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Hey everyone!

I'm posting like crazy lately, so exciting to be back into doing what I love (aside from portrait photography, which I love equally! :D )

One thing I've noticed since I've come back to DA is the lack of feedback on posts.
Just doing the math it seems strange that per deviation I post, on average only one comment is being exchanged.

I have over 8,500 watchers, so to get only one or two comments/minimal views on deviants just seems really odd. Doesn't it? :\

I personally don't care about all the popular faving and raving, I just think if someone who has build up such a big following over the past 4/5 years gets no feedback.. how are the rest of deviants surviving who have 1000 of watchers or less?

I know I've been away for a while, so please, if anyone knows why the numbers have dropped so much in the community let me know, I'd love to be in the loop! haha

Also, please don't think that I'm here whining about not having thousands of faves on all my pictures!! You cought me and my evil plan, waaaaaaaah!

Hahah, no, I'm just curious to find out why there's such a lack of feedback (comments and views) not favs. (which, let's not be shy everyone, we all enjoy receiving ;) )

Thanks so much for your time you guys!! :hug:

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Hey Guys!

Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a good day & plenty of fun on this rad day :hug:

I wish you all to be happy, in love and content with life, no matter how messy it might be :)

Here's a little featured to "greenefy" your day :aww:


Green is the colour by Karine-Despeaux :: Clover :: by Liek :: Dropshots' :: by Liek :: Black lady :: by Liek
Planting a Little Luck... by its-saiby :thumb290661256: Au Naturel by onixa Call me Ting... by Ellaide
time flies fast. by simoendli walking clover. by simoendli don't forget the tea time. by simoendli Souls by nairafee

Hey guys!!!

So in the past few years, basically since 2009-now I haven't done much macro/nature work.
I know, it sucks. I've really been neglecting my inner passion for nature because of my portrait business,  but this year, I'm really feeling a come back.

It's spring here now, 75 almost everyday. The trees are ready to burst with leaves, first flowers are popping out of the ground & Dasha Denger is ready to capture it all! I wish this year I could get a macro lens for my new Canon 1DS but having a tight budget, it's back to my little Nikon D70 & sigma 50mm like all the years before!

Anyway, since it was so nice out today, went out and took some neat macros of daises, crocus and some other kind of flowers all round my area. As this week/month progresses more and more things are going to grow & it's going to be an overload of new images!

I really hope you guys are going to enjoy my new work, it's primarily doing to be the same style, nothing has really changed in that department :D

Thanks so much for reading this journal, I'll try to keep updated as much as I can. Been extremely busy with the portrait business, so I hope I'll keep them both balanced this year!

Have a good one,

Light my Fire by dansch :thumb205530967: :thumb275766430:

Voilet by tt2008 Nutella and strawberry by tt2008 Spring L o v e by xDeepLovex

:thumb290257280: :thumb290304967: :thumb289278301:
Hey guys!

It came to my attention that my Dreamy Light action was not working.

Sorry it took so long to fix/upload, but it's done now, feel free to download the use. Everything works with Photoshop CS5 now.

Dreamy Light Action by onixa

I'll try to make some more tonight & have it up on my shop for purchase.

All the best!
So, hey there mates! How's it been hanging? A little to the right I see ;D haha jk.
Got to love my movie quotes! Can you guess which movie the "How's it hanging ____, a little to the right I see." is from?? :D

Anyway, back to the topic, today I'm introducing the new.... drum roll please!


Since there's so many "artists" out there who all want a piece of me, which is very flattering don't get me wrong, I've decided to give you some extra "advertising" for your business. Hope you enjoy ;)

When I see you paste your name on top of my images it makes me feel like i have a cold! All hot and cozy, but at the same time sweating & discussed. ;)

So, thanks too all who take my work & make it theirs, it makes for one hell of a good compliment.

But nevertheless, you are all idiots.
Thus, you belong in my new wall of shame. :)

The first contestant to enter into my AMAZING, if I say so myself, Wall Of Shame is this person!
Don't forget to clap, they enjoy the attention ;)

%^&*>>>>>>>>>>>> Enver Erem <<<<<<<<<<< $^&*

Welly welly welly welly welly welly welly well, Enver!
I see you've been a naughty boy you have, taking my old photograph back from 2009 and giving it some of the old up-dating.

Here you go Enver, enjoy! All the attention in the world, here's a little sample of your work, against mine. Just so the audience has a little clue as to why you are featured here ;)

Enver seems to claim that this photograph::…
(And just so you don't get all flustered & remove the photograph, here's a little screencapture I saved up.… )

When the reality is, oh yes the reality is, the photo is actually 2 years old!
Oh my oh my, what do we have here? A screencapture of MY computer & the folder to where I saved that image to as well... all the way back in June 6th, 2009.…

PS. Also!! Don't forget, that I too uploaded this photo back in 2009 here on deviantart! How funny, same photo, two different watermarks! ;D

Tell me something? Why did you do it? Not enough time to go out and take some shots like this on your own?
I'll tell you this, that photo isn't my most compelling work, really. I've gotten much better since 2009, and believe you me, you could probably take a photo just like that all by yourself. :)
Really, i had a crap camera and a cheap lens, and yet I managed to take that photograph just fine. Now, why couldn't you do the same?

Well kiddos, that's going to be all for tonight. I need to go get me self a bit of the old shut-eye. :D

If you see anyone behaving badly, let me know. And I'll feature them in my next....
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Hey guys!!!!

My goodness, it's been so long. I miss this place so much. But life, you know how it goes, it's got me so busy all the time.
I'm working on building my business right now, my Dasha Denger Photography business. I'm always busy now doing senior portraits and family stuff that I never have any time for some macro work! I did recently do some small macro works with some daisies, but of course I don't have enough time to do any actual editing due to a large amount of portrait works haha.

I'm doing fine though. Just recently did a fashion photo shoot with a couple friends of mine, and it was all done with a Polaroid camera!!! How exciting! (recently got one of those Fuji's Instax 210!)
Here's a link if anyone is interested in looking:
It's called: Retro Summer…

Please be sure to like my facebook page if you enjoy my works, I'd really appreciate it!!!

Well, the reason why I made this tutorial actually isn't to rant about my life, haha, but to ask you all a question.
I'm in the process of writing a tutorial for a magazine. Actually, I haven't even begun to write it, so that's why I need some help!

The tutorial will be featured in Australia's new magazine, "Photoshop Projects" it's only their 4th issue I believe, and they asked me to submit something by the 18th of June.

I'm a photographer by nature, thus, writing a photoshop tutorial isn't what I'm best at.
So, what do you think I should focus on?

I was thinking something perhaps along these lines:

- Editing with Selective Colors (for fashion photography)
- How to make custom emblems & decorations (for branding purposes)
- How to edit Polaroid images in Photoshop. ...
- How to take & edit "Coffee Splash" photos. (from my old tutorial on how to make a splashing coffee photograph)

Anything else you can think of??? I really don't know. And I don't want to let them down, because I do love making tutorials ;D

I'll make a POLL as well if that'd be easier for you guys. I hope someone will vote, I can really use some of your help!!!
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Hey everyone... So I've been a lazy prick for a while now.. and haven't written in my journal or posted much of anything lately, except for my paintings!

Which is the reason why I'm writing this journal right now haha. Otherwise I'd be in my bed sleeping right now, it's almost 3 am :D

Anyway! My 400,000 kiriban is coming up pretty soon here. I can't say it's nothing important, because it is.. in a way. I appreciate all the view you guys give to my work and me in general. It's something everyone always strives to achieve. I remember in around 2008/2009 (can't even remember when I made this account haha. :rofl: ) I had high hopes for my photography page and always wished to get well known like :iconliek: or :iconzemotion:. And even though I can't say I'm nearly as well known as they are, I am very happy to be where I am today!

On that note, I'd like to do a little "contest" I suppose. :)

If you can catch my 400,000 pageviews with an actual screen shot, I will do a commission work.

PRIZE: 1 Custom Disney Character Commission Painting work of your choice.

I'm working on my latest painting right now, Mulan from the Disney movie. I will be done shortly and I will post it here for you all to see.
I also very much appreciate all the response I got for my Ariel painting!!!!
Hoping to do many more Disney paintings in the near future!

Well kiddos, that's it for now! You know the contest, I hope you participate.
Thanks so much for your views/comments/favs/ and general support. I always appreciate them all, even if I don't reply to every single one :hug:
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Interested in Buying a Camera :)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 7, 2010, 12:23 PM
Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't been around much, been pretty busy with my business and other things lately. :)

I hope everyone is well :hug:

I am interested in buying the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II
I have looked everywhere! for one of these, and they are soo hard to find.
So many people waay over-price these babies especially on ebay :(

Does anyone know of a place where it's a reliable used camera store to buy?
OR is anyone interested in selling???

I already got a lens, I just need the BODY preferred with neck strap, battery etc..

I can go as high as 1500, no higher. Money is very tight right now, and I just don't want to wait any longer because I wish to provide my clients with only the best quality picture, and right now as you can see, it's not 100% satisfying haha.

Any help would be appreciated :hug:
Thanks so much everyone! :w00t:

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My Calendar came in!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 25, 2010, 2:48 PM
Calendar 2011!

Today morning my Calendar Tea Cup Delight came to my front porch!!!

I'm so excited, it's fantastic!

Here are some example shots- CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE SLIDESHOW…

Is anyone interested in buying one?

If people will be interested in purchasing one, please NOTE ME And we'll talk over details ;)

:w00t: Everyone have a great weekend, here are a few features as well :heart:

Tea Party by arhcamt tea by 9songs Tea break by janisDA Tea break by janisDA Vintage Tea by WildWinyan Tea BOOM by Tamerlana Splash by Tamerlana Just add sugar by Tamerlana Rose Tea by peachjuice The tea party by The-optimist The tea party II by The-optimist The tea party III by The-optimist Tea Time by pinkparis1233 tea time by glowingkitten Tea party 1 by loLO-o tea? by magentaseaside afternoon tea by aimeelikestotakepics It's tea time. by Lukreszja a cup of tea by prismes let's have tea by MVDO sun is shining by vitzy love: by vitzy you: by vitzy one and only by vitzy

Hello! :D

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 11, 2010, 9:24 PM
Hello once again! My subscription ended a while ago, thus I couldn't post anything new. Not that it's an excuse :giggle:
Thank you all very much for all the views and support, I have been meaning to say thanks for everything for a while now :hug:

As a great deal of appreciation to my dear friend, :iconacacia13: I would like to support her by asking my dear friends to support her!

She entered a contest with the :iconthefavouriteshowcase:, and is currently doing well! Nevertheless the competition is close and it would be a lot to her to win this contest! :w00t:

So please, if you don't know about this contest, go to this page and see all the info:

Cold Stare by Acacia13 Cold Stare by Acacia13 Cold Stare by Acacia13 Cold Stare by Acacia13 Cold Stare by Acacia13 Cold Stare by Acacia13 :giggle:

You may view & vote! here

Both me and Natalia would be very appreciative of your support :love: :blowkiss:

Update on the thief :)

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 3:21 PM
WELLL! This time she is sending me threatening emails :rofl:

Amazing huh!
Take a look:

She's telling me that it's baaaad that I put her in my journal, and that she in fact can have alll of my photos. Oh, and also don't forget that in the email she also mentioned that she is making money of off my photos as well.

Well you know what I have to say to that, dear annaics?

You can keep selling your "imaginative" photos that are actually mine. And you can also keep posting them on your Flickr account (by the way she's like a virus on flickr :giggle:) and here on DA.
But guess what? Sooner or later you will get banned. And yes, perhaps you'll make another account and start the same thing all over again, but what you don't realize is that you won't win :)
No matter how much money you make of off my photos, no matter how much "fame" will come from them to you, you will not win. Why? Because they aren't your and someday you will realize that your so called "popularity" or your money which you made of off them is fake and really quite pathetic.

If you are reading this please know, from here on, I will not respond to anything you say.
So good luck Hun, keep doing what you're doing. It looks like it's working for you, right?
ps. next time when you want to insult me or "scare" me with your emails/comments, use spell check ;) I can't even take you seriously because you can't spell "your" :heart:

What I wanted to actually say before I was so RUDELY interrupted by someone :rofl:

Is that from now on I will be making smaller sized deviations. No bigger then 500px
It sucks, I know, but if deviantart can't take care of their own members and their disrespect, it will just have to be so. So, Small size and big watermark! :w00t: If you don't like it, tell her to *** off :hug:

And also, I might be considering putting some deviations in storage.. How do you do that? I can't seem to figure ou where to click to hide the deviations. Can anyone with morals help?

Beware Deviants! More Features!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 22, 2010, 9:27 AM
Be more RESPECTFUL by onixa

So, as many of you may know people on DA are getting worse and worse. Everyone is stealing from each other, re-posting images on DA from photobucket and whatnot and they expect that people will be nice to them. What morons really..

Anyway, I had some dumb chick steal one of my latest coffee splashes photo. And the fact is, she's not even being discrete about it!!! :rofl:  What a stupid person indeed.

She stole my photo, took my (C) off (which you can see clear as day that it was "smudged" off in photoshop), said to everyone not to use "her" photos without her permission and also... disabled comments after I honestly told another deviant not to comment/fav on that image considering it wasn't hers.

So this person got mad. She told me "Bleh .. bla bla bla you suck" and also informed me today morning that she in fact could have any image she so chooses from my gallery.  How sweet, eh.

Here is proof so everyone knows who it is:

First encounter. Why do I suck? What did I do to her? I have no idea :rofl:

Today morning. :)

My image with the so lovely removed watermark. This is truly a work of a desperate person for attention!

Me being completely calm and honest. I guess that pissed her of too ha ha

Anyway. This journal was made so everyone could finally UNDERSTAND what some people have to deal with when others think we're just being drama queens. Because for artists who actually CARE about their work, people like these are just a bit too idiotic to even consider them enemy lol.

I reported that image countless time, however no response yet. I know that permission issues are one of the last priorities of mods, but seriously, common! If people could report that image as well, I'm sure it would help to push it through. And maybe, just maybe... that wonderful deviant will be banned. :heart:

On a lighter note! :giggle: Here are some features from my recent favs! :hug:

FEATURES: simondfilip

:thumb165536998: :thumb165748939: :thumb168176370: :thumb164969115: :thumb168046217: :thumb167432397: :thumb167202217: :thumb166860570: :thumb166859718: :thumb166009967: :thumb165885595: :thumb165341936: :thumb165223785:

Other features! :w00t:

I'll always be by ur side.. by light-from-Emirates the scent of summer. by escaped-emotions catching a ray of light by XStone more yellow birds by ausgetraeumt Never Say Never.. by Khomenko S.w.e.e.t by roxagrama Made of Gold. III by SelinaValeska love by Megson i won't fall down by sinanTR :thumb167983185: :thumb167970237: :thumb165134690: :thumb152143459: :thumb126918063:

I hope everyone is doing well today! :sun:
And please, be respectful and kind when commenting on anything. People will respond with what you give them ;)

Hapy Father's Day!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 20, 2010, 9:11 PM
Happy father's day everyone!!!

First journal since December :faint:
Here are some features for this fine holiday. To all of you who are Dad's congrads! To all who have them congrads! And to those that don't, just have a good day anyway :sun:

Day time by meganjoy :thumb165373575: higher and higher by Megson Daily Spirits by Lady-Tori Keep going by Karisca :thumb168311075: Secret garden by ZanaSoul A beautiful day.. by ZanaSoul :thumb168346303: :thumb154686340: :thumb151117591: sea of camomile I by miezeTatze violet. by impatienss :thumb168108765: :thumb167483842: 162 by YanaBondareva 24 by YanaBondareva 54 by YanaBondareva 60 by YanaBondareva Pocketful of Dreams by AnjaRoehrich


Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2009, 2:30 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! :party: :w00t: :love:

I hope in this new 2010 year everyone will have love, happiness, health and joy in their lives and hearts!

It's so important to have someone special near you on this magical night and everyone must make a wish in this new year when the clock hits 12:00!!! :)

And for those on the other side, happy beladed new year :giggle: You are so lucky to have already lived a moment in this new year!! :w00t:

I will be having a party at my house with my best friends, and I hope you all do the same!
Cherish your family, love, friends and everyone around you! Because those are the most important people you will ever come accross in your lifetime.

Happy New Year babies, and have a blast in 2010!!! :hug:

Here is something little from me to you!

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 20, 2009, 11:56 AM

Today morning as I was sitting by my computer editing recent photos from my last photoshoot my father came into the room and told me that Brittany Murphy had just died...

I was awstruck, it's unbelievably sad!
I just rented my favourite movie of all time, Just Married with her and Ashton Kutcher. I was devistated when Natasha Richardson died in March of this year, than Michael Jackson and then this!!!

This year needs to end asap because it has taken so many good people, I'm starting to get worried!

They say she died last night after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.  My goodness... she was only 32 too. :(

R.I.P Brittany Murphy, you will be remembered in your best movies and in our hearts :heart:

Thank you everyone who also loved her, here is a little feature :love:

Incomplete by bubblegumcandy16 i love brittany by cweeks Murphy by jucyjesy82 Brittany Murphy by remnantrising Brittany by jessjess10 Brittany Murphy by accantis Brittany Murphy by CharadaBrasileiro Brittany Murphy by mediamaster :thumb37148383: Brittany Murphy. by cassie93 Brittany Murphy by donvito62 Brittany Murphy. by goucho :thumb82730049: Brittany Murphy by blinktastic Brittany by K-Young86 Brittany Murphy Colourization by FiFiiiii :thumb143243008: Brittany Murphy Blend by quidwitch Brittany Murphy by saliha16 brittany murphy by toonekked :thumb77119100: Brittany Murphy Vector by ghastlinessNET :thumb29611232: Brittany Murphy 1 by meli30stm Brittany Murphy by attila0427

Feature: Fantastic Artists

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 19, 2009, 9:43 AM


Riladel by Somb-ra Sleepy Hollow by Somb-ra Sleepy Hollow. by Somb-ra Eat me alive... by Somb-ra Asphyxia by Somb-ra ...And spiderman is having me by Somb-ra


:thumb130954370: :thumb124784467: :thumb124525498: :thumb115198536: :thumb125337481: :thumb71004175: :thumb77643632:


returning home by ElectronCloud miasma of a dream by ElectronCloud where has my heart gone by ElectronCloud bathroom story by ElectronCloud nerd by ElectronCloud


:thumb147172587: Hindsight by JaimeIbarra :thumb145636923: :thumb134418147: :thumb137510496: And Breathe... by JaimeIbarra

:heart: Merry Christmas everyone :snowflake:

I am creating a new Magazine called


dotie. cover issue 1 by onixa

What will it be about?

It will be about Fashion, Tips & How to's, photography, stories, poems, articles, and of course features!

I hope to feature best works in my new magazine, and have people send in their submissions to be featured.
If someone has interesting stories that they wrote, they can send them in to be featured, as well as photos!

How will it look?</b>

The entire magazine will be HIP!
The cover of the magazine will be of course the best image that was selected from all of the submissions, it won't necessarily be mine.

The inside of the magazine will be layed out as such:

1. Cover Image
2. Info page & Credits
3. Some of my best images from a certain project.
4. Featured people & their submissions
5. Stories & poems & such... will be layed out in between features.
6. Tip on Fashion trends, make-up how-to's by various people who submit or who I choose.
7. At the end of the issue, everyone who participated will be credited.
8. The second best image which is submitted, will be the Back Cover Image.

Where can I get this wondrous piece of art work?

This magazine will be available for purchase from
However, it will be available for preview on

All appropriate links will be send out when the issue is available for purchase. :aww:

What can I send in?

:bulletred: People/Portraits/Fashion Photography
:bulletred: Short Stories. Nothing gory please
:bulletred: Drawings/Paintings that GO with a certain poem/story (Must go with something, can't just be a doodle!
:bulletred: Poems & Quotes etc... something short and meaningful!
:bulletred: Advertising.  Free for now, just make it an interesting layout, or I will redo the ad if it doesn't meet the basic standards. :)
:bulletred: Interviews with a different photographer. Say, you interviewed zemotion and got permission from her to feature her works in the magazine, you can send in the entire written out interview with her images and have it featured. Everyone of course will be credited!
:bulletred: Nature related photographs. Once again, it has to go with a story or something written. Otherwise, it will just be featured in the back as a 1-per-page-photo-feature.

What can't I submit?

:bulletblack: You may not submit anything Nude/Porn/Gory/Offensive/That isn't yours!
:bulletblack: A stick figure doodle... It's an art magazine, not a doodle away color-book.
:bulletblack: Images that have copyright written on them. They must be clean images, trust me, you will get credited enough! :giggle:

What will it look like?

This magazine will be like a picture book.
Like a photo-book if you may, not like "people-magazine"
But more like a photo book :aww:

It will kind of be like the magazine

So, if you want examples of what kind of works I'm looking for, search Lula magazine and see their images.

What's the idea behind the name?

It is my nick name, dotie
Plus, I think it's a cute name for an easy-going magazine :giggle:

What will this magazine feature?

Anything that appeals to me.
Fashion mostly, but any other photography that I think fits the theme or the idea.

The theme for the most part is simple Nothing complicated, easy and simple images but with style and grace. No snap-shots or "myspace" images please.

Only well created, thought out and quality works please! It's not a "pile everything together" type of magazine, it has to have style and be appealing to everyone! :heart:

For more information please email me to and ask :aww:

To submit please follow this link:…

Best regards,

Want to be featured in a Magazine?

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2009, 8:15 PM


SUBMIT HERE: think twice before you do ;)…

Articel Here:…

Hello my darlings, how are you today?

I had a great day, and a great thanksgiving, how about you all?

I really hope everyone ate plenty of turkey haha :hug:
Anywho, geting back to the main point :D haha

Introduction to my idea

I would like to start a magazine.
It's name will probably be called dotie.

Issue #1 Cover

dotie. cover issue 1 by onixa

I will feature my photography, mostly fashion. And I would like to feature who ever submits their work to me!!!

I will feature whatever I feel is good enough. If you get a comfirmation email, then you will probably be featured, if not, don't take it offensively, but I just want to keep it good quality :hug:

All kinds of photography will be featured, but only Fashion related will be featured first, then whatever other medias will follow towards the end of the issue. :)

I will post a link to it later, when i make one haha.

But anyway, here is
Some more info:

1. it will be mostly online, and I will make it with either Magcloud of
2. you, your photo, your bio, and your works will be featured!
3. in the back, most likely, you and everyone else who is featured of course will be credited :)
4. if your work is not fashion related, you will still get your feature, but just either at the end of the issue, or after all the fashion related features :)
5. they will be available for buy online, but will most likely not be sold anywhere else. :)
6. only the best image will make the cover. it won't be mine, unless i want it to be for that issue. mostly, however, i will try to make it someone else :)
7. it will be kind of like the Lula Magazine :) More of a Picture book, rather then a magazine with a ton of writing haha.

If someone could be so kind as to tell me one thing:
1. would this be considered "news"
Because it would get a ton more publisity and more people would be interested if i posted it as news.. but i didn't because i wasnt sure if it was. So, if someone could be so kind as to tell me, i'd greatly appreciate it :cuddle:

Have a great night everbody! Happy satuday night! haha :w00t:


New Project on Behance

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 7, 2009, 8:28 PM

I have a new project out on
and I would appreciate if someone could give me so feedback :)

(click on the image to view project)

If you don't have a Behance network accout it's alright, your time is already cherished and appreciated! :aww:

Have a splendid week everyone! :sun:


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