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yet another shot from the photoshoot.

You will most likely be seeing much more of these ^^
I have so many, but some look to much a like, so we'll see how many ill put it up ^^

Question>> What Color Schemed do you want the next photo to be?
  • Red
  • Blue+Green
  • Green

    --- ---

    I hope you enjoy it. I also have this one in a square format... but i thought that this was better ^^

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    Reaneys's avatar
    Wow, I am stunned.
    withering-lily's avatar
    Glittery and stunning :love:
    fairieswatchoverme's avatar
    This pic is so comforting and beautiful. Makes you go all fuzzy inside.
    Natany's avatar
    :faint: Im really love this shot! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    sidenote's avatar
    I love how the plant seems to divide the shot, giving you a clean half and a "dirty" half. The colors are great in this shot, too.
    Suinaliath's avatar
    I loooove Goldenrod and goldeny colors. The color scheme is BEAUTIFUL, and the subject is captivating. Love it~
    Sortvind's avatar
    I usually do not like series, since they repeat themself, but you manage to make them stand out. Love this piece, so warm and nice :heart:
    onixa's avatar
    thank you :hug:
    well i dont like to repeat my self... but i just couldnt help my self on these once... they all are just to good XD haha.

    thanks so much :heart:
    L6a2's avatar
    This reminds me of christmas and the whole atmosphere of winter holidays: D
    leocbrito's avatar
    Fabulous! this shot is extremelly beautiful, I love the gold color! This bokeh really add a stunning effect :aww:
    lamour13's avatar
    Simply amazing shot :faint:
    snowmask's avatar
    You're making me craaave a half bottle of d'Yquem '96... the intensity of the gold is so compelling I can almost taste the divine sweetness.
    dandelgrosso's avatar
    Beautiful colours :clap:
    Maang's avatar
    That is mind-blowingly incredibly gorgeous.
    Just, WOW.
    silverbrokenwings's avatar
    Oh oh!! *waves hand* blue + green!!
    onixa's avatar
    frenzforbenefit's avatar
    Bojkovski's avatar
    beautiful tone, light, bokeh... excellent shot
    uae4u's avatar
    i love those colors, and the bokeh is great
    zjuzjaka's avatar
    oops, u did it again..))
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