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Weekly Anatomy Practice #1

Hello there! This is the first of hopefully many weekly compilations of the practice I have done throughout the week. I've decided to post my progress as a means of motivation and to see my own progress over time. I just started watching videos from "The Drawing Database" on youtube, which is how I did the colored forearm muscles. I found my main course I have been using lacking, so their video on forearm muscles really helped. I'm going to have to practice the forearm a lot though; it's very complicated!

I am currently studying from multiple sources including: 
"Complete Beginner's Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing" on udemy (I am using this mostly just as a structured guide; it doesn't seem to have as much material as I would like it to have)
"The Drawing Database" on youtube (I love the videos on muscles; very clear and easy to follow + seemingly accurate)
"michael-hampton-figure-drawing-design-and-invention" an E-Book I got and am unsure where it came from (I don't know how much I'll use this, but seems like a good reference)

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