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Full Lusitanian Pantheon Revisited


Full Lusitanian Pantheon Revisited

Aerno: God of pine trees. Andaeico: God of flowers. Arientius/Arientia: Deity/ies of productivity. Ataegina: Goddess of the underworld and fertility. Bandua: Sky deity of war and protection. Bormanico: God of bubbling waters. Broeneia: Goddess of fermentation. Caerno/Crouga: God of sheep. Cariocecus: God of horses and war. Cosus: God of conjunction. Dervetico: God of mountains. Duberdicus: God of fortresses. Durius: God of the Douro river. Endovelicus: God of the underworld and health. Erbina: Goddess of boundaries. Frovida: Goddess of rivers. Iccona: Goddess of health and horses. Illurbeda: Goddess of mountains and gold. La
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My Bio
I am an imprisoned recovering addict with disabilities preparing for parole. A student of religion (especially African Traditional Religion), ancient history, philosophy and literature, I have treated prison as college. A self taught artist (and poet), my commissioned art clients include respected Vodou author Kenaz Filan and Pagan publisher Gullveig Press, along with art published in newspapers. I love reading sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels and horror. I specialize in shrine art and portraits, with a psychedelic influence. Gullveig Press manages my DA account, gives references, and controls the money to their PayPal account. Any money I make from art sales goes to buying Pagan books for other prisoners, so I can give back to my own neglected community. Please contact Gullveig Press for information about commissioning art or buying prints and other gear. I enjoy communicating with others interested in the arts, Paganism and social justice if you want a loyal, snail mail penpal.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Slow Jams, 80/90s R&B, hip hop, 80/90s alternative, Led Zeppelin
Favourite Books
Dune!, Brown Girl in the Ring, Emergent Strategy, the Dillogun
Favourite Writers
adrienne marie brown
Other Interests
African Diaspora Religion, African History and Traditional Religion, graphic novels, all arts

Pleasure is Resistance

Pleasure is Resistance

I'm re-reading adrienne maree brown's Pleasure Activism. The most deviant behavior is to feel joy and satisfaction when you are a target for oppression. To embrace every bit of sensual pleasure, feeding our senses, even in prison. The art in a comic book. The taste of chocolate. The sunrise at breakfast. The peace of a shower alone in my cell. The laughter when a pen pal writes a joke. The excitement reading something genuinely life changing. Pleasure is resistance!

The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way

I'm really learning a lot from the book "The Artist's Way" including reasons why I block the process and how I get in my own way. That haunting anxiety of perfectionism is losing its grip! The morning pages seem so simple, almost too simple, to work, but they do clear out my head, whether they are journaling or raps. I value the author's spiritual focus, because creating has always felt like a way to connect with Power greater than myself: poetry is water rushing through me, drawing is my spirit on fire yet with the strength of water, too. Sometimes I think I can't turn inspiration "on" every day - and that's true. But I can still show up, c
Quarantined for flu. My old mural of Eshu is still on this cell wall where I was housed 2 years ago.

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hard-in-the-paintHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you for adding James Brown tio your gallery...:happybounce:

Onje-Keon-PierceHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you for doing that art! I heard about a comic book of his life I hope to read!

cosmicplasmHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave! You are a true inspiration!
Onje-Keon-PierceHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you!

cosmicplasmHobbyist General Artist

Your welcome.

InaAuderiethProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for the faves - very much appreciated! :-)
I have an instagram account too where you can follow my progress if you like to: www.instagram.com/Ina_Auderiet…

I am honoured, Onje!