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WARNING!!:: The file is very big!!!

Link to photos made with this Tut

argg finally! haha a tutorial.. :)
omg.. lol. it took like.. 2 hours but hey its done XD yay.. lol.

anyway, the tutorial pretty much explains everything its self, i dont really need to say anything else.

however, here is the link to the Action by Demolitionn

Please enjoy!
If you have any questions, Post Them here!!! and not in notes, this is just much easier and simpler to get to :)
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:iconthankyouflowerplz: for this wonderful tutorial. :heart:
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I can barely read that... =( The words are so tiny and white against bright blue.
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Weeee so pretty. ^_^ Can't wait to try it.
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Very helpful!!!!
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Thanks for the info:)
When I've got time I will give it a go
Thanks alot!Very helpful.
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Очень понравился урок!:)
хорошая Работа!
А у тебя нет случайно уроков на русском фотошопе?=)
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Harochaia ideia, pokazat natchinaiuchnikom kak ia, kak ispolzovat Photoshop!

... i don't speak Russian very well, sorry! ^-^"
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simply amazing!
thank you so much!
I was never even able to figure how photoshop actions worked until now.
thank you so much!
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Awesome. Just awesome!
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Hey thanks! I tried out the new tricks you taught in [link] . I always wondered how people made their photos so lively. Thanks so much for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing!
I have photoshop CS and in the blur filter there is no surface blur. Is there any other blur (average, blur, blur more, gaussian blur, lens blur, motion blur or smart blur) that will have the same or similar effect?
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You are amazing! D
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Nice Tuto!

Thanks! :D
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:) no problem, thank you!
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You were featuerd here: [link] Very helpful tutorial you've made, thank you =)
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:) Pasibo bol'zhoe!! :D
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mm...english please :)
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thanks so much!=D
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