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At :iconultra-fractal-redux: is the August 2016 Monthly Challenge.  It seeks to collect panoramic fractals.  Here at OnlyFractalArt I have just opened a folder for panoramic fractals.  Feel free to submit.
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Gallery Folders

Grieving Edge Inflamed by Geonetique
Maroon Gingham by Ampelosa
Harlequin by Zueuk
4k Fractal by indCraig
Airports, Airplanes, Airport Runways Fractally
Starship out of MegaStructure by niclement
Templar Aegis by shnestor
ster10 by Lionrf
Rollover by Lionrf
Fashion and Clothing Fractally
The Jewel Maze by niclement
Swing It by Ampelosa
Fireworks550 by scottyjheo
Fireworks549 by scottyjheo
The Cosmos, Fractally
Vortex by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Interstellar by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Hot Metal by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Stellar Ocean by Astronomise-Stock-FX
Red Fractals
Fratcal Art by 011Art
UltraFractal-210404-73 by FractalRock
Blood Eagle by shnestor
Chalice Bouquet 1 by gannjondal
This Machine... by DopaseticDesign
Metalworks - Triptych by chaoticshifter
Twists and Turns - Triptych by chaoticshifter
Midsummer Trio by Velvet--Glove
Fold Three by CO99A5
Champagne au Nouvel An by Ampelosa
Sierpinski's Terrace by Ampelosa
Sierpinski Triangle Light by Aqualoop31
Fireworks XII by FlyingMatthew
Triumvirate by FlyingMatthew
3 Fractal Sisters by FlyingMatthew
Journey Into Darkness by FlyingMatthew
Fireworks557 by scottyjheo
Fireworks555 by scottyjheo
RainDropsOnTheOarcesSpiderWeb by Ampelosa
Radiomania by gannjondal
Turquoise, Aqua, Blue-Green and Green-Blue
Random Scripts by Gandalfgris
Partially organic equipment on an alien planet by janhein
Control tower by innac
Gnarly waves by janhein
Green and White Fractals
Oriwa Lytap by bobm
Fractal Flower Arrangements
Chaotica 15-4-21 by wlazy
Fractal Flowers
Fleur d'Abondance by AtelierAvant-Garde
Critters, Created Fractally
Symbiosis by Tate27kh
Red and Green Fractals
Claws by bobm
A Dance to the Music of Time
Spiral Wave by Metafractals
Psychedelic Fractals
Temple of psychedelic delights by janhein
Fractal Buildings
Urban proliferation by janhein
Fractal Landscapes
Fractal Nature by Sabine62
Pink Fractals
Butterfly by ButterflyBlew
Created with Mandelbulb
Petrified by shnestor
Created with Apophysis
You Choose by aremco7
The Cone, Fractally
Ceiling Snorkels by AureliusCat
The Cross, Fractally
Stained glass by ButterflyBlew
The Sphere, Fractally
Like Tears in Rain by DopaseticDesign
Fractal Sun, Fractal Moon
Autumn sky by Annie5357
Angels and Mythic People
Angel Wings by ButterflyBlew
Spirals, Created Fractally
Dank by 2BORN02B
Pastel Fractals
Antacid by Holmes-JA
Kaleidoscope Fractals
Silent Arrow by Tate27kh
Urban Scenes, Fractally
Fear over the city by photodo94
Created with Ultra Fractal
UF Chain Pong 1542- Endless by Szellorozsa
Created with Incendia
The DragonFyre Lamp by Tate27kh
Wallpaper-Size, Downloadable Fractals
Insult To Injury by 2BORN02B
Objects and Collected Objects
Confetti by ButterflyBlew
Rainbow Colors
Rainbow Waves by FlyingMatthew
Scenics, Created Fractally
Looking at the Bright Side by bobm
Orange Fractals
They Stood On End by gannjondal
Yellow Fractals
Lunchtime for Beetles by bobm
Green Fractals
Lucky Locket by ButterflyBlew
The Star, Fractally
Star Harmonics by FlyingMatthew
Incomplete Mondrian cube by kronpano
Delft-like Blue and White
High Tea in Maastricht by Ampelosa
Gold Fractals
Glass Fractal Egg by Metafractals
Silver Fractals
Fractal triangle - Tab mandala - 8.0 by TheOriginalArtometry
Marble Fractals
Fireworks558 by scottyjheo
Fire Fractals
Dark Phoenix by Rychveldir
Fractals Manipulated with Filter Forge
Under Control by janhein
Delicately Orange
Orange Marigolds by DopaseticDesign
Delicately White with Some Color
Tower of glass by JFishburnArtworks
In an Oriental Style
Inside by ButterflyBlew
In an African Style
The Three by Fractamonium
Infected Cruise Ship Denied Port by Ampelosa
Animated Fractals
Mandelbulb Julia Set, No. 08 by Metafractals
Fractal Manipulations
2021 - 134 by iSubmit
The Heart, Fractally
Warmth by ButterflyBlew
The Cube, Fractally
Spiraling Into Madness by DopaseticDesign
In the Spirograph Style
Harvesting Plums in Coahuila by Ampelosa
Red, Black, and White
The Abyss: One by TighteyWhiteys
Burgundy or Claret
The Red and the Black by DopaseticDesign
Shelves of Christmas Bonbons by Ampelosa
Eyes of Providence by shnestor
The Grid, Fractally
Windows by Gandalfgris
Lace, Fractally
Winter Mood of Lace and Ice by Ampelosa
Grey Gray Fractals
Red and gray by photodo94
Chocolate or Heavily Brown
Gnarled Vision by bobm
Frosty White and Blue Fractal Snowflake by emilymh2018
Awakening Volcano by Velvet--Glove
Cache Creek Leaf Fossil by Ampelosa
Blue Fractals
Gnarl variation #1 by photodo94
Fractals with a Birthstone Theme
Jewelled Beetle with Pearl by Ampelosa
Resources for Fractals
Triffic Textures 20 by OttoMagusDigitalArt
The Viral Mandelscarab by Metafractals
Holiday Themed
Apo7x-20210219-KeepTheGoldenMeanByeReSaW-1aa by aremco7
Fractal Seascapes
Underwater Kelp Forest by Ampelosa
Lavendar and Light Blue
Mandolay Disco by Ampelosa
Fuchsia and Black
Spirals Web by Metafractals
Memorial and Tribute Fractals
Aleksander Doba in His Kayak by Ampelosa
Blue and Black
Seeing Spots by DopaseticDesign
Symmetrical Fractals
The Bicomplex Ice Palace by Metafractals
Heavily Black
Orphan's Fugue by Leehon
Made with Fractal Brushes or Light
Dragon by kishorr
Fractal Products Like Calendars and Shirts
Fractal Flowers Calendar by Velvet--Glove
In an Egyptian Style
Egyptian Artwork by FlyingMatthew
Green and the Orange-yellows
Forest Fire III by FlyingMatthew
Lattice Fractals
Web of the Sphodros Abboti by Ampelosa
Trees, Fractally
Tree abstract painting by ButterflyBlew
A Substitute for the Full Featured Folder
Druidic Splendor by DopaseticDesign
People Inclusions
Mandel faces by Edo555
Marine Scenes
Jux 27-10-20 by wlazy
Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers Fractally
Marsh Snipe Fly Pop Art by Ampelosa
In the Native American Indian Style
Anowara Blanket by Ampelosa
Magical Mushroom by TropicalFractals
Operatic Theme
Petrushka by bobm
Mandalas, Fractally
Many Faces Of You by shimmeringShoegaze
Minimalism, Fractally
Headlights Shining on a Gate at Night by Ampelosa
Zodiac, Chinese and Greek
Year of the Goat by eReSaW
Gradients with ugr extension
Ugrimov File 19 by Ampelosa
Panoramic Fractals
Translucid Dream by Metafractals

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