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Only Hope Ch 03 pg 16


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Ch 1: Sira's intro (not up yet...Sweating a little... )
Ch 2:…
Ch 3:…

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Yayyyy Boogie! w00t! Meet Zard!!! 8D Heart New Character!!! :iconbummiesplz:

>w< Zard is a chimera... but he is a nice one...(most of the time X'D ... ) and a very special one *w* (You'll seeeee Mwahahahahahahaha!) Zard is my sister's character... ^w^ Here's a colored picture of him.… >w< He's green Heart

Sweating a little... I can't believe I am still awake right now +_+...but ... when the muse strikes... it strikes... but I'm going to SLEEP as soon as I post this *_*


Drawing the House on this page was probably the hardest thing... (I had to do research on thatched roofed cottages... and round doors/ cute windows... ((because I decided Sira's granny's house needed a round door like a hobbit hole >w< Heart )))...Thatched roofs are really pretty 8D Heart

^w^ oooh also We get to see Sira's aunts and Grandmother 8D (they sort of showed up on the coverpage for this chapter... but that was a lloooooooooooooooooong time ago Sweating a little... ... Their names (left to right) are Evilyn, (Yara/ granny) Gaia, and Maria... the aunts are all Elemental magic users... >w< you can probably guess from their names... Evilyn=fire, Gaia=Earth, and Maria=Water... (Sira's mother *Ariel I think* is the Air elemental... She is not really in the story much for some reason Shrug) Sira lives with her grandmother and aunts and they teach her magic... =D (Big Grin)  Aside from magic they all LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to cook! they are very tallented and very proud of their skills ^w^:iconsothereplz:

So that is why Sira is so anguished... separated from all that she loves... and everything she loves doing... Can't you feel her pain in that last frame... ;_____________;...:icontearfulplz: so sad...

Oh, Speaking of tears... There are many on this page Waaaah! (Laz is probably crying in the corner thinking *I can't even remeber what those things taste like!!* )  Everyone is crying for one reason or another   but Maria is not one of them... X'D hahah The teardrop on her cheek is a birthmark... (I think)...

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