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majora's mask -- Skullkid And Link

By onisuu
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I'm glad they became friends in the end ^- ^ ))
I finished playing majora's mask earlier this month and wanted to draw something to celebrate! ^-^ )

Link and Skull Kid from Zelda: Majora's Mask
art by onisuu
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I saw this and almost screamed. This is beautiful. You have blessed this world with this piece of art. (But seriously I really want to scream at this painting- it's too cute)
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waaaaaaoww thank you so much! I'm so delighted that you love it! ^^
GakupoXLuka4evr's avatar
your welcome! Haha, I actually did scream later after seeing it again... and then realized it was kind of late and my parents were still asleep. XD

I love your artworks! Keep it up!
nice-pr0ph3cy-guy's avatar
Thats too adorable <3
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Majora's Mask is one of my Number one favorite video games in the world!!  I love this drawing so much!  This is so cute, I love it how Link is giving Skull Kid the Ocarina with a kind smile.  I also like the way how it looks like Skull Kid is giving an adorable pout, I love the coloring and lighting with the soft shadowing.  Very beautiful!  And adorable!
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thank you so much! that game was lovely -- i really liked learning about what happened to skull kid and the consequences of his actions. It's awesome that he finds happiness in the end ^_^
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I agree.  Keep drawing!  Never stop!
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This is so cute! Not sure if I'm over-analyzing this but it looks like Link is giving him the ocarina as a gift because skullkids always love making music. <3
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Thank you! Yeah! Link is giving skull kid the ocarina as a token of friendship, kind of like how Saria gave Link one in ocarina of time. ^__^
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Haha, sweet. <3

I wasn't sure because the Ocarina of Time seems kind of a big deal of an instrument. xD Coming from a royal family and having the power to open holy places, haha. I mean Ganondorf was after to, too.
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hehe yes that's really true! It's a vital item! ^__^
I was thinking Link had had enough adventures with the ocarina (after being sent back from the adult timeline) and wanted it to bring skull kid some joy after the occurrences in majora's mask :D
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... I can't tell if that's Ben... Or just the lines of Link's hair...
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oh LOL! it does look like a stream of blood or something from his eyes! XD but it's just my bad placement of line for his side bangs~ XD
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Absolutely adorable :3 love the light bouncing effect you've used to colour this!
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Thank youuu! ^^
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" Heheh! You smell like the kid who taught me the song in the forest"

Loved that game! So hard but so much fun!
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Awww! This is a cute Art! 💕
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owww!! so cute!! ;w;
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Skullkid is so cute ;__;
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wondering if you've seen this: kotaku.com/not-even-unreal-eng…
god how i wish OoT/majora's mask could be re-rendered like that officially.
anyway *A*;  simply ADORABLE art as always :heart::heart::heart: (and those colors!!!)
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omggg that gorgeousness!!! <33 I would love to just explore the world re-rendered in HD! <333
thank you so much, xiu~!! ^q^
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