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How to THINK when you draw CROSS-CONTOURS TIP!


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Rocket Lawn Chair


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Alexandra Blue eyes


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Fear Them

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Floating away


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This Mermaid likes Rings


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COMMISSION - Chickfighter *Genie* (OC)

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The sea under the umbrella


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Rocket Lawn Chair


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Sara Dorn

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Male Running Pose

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Powerful Magical Stomp Action Pose


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Arancia: Bubbles bubbles!

Arancia Project

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Bobby Chiu

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3112. Chocolate Chipmunk

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How to THINK when you draw CROSS-CONTOURS TIP!

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It doesn't take a PhD


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Plant Life

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Game location


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Gorilla Close Up


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Dino Tale

Hope you're doing good. There's so much amazing stuff in the world. Yes, we've got problems that need to be solved. Lots of them. But don't lose sight of all the good and cool around you. I try to follow Mary Oliver's advice: Instructions for living life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. My goal is to remember what I've seen and pass that along to you. My hope is it inspires you to go make and do good and cool things as well, so that there's even more of it to share. In that spirit, here's a recent illustration I made for fun. Started out as an Inktober52 prompt drawing for "Tail" and then I liked how it turned out so much I decided to color it. You can see process stuff like this, including videos and hang outs all the time on my Patreon: LINK Thanks, Jake

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Ridley the Pterodactly Plush


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DeviantArt Protect: Helping Safeguard Your Art

DeviantArt is proud to introduce innovative new technology in our continued effort to protect artists. DeviantArt Protect, our new state-of-the-art image recognition software, was developed to help safeguard your art in ways that were not possible without recent advances in machine learning. As many artists are aware, copyright infringement is a serious problem. This technology is trained to identify new images that appear nearly visually identical to other images on DeviantArt and allows us to notify you when someone uploads possibly unauthorized art. The effort that goes into your piece of art is more than simply the time spent creating. The practice, gaining of knowledge, and skill are all evident in the finished product. When DeviantArt sought to utilize machine learning with added human oversight, the goal was to help protect more than just one’s finished work. It's about providing protection around the totality of effort put forth. Helping Protect You From Unauthorized Art


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COMMISSION - Savage Land Storm Sketch Card


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How to THINK when you draw ARMS QUICK TIP!

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Little Sassy Face

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Commission: An Android's Suicide

Realm of Fantasy

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Paint of the day #154

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SuperBatober #30 Ominous


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A Secret Place


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