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My Bio


I would to reenchant this world

through the beauty and the charm

of the feminine body.

Beauty and love are the most relevant things that empower people to live a new day in a world that lacks meaning and shows cruelty, non sense and violence. So each time we could introduce beauty and love on this conflictive and chaotic world (our world) we are create the conditions for the supervivence to mankind and the happiness to each man and woman for ever. And this my friends is the deepest mission of the art.

- OnlyArtVisualPoetry (formerly PhotographerJomdq & StudioIndigo, Jomdq Photo or Photographer Jomdq). I am a photographer (male) from South America. My favourites styles are boudoir, glamour, lingerie, pinup, cosplay and fine nude.

- The most important principles of my work as a boudoir and artistic nude photographer are:

A) Try to do it with respect to my models and her divine and sacred energy, capture the mistery and beauty of the femenine body and captivating the watcher with each image I can made.

B) My main goal is to mantain a thin balance betwen art, aesthetics, eroticism, poetry and enigma without cross the borders of nasty, violence or pornography.

C) Empower women to be goddess but not slaves or objetcs.

- About my models: In general all my models are "Girls Next Door" that I know through my ads or mouth to mouth. Because they are not professional models, they want to remain anonymous. All my models are over 18 years old and have signed model release or expressed her consent to be photograph.

- The concept, wardrobe, make-up, retouching and HQ edition is on my own.

- Addition to groups: I allow addition to groups as long as, by my judgement, the group in question show artistic and tasteful images. I think my models deserve to be surrounded by aesthetic and elegant images that honor not only their feminine body but their sacred and divine feminine energy.

- Adition to collections: please if you add some of my work on your collection, it have to add only to your favourites folder but not to your personal gallery. Remember that your gallery is exclusively reserved for your own work. Users that broken this guideline will be blocked and reported.

- Any rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted and the user blocked. As another photographers from DA, "I also have no interest debating whether nude art belongs on this site. DeviantArt not only allows it but considers it an art form which has its own category, just like whatever art you are into. If you disagree take it up with DA management."

Some ideas about my photographical approach to boudoir and to the art of the feminine nude:

- This gallery (like all my work about boudoir and fine nude photography) is dedicated to the beautiful, amazing and wise Goddess living inside all women.

- "Beauty will save us" (Fiodor Dostoievski). So each day that I can put a little grain of beauty in the Universe I am a little more happy...

- Usually all my photographs are deeply retouched and bodies and faces has been edited too.

- All my photographs are copyrighted and is forbiden alter, crop, edit, reproduce or use my images without my consent.

- After consultation, cartoonists and painters are allowed to take my photographs as a model if quoted the source photo.

- All image is copyright and should not be used in any other medium without prior expressed consent from the author.

- Sadly, my photographs are certanly very much less charming than its models

- I haven't any account in Flick, Facebook or Instagram. Although I have an account in Patreon, for the moment is under construction. Nowadays I haven't my own website. I am only in Blogspot, Model Mayhem, Model Society and here.

Some inspiring quotes:

- "[...] sentiments can vanish like smoke, talk is cheap... But photographs remain!" (André de Dienes: Marilyn. Cologne. Taschen, 2015).

- " Art is not technical; it comes from the heart" (Rod and Robin Deutschman: Off-Camera Flash. Creative Techniques for Digital Photographers. Buffalo, NY, Amherst Media, 2010, pag. 118).

- "I don't care if you love my work or hate it, as long as you react to it" (D. Keith Furon, in Dian Hanson, The New Erotic Photography 2, Cologne, Taschen, 2012, pag. 147).

- "Shot what you like and let other decides what to think of your work. [...] The important thing is that you create images that you love" (Peter Bilous, The Begginer's Guide to Photographing Nudes, Buffalo, NY, Amherst Media, 2010, pag. 7-8).

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