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Trainer Sprite Spree

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My attempts at pixel art, namely Pokemon trainer sprites. Pretty damn easy to make after you've gotten the basics down.

Top tier from left;
Random cop based off Excalibur's Pete Wisdom, random girl, Gargoyles' Macbeth. random kid, X-men's Angel, Australia's Drover, random chick, X-Men's Northstar, random cute archeologist, X-men's Gambit.

Bottom tier;
Random chick based off WWE's Lita, a trio of blondes based of X-Men's Stepford Cuckoos, Captain Nemo-ish character, Gargoyles' Jackal, young Avatar Roku, evil priest based off X-men's William Stryker, good doctor based off my Transhuman Ratchet, Gargoyles' David Xanatos and Gunslinger Girl's Henrietta.

Enjoy. :)
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TRDarnocStudent Digital Artist

are these free use?

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PokebladeREDHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey i'm looking for battlers for my heroic fantasy pokemon fangame pokemon mana, and some of your battlers looks awesome! Can i use them please it will be so kind of you ^^!
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OniwanbashuProfessional Digital Artist
Sure thing, but be sure to credit me in your work. 
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PokebladeREDHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes of course it is perfectly normal, thanks a lot for your contribution and your amazing work :)
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Hey oniwanbashu, I was wondering if I could possibly use a sprite in the picture as a base for another avatar I wanna make for another site. It'd be the bottom row, most left, you Lita sprite. (by the way, didn't she normally wear black pants and a green top? Could just be a one time outfit i'm remembering.)
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OniwanbashuProfessional Digital Artist
Go right ahead!
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WILDGOLD333339Hobbyist General Artist
may i use these for a project of mine
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Not bad. I Rom hack - for now it's a personal project so there's no point in crediting yet - but if I actually complete the damn thing then sure. P.s. If you really want to be legit use only 16 colors (save as a 16 colorbit map if possible to keep it that way :p) - and if you want to be loved- index it because it's a bitch to do -.-; (well when you have a many sprites w/o photoshop it is).
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can I have permission to use the sprite for my two headed female Ocs?
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OniwanbashuProfessional Digital Artist
Go ahead ^^ Just remember to credit
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Lol, very funny description and great work.
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AxelHensonHobbyist Artist
sweet. you should make avatars based off of anime characters, or even celebrities XD okay, maybe not celebrities.
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that gambit is SOOOO epic!!!
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wow, these are good~
great job! c:
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super cute! I can never figure pixel art out. :( love the details! <3
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wow you made these? that's so cool! i guess you have to use a special program to do this sort of thing, right?
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firestar0692 Photographer
Long time,no see!Awesome sprites.Hope to see more from you soon.
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eeehhhehhehhhehehehhehehhhehhhehehhe kawaaaaai....
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Gotta love the drover, go Hugh Jackman!
Ill3h's avatar
I don't recognize most of the characters, but this is spiffy !_!

<333 I'd like to see more, yes please <3
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you must show me your secret. :P
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OKami-huHobbyist General Artist
I'm not into Pokemon, but d'awwg, Gargoyles, that brings back memories. XD And X-men. And Transhumans.

For a first pixel submission, that's pretty awesome.
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WynautHobbyist Traditional Artist
I do like Angel and Gambit ^-^
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ERI-16Student General Artist
That is sooo cool! I did the Elisa Maza and Demona as a Human.
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