a biweekly webcomic of Blacktail where he gives his own silly advice or answers questions from folks. In case no one is familiar with Blacktail, you can check him out in the webcomic Blacktail and Marz or just look at the picture below. There he is! This biweekly comic would be featured on deviant art and on the Blacktail and Marz webcomic website. So where you guys would come in is simply asking Blacktail for advice or any other questions that come to mind and he would answer you. If you have your own unique OCs that you want to ask the questions, you can do that too. You or your character will be mentioned in the webcomic. Any links associated with you OC will be included too (as long as OC is a SFW character). Moreover, just for extra fun. I also do stop motion animations of Blacktail (just something I've been tinkering with). You can see a clip here. Depending on how many questions I get from people, I will do a poll to vote for the best question and that question will be featured in a short stop motion video with Blacktail answering said question. Once again, you'll have your name or character mentioned in the video. Also, I can include any links to your works if you'd like. But that was the idea. Anywho, if anyone's interested let me know either here or you can PM me. 0...