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tutorial -- repeating pattern (update)

repeating cat-wolf tile by onisuuRepeatingseine by onisuuUNICORNS EVERYWHERE by onisuu
example of how it looks on a site: |
(I lowered the opacity of the final tile to 40%)
something fun to do/try ;D
drawn in SAI/moved things in photoshop elements
in photoshop you can move things with the offset filter

PLEASE REBLOG FROM MY tumblr!! :love:

*please reblog from the source post! ^0^/ 

:new: I remade this tutorial to reflect the use of Offset rather than manual movement of elements XD
it's better! *7*))) <3

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This is very  When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) by gold94chica  
aaa thank you so much !!
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aww thank you! I"m happy you like it! :D
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Thank you! Also I love your patterns!
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is there a way to do this in sai or sai2? my laptop cant run PS it just crashes :/
Kendulun-the-Kihoryu's avatar
aah i've never been able to wrap my head around how people do this, it's super helpful :'D
cute art btw aha
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aw I'm glad it's helpful! thank youU!!
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would there be any way to do the offset in clip studio paint?
Delivary's avatar… IDK if you're still looking but this YT video helped me for Clip Studio :')
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Sorry, i've never used clip studio before. I hope someone else can answer for you^^
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Thanks for the tutorial, it really saved my sanity. I needed some chainmail and I would've gone mad drawing all the chainmail without a pattern:
Created this chainmail pattern with the help of your tutorial: Endless chainmail pattern by Sofffie
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Woahhh awesome job on that chainmail!! I'm glad this guide helped! ^^ i couldn't imagine drawing it all out by hand xD
Sofffie's avatar
Yes, that would have been very annoying.
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Hi :3
So after you've did the last step, can you save the file as .png and then colurr them in SAI~?
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Yep you can! ^__^ 
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does gimp have offset?
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Hello! Yes it does! First you want to make sure your image has its borders set to the full canvas size.
(Layer > Layer to image size)

then for offsetting:
(Layer > Transform > Offset> Offset by x/2, y/x and choose the radio button for wraparound and then click Offset)
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Excuse me please,do you still have the manual movements tutorial? I,,,don't really have photoshop heh
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Ohh I don't have the file anymore cause my computer had crashed earlier this year and some things weren't recovered T_T

1. basically, you would take note of your total canvas size. (Example: width 200 × height 400 pixels) 

2. next, open a second canvas the same size, except it is blank

3. then you crop the picture at exactly half the measurements (100 x 200), anchoring to the four different corners of the canvas each time. And each time you crop, copy and paste that corner to the diagonally opposite corner on the second, blank canvas (ex. Top right corner is pasted in the bottom left corner of the blank canvas.

4. With the original image split into the four corners of the second canvas, you should have a blank space in the middle, which you can fill in with another image :D

sorry this is all text ;_; I can try making a visual guide next time I'm on the computer! May I ask what program you use for drawing? ^^
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No no !! the more text the more helpful,thank you.
Ah ! I happen to be using Sai,MediBang,and fire alpaca. But you really don't have to !! I wouldnt want to tire you
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BTW This my last result doe
Practice by Maniac-PsychoTwins  
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Yay!! I'm happy it was helpful! wow! I love the mix of characters and lil deco arts! ^^
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aaaaaaaaaaaah i needed this thank everything
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Hehe I'm gkad it's helpful!! Also, if you don't have photoshop, you can use GIMP for free :D
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