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New Website//

dashadengerphoto.com / @dashadengerphoto

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Hey everyone!

I'm posting like crazy lately, so exciting to be back into doing what I love (aside from portrait photography, which I love equally! :D )

One thing I've noticed since I've come back to DA is the lack of feedback on posts.
Just doing the math it seems strange that per deviation I post, on average only one comment is being exchanged.

I have over 8,500 watchers, so to get only one or two comments/minimal views on deviants just seems really odd. Doesn't it? :\

I personally don't care about all the popular faving and raving, I just think if someone who has build up such a big following over the past 4/5 years gets no feedback.. how are the rest of deviants surviving who have 1000 of watchers or less?

I know I've been away for a while, so please, if anyone knows why the numbers have dropped so much in the community let me know, I'd love to be in the loop! haha

Also, please don't think that I'm here whining about not having thousands of faves on all my pictures!! You cought me and my evil plan, waaaaaaaah!

Hahah, no, I'm just curious to find out why there's such a lack of feedback (comments and views) not favs. (which, let's not be shy everyone, we all enjoy receiving ;) )

Thanks so much for your time you guys!! :hug:

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Hey Guys!

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a good day & plenty of fun on this rad day :hug:

I wish you all to be happy, in love and content with life, no matter how messy it might be :)

Here's a little featured to "greenefy" your day :aww:


Green is the colour by Karine-Despeaux :: Clover :: by Liek :: Dropshots' :: by Liek :: Black lady :: by Liek
Planting a Little Luck... by its-saiby :thumb290661256: Au Naturel by onixa Call me Ting... by Ellaide
time flies fast. by simoendli walking clover. by simoendli don't forget the tea time. by simoendli Souls by nairafee
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3 min read

Hey guys!!!

So in the past few years, basically since 2009-now I haven't done much macro/nature work.
I know, it sucks. I've really been neglecting my inner passion for nature because of my portrait business,  but this year, I'm really feeling a come back.

It's spring here now, 75 almost everyday. The trees are ready to burst with leaves, first flowers are popping out of the ground & Dasha Denger is ready to capture it all! I wish this year I could get a macro lens for my new Canon 1DS but having a tight budget, it's back to my little Nikon D70 & sigma 50mm like all the years before!

Anyway, since it was so nice out today, went out and took some neat macros of daises, crocus and some other kind of flowers all round my area. As this week/month progresses more and more things are going to grow & it's going to be an overload of new images!

I really hope you guys are going to enjoy my new work, it's primarily doing to be the same style, nothing has really changed in that department :D

Thanks so much for reading this journal, I'll try to keep updated as much as I can. Been extremely busy with the portrait business, so I hope I'll keep them both balanced this year!

Have a good one,

Light my Fire by dansch :thumb205530967: :thumb275766430:

Voilet by tt2008 Nutella and strawberry by tt2008 Spring L o v e by xDeepLovex

:thumb290257280: :thumb290304967: :thumb289278301:
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1 min read
Hey guys!

It came to my attention that my Dreamy Light action was not working.

Sorry it took so long to fix/upload, but it's done now, feel free to download the use. Everything works with Photoshop CS5 now.

Dreamy Light Action by onixa

I'll try to make some more tonight & have it up on my shop for purchase.

All the best!
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