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Rough and puff, ain't looking so tough,
Moving still with an occasional cough,
Everyone have a dream but few are true,
Coz' they fear to tumble down like the way I do!
:icononizai:OniZai 0 0
True Nature
The scars, the joy and other memories that past,
A never-ending truth from which my ways was cast;
Facing the storm my heart grew colder - like ice, it hardens,
Lest I give in, I will stand tall in this sea of the fallen.
Naive was my way of heart, kind and full of warmth,
Til the day they came by and squashed it like a moth;
Now the great fire encased in a maze of ice,
Bitter cold to most, only a few shall be granted the prize.
:icononizai:OniZai 0 1
Higashi no Eden by OniZai Higashi no Eden :icononizai:OniZai 3 0 Ong Chai by OniZai Ong Chai :icononizai:OniZai 0 0 Dried Fruits by OniZai Dried Fruits :icononizai:OniZai 1 4
A Short Poem: Losing Weight
Day by day, Kilo per kilo -
I'll have it my way, Welcome to my show.
:icononizai:OniZai 0 4
The winds in my face,
Gently blowing through
The dancing leaves.
:icononizai:OniZai 2 2
My Perception
As cold as winter -
My body and heart
Trembled for a touch of warmth,
As dark as the night -
My feelings and sight
Shrouded from the rays of light,
Worn as the ruins -
This old battered body
Stumbled to a better life.
:icononizai:OniZai 1 0
Brimming, my despair is at its peak,
The sorrow shrouding the light from my heart,
Never to rise, pushed down below the abyss,
Death awaits me in my bloody cough.
:icononizai:OniZai 0 0
Depression From Regrets
Hollow, the void fills my heart,
The empty darkness that swirls my soul,
Yearning for a connection,
The sky shattered, my world was then dead cold.
Darkness, tugging me closely,
The desires that makes me wept,
The lust, the sweat and the moans,
Nothing but mere entertainment, not worth to be kept.
Beckoning, a light twinkles above me,
Peeking beyond the light,
The news of joy for my heart,
The love in their eyes, sparks of chemistry to my sight.
Blossoming, the flower and the like,
The kiss, the hug and the passion,
Smiles of the heaven,
Sweet as it is sincere, bitter as it is my rejection.
Reaching out, the light strays away,
The legs that stands is no more,
Falling head first into the abyss,
Truth and reality, the sorrow shook my very core.
Descending, the tears flow along,
The depth if regrets knows no bound,
The ignorant me paid the price,
Pain and sufferings, tortures of its rebounds.
Waiting, the stench of death is yet so far,
Watching the twinkles above me,
The whirlpool pulls m
:icononizai:OniZai 2 0
The Paths to True Salvation
Through the dark abyss these eyes have gazed,
Back and forth, time to time again,
Thorns of confusion in its wake,
Rustling against me, the rhythm of pain.
Living through the agonies of life,
Unbearable, more so to a fragile heart,
Restlessly writhing in its place,
The dark malice, its content sung by a bard.
These tiring eyes turned upon the sky,
Glimmering, the lights of the northern star,
Piercing through the darkness,
Hope, a shield dented with my scars.
Despite its presence the pain keeps coming,
Endlessly, like that of a heavy rain,
Intensifying with the winds,
Grounded, the will is surely strained.
Discard all hope; Bring about your own destruction!
In your wake shall you find your true salvation.
:icononizai:OniZai 0 9
Ooopsie R2 by OniZai
Mature content
Ooopsie R2 :icononizai:OniZai 0 8
Ooopsie by OniZai
Mature content
Ooopsie :icononizai:OniZai 0 4
Through the Desperate Times
Within the darkness of the heart
A barren land, filled only by sadness
The painful thorns of life lingers freely
As the depressed soul howled for the goddess.
To his throat is the knife of sorrow,
With a wild glare, he damned himself to hell
For an unsung love dwells deeply in his heart
Never would it be realised from its cell.
Through the cold steel the blood has flown,
Shouting in pain, the body and the soul
And with it the ground shook a thousand times,
The fallen tears being black as coal.
Yet the aura of darkness is no more,
Wings of light, the angel has come
Never did he know of her love for him,
Sincerely shown through the lines of her poem.
With a sweet smile she landed a kiss,
Healing the wounds, the tender touch of her hands
Bringing their bosoms together in lust,
Through the swivel of the tongues she whispered this strand;
"Never in your life should you surrender,
For you will prevail with a true lover."
:icononizai:OniZai 0 4
Searching for a flower -
To find it at last,
Blooming in someone's hands.
:icononizai:OniZai 1 4
Tied Up - sketch by OniZai
Mature content
Tied Up - sketch :icononizai:OniZai 2 15

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Ong Chai
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
An ordinary guy who wish to express myself through my works, whatever the medium may be, whether it is about my feelings and view of the world or the ideas that keep me up all night in my head.

I must say that I am not creative by nature, but I do find the occasional burst from time to time. Its only recent that I have return, but I hope to keep the ball rolling around here.


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Its been a while.


How many years has it been? Probably close to five years since I posted anything here. Not sure. Many things happen between now and then.

Where to start? I graduated with a diploma in hand, found work as a draftsman and not long after that promoted as a clerk of work at a construction site. Things were going smooth back then, too smooth. I picked up scale modeling along the way, made new connections and what not. Then after the contract ended, things really went down from there.

Not having any immediate job I went ahead with another company as a draftsman again at the suggestion of my friend, But the environment there was very stressful, not because of the work pressure but the whole office dynamics and unreasonable demands. Call it a lack of professionalism on both the company and myself. After nearly a year I quit, thinking of taking my degrees next. But I didn't finish it, perhaps I was not on the right mindset. Maybe what I actually wanted to do was to escape the previous stressful environment. Basically I didn't handle it well, and that carried on to the latest employment I was in. That too, didn't last long...

Its been a few months now, but I'm getting by with support of my family and friends plus the few odd jobs I get now and then.
I met a group of guys, supportive and cool to each other but none of that toxic behavior like back stabbing and what not. Their positivity was what helped me get my head straight. I never felt that good for so long that we're basically a brotherhood by now. Good people with good backgrounds of their own too.

So, should I blame that company that really gave me a headache? Nah, not really. I blame myself for being naive, too idealistic in a world where people would do anything to get what they want. I blame myself for not preparing myself well in advance, for being too lenient and spoiled. You know what they say about experiences, it really taught me important lessons in my, previously sheltered, life.

What now you might ask? Well, my birthday is coming soon and I can't believe I'll be 26 years old by then. If I were to plan my life right back then, I could have built a good career by now and begin to think of setting up businesses. Get married too. But I think that's something akin to fantasy by now. For now I will be rebuild myself again, starting by getting a proper job and later on making a career from it. Also not to work hard, but work smart as well. Put those life lessons I just learned to good use and make up for the time lost fooling around to live my life right this time around.

I'm sure by now this seems more than just a lil' bump and its probably going to be that way. Lately in my free time I have discovered a passion for doing mechanical designs, especially cars. Found this website as well as Scott Robertson's Youtube videos and learned a few things from there that will benefit me not just for technical mechanical drawings but to my anime/manga sketches as well.

Did I mentioned that I picked up scale modeling as a hobby? I wonder if its ok if I would upload pictures of them here. Do tell if anyone want to see my work. Its not spectacular, nothing out of the ordinary. I am still a beginner myself, but I would like to hear feedback on where I did good and where I need improvements. As for poetry, I felt like I have become rusty in my writings as it might be evident from this journal (lol) but I will take note when I do have that occasional sparks of inspiration. This goes for my drawings as well.

Can't believe I spent all night typing this down that its morning now. Just finished doing detail painting on a scale model car commissioned by my friend before typing this, so I think I will end it here for now. Looking forward to be active again and hoping for a good return next year as I go about rebuilding my life. The same goes to you guys and til next time, cheers!


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