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Sins of the Father: Prologue Pg 1

In which Ghetsis gets his movie night ideas for his adopted kiddies from A Clockwork Orange. 
One of the many reasons N’s sort of fucked up in the head (and he gets it worse since he understands Pokemon speech while the others don’t). 

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Aaah. I don't know what to say. The art is beautiful but it makes me heart hurt to look.
BakaZick's avatar
Damn thats cruel.
But at the same time I kind of like how you picture the situations ....reality.
Oniwanbashu's avatar
As the world is ;u;
SoTF's goong for seki-realism so I'm hoping to portray the dillema in the morality of the training/catch 'em all subculture. 
xXShiningstar's avatar
Oh my god the parallels man THE PARALLELS, ripping right into it showing how messed up our world is through the poor poke's here, I love me a gritty story which is willing to confront these issues makes for some wicked morale issues!
Katarinu's avatar
I was somehow??? Not watching you??? I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
That's a cruel way to grow up.... I love the art style of yours!
Oniwanbashu's avatar
Yes, yes it is. Thank you!
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dang, this is incredible ;u;
Oniwanbashu's avatar
NintendoPie's avatar
Oh shit, first page and I'm already attached emotionally
Oniwanbashu's avatar
Thsi development pleases me eueb
wildCorvus's avatar
This! This is the reason why I think Team plasma is the only team with an reasonable goal
Oniwanbashu's avatar
They just had a terrible way of going around to get there :'D
PsychicDuelistRBD's avatar
until you learn that Gethsis was using it as a front to be able to gain power by being the only person using Pokémon
WerewolfPTStudios's avatar
Yes, but N was reasonable, he just put his faith in the wrong person and went about it the wrong way, which was completely understandable since Ghetsis raised him. I actually respect N for realizing Ghetsis's issues.
PsychicDuelistRBD's avatar
I'm glad N was a reasonable character. I felt bad for him when I learned the truth at the end of the game.
InOceansDeep's avatar
I am hooked I am so hooked on this nuzlocke I barely am so hooked on the first page. This looks like it's going to be a great nuzlocke.
Oniwanbashu's avatar
Thank you!
I hope you'll stay for the whole jorney ouob
InOceansDeep's avatar
It is my plan to see this through until the end.
YoshiofRedemption's avatar
That's a really cool approach! It makes sense why Team Plasma would be against trainers having Pokemon.

I'm surprised how N's the only traumatized one, though.
Oniwanbashu's avatar
Thank you!

The rest are too, he just has it worse since he can understand Pokemon so he hears the fear and despair and begging and pleading through the shrieks, trumpets and howls. 
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Well, that's a different approach in Pokemon. I really like what you're doing with this. Definately watching.
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