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To all members of OnlyFractalArt, UF-Artists, Fractal-Organic, Fractal-Resources, FractalFormulaForays, Abstract-United, and Ultra-Fractal-Redux, who use the fractal software Ultrafractal (at https://www.ultrafractal.com) - - - the group UF-Artists was closed for awhile but is very much alive again and is eager to receive submissions again. New members are also most welcome!
This group has one new folder dedicated to textures and gradients, and another new folder dedicated to tutorials for using Ultrafractal. If you don't use Ultrafractal but you do make gradients for Apophysis, please consider joining and submitting your gradients because fractal gradients with the .ugr extension work in Ultrafractal.
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Gallery Folders

Bricriu Holds a Banquet by Ampelosa
Butterflies by Rychveldir
Grieving Edge Inflamed by Geonetique
Harlequin by Zueuk
Fractal Flowers
Jwf-7 2402 Fs-ps by Lionrf
Jwf-7 2414 Fs-ps by Lionrf
Jwf-7 2419 Fs-ps by Lionrf
Jwf-7 2424 Fs-ps by Lionrf
Fractal Flower Arrangements
Chaotica 040623 by wlazy
Chaotica 180423 by wlazy
Chaotica 160423 by wlazy
Chaotica 270323 by wlazy
Airports, Airplanes, Airport Runways Fractally
Discovering a Forgotten Planet by ImaginesChaos
Orbital Castle by ImaginesChaos
Dominion by ImaginesChaos
Exit from Thetys IV by ImaginesChaos
Fashion and Clothing Fractally
The Moth-Queen by rockgem
Abstract Series - Parallel World by aremco7
The Jewel Maze by ImaginesChaos
Swing It by Ampelosa
The Cross, Fractally
New Math - Old Man by 2BORN02B
Cross Over by gannjondal
Happy Resurrection Day 2023! by ButterflyBlew
Good Friday 2023 by Ampelosa
The Sphere, Fractally
Decomposition by OutsideFate
Aracely Lace by Dopacetic
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Fractals are back! by FEB43
The Cone, Fractally
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Ceiling Snorkels by AureliusCat
Enter The Pine Cone by bast4cats
Canonical by monkeyprint
The Star, Fractally
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Starstruck by OutsideFate
Spirals, Created Fractally
No One Ever by 2BORN02B
Heather's Dance by OutsideFate
Mandatory Fun by 2BORN02B
Hoedown by 2BORN02B
Critters, Created Fractally
It doesn't belong here by janhein
Mandalas, Fractally
Flaming Discus by Phracker
Angels and Mythic People
Hoddmimir by Ampelosa
The Crowns of Creation by janhein
Holiday Themed
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Pink Fractals
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Red, Black, and White
Maroon Galaxy by Sakura-Tachibanna
Red Fractals
Chaotica 300423 by wlazy
Red and Green Fractals
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Delicately Orange
Ale Go Brew by Ampelosa
Orange Fractals
Not So Annoying Orange by monkeyprint
Yellow Fractals
Decadence by jim373
Green Fractals
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Green and White Fractals
Moonstones by innac
Green and the Orange-yellows
Gears of Glass by expred
Turquoise, Aqua, Blue-Green and Green-Blue
Myth Direction by 2BORN02B
Blue Fractals
After Midnight 2 by jim373
Delft-like Blue and White
Ice Crystal X by FlyingMatthew
Blue and Black
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Fuchsia and Black
New Light by gannjondal
Lavendar and Light Blue
Julialac by gannjondal
Burgundy or Claret
Becoming a Flower by gannjondal
Chocolate or Heavily Brown
Unearthed Relic by bobm
Grey Gray Fractals
Pear Trees Flowering by Ampelosa
Pastel Fractals
Eggs of the Parrotfish by Ampelosa
Psychedelic Fractals
Nerd Immunity by 2BORN02B
Fractal Sun, Fractal Moon
Electromagnetic Radiation Flares by bobm
The Cosmos, Fractally
Meteor Hits Exoplanet DMPP 1d by Ampelosa
The Unescapable Terror by Dopacetic
Lace, Fractally
All Eyes Upon Me by OutsideFate
In the Spirograph Style
Personal growth by Metafractals
Fireworks XII by FlyingMatthew
A Dance to the Music of Time
Silly-Go-Round by OutsideFate
Fractal Seascapes
Seaside by OutsideFate
Fractal Landscapes
It's a Matter of Formulas by janhein
Urban Scenes, Fractally
Tokyo feeling by photodo94
Fractal Buildings
Hilbert's Hotel triptych by photodo94
Frolixing at Night by Ampelosa
Created with Apophysis
Free Use Background: Nebula #7257 by Ted-Drakness
Kaleidoscope Fractals
Contour by Phracker
Created with Ultra Fractal
Goth Colorful Worm7 by FractalMonster
Created with Incendia
Requiem For The Mountain King by Tate27kh
Created with Mandelbulb
De passage by photodo94
Objects and Collected Objects
Light Emitting Diodes for My Fractal by bobm
Rainbow Colors
Mental Storm by jim373
Scenics, Created Fractally
A Beauty of Fractal Mathematics by bobm
Gold Fractals
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Delicately White with Some Color
Mint Chocolate Cookies by Ampelosa
Silver Fractals
Pearl Sphere by Sakura-Tachibanna
Heavily Black
Damask by OutsideFate
Organic Wheels by gannjondal
Marble Fractals
Pearlomar by gannjondal
Fire Fractals
3D Julia Set, NFT - No. 03 by Metafractals
In an Oriental Style
Flower Drum Song by Ampelosa
In an African Style
Lefereho by Ampelosa
The Heart, Fractally
Leaping Lovers by 2BORN02B
The Cube, Fractally
Fractals are back! by FEB43
Prayer of a Desperate Soul by Ampelosa
The Grid, Fractally
Bihinden his paleys a ploume tre garth by Ampelosa
Frosty Day in the Kuskokwim Mountains by Ampelosa
Seeker by monkeyprint
Chaotica 040523 by wlazy
Fractals with a Birthstone Theme
IntoTheArtic3 by FractalMonster
The Viral Mandelscarab by Metafractals
Memorial and Tribute Fractals
Memorial to Koo Kwang-Ming by Ampelosa
Symmetrical Fractals
Escutcheon by innac
In an Egyptian Style
UF Chain Pong 1803_Headdress of Osiris by Ampelosa
Lattice Fractals
Reddy Bars by gannjondal
Trees, Fractally
Square Twig by gannjondal
A Substitute for the Full Featured Folder
Greater Divination by Dopacetic
People Inclusions
Mandel faces by Edo555
Panoramic Fractals
Marine Scenes
Underwater Filaments by ImaginesChaos
Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers Fractally
Dark Jungle by ButterflyBlew
In the Native American Indian Style
MagVsXYZ Shaman by DarkvineArt
Mandelbulb Mushroom Kingdom by Metafractals
Wallpaper-Size, Downloadable Fractals
Frozen Fire by jim373
Operatic Theme
Trumpet Blast by FlyingMatthew
Minimalism, Fractally
Calligraphic Attempt by gannjondal
Zodiac, Chinese and Greek
Taurus is bothe moyste and hoote by Ampelosa
Animated Fractals
Got To Move by CO99A5
Fractals Manipulated with Filter Forge
Embossed Blue Flower by Ampelosa
Fractal Manipulations
2023 - 214 by iSubmit
Lair of the Jumandi Cave Catfish by Ampelosa
Made with Fractal Brushes or Light
Dragon by kishorr
Nonstandard Fractals with Gmic - The Tutorial by gannjondal
Resources for Fractals
Nebluae Tutorial for IFSRenderer by Rychveldir
Gradients with ugr extension
Sugared Fruit by Ampelosa
Fractal Products Like Calendars and Shirts
I am the god of hell fire and I bring you FIRE! by eReSaW
Mandelbrots, Buddhabrots, Mandy Hunting
Cosmic Clock Redux by ScraNo

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Strategyboard by SergeantQumbula  
Rychveldir Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for featuring my fractal! :)
DemonicRexx Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2022
Hey, make sure you set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed". There has been two notorious group hijackers for over a month now who apply as a co-founders, delete all the artwork in the gallery and favorites, and replace it with gore, scat and porn.
As an example:
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Hello, Comment entrer une image dans dans un dossier (notamment ultra fractal) ?
ArtGrim Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2022
Bonjour, Je rame depuis des lustres pour sortir des images fractales intéressantes. J'en ai quelques unes, et puis des tas d'essais souvent infructueux en attente de nouvelles recherches de ma part. Je vois ici de magnifique pépites. Je serai heureux d'échanger (en français) avec ces découvreurs de joyaux.
j'utilise mandelbulb 3D, ultra fractal, jwildfire (rarement), je n'arrive pas à faire fonctionner mandelbulber, j'ai l'impression que mon PC manque de puissance.
Je veux bien échanger des images et recevoir quelques conseils. Pour commencer : comment créer un avatar pour accompagner mes posts ?
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Nice place,
thank you much for accepting me and happy to be here
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